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Compensation Claim Guide

Compensation Claim Guide Top Tips:

1. Are you able to determine if your chosen solicitor is experienced in the field of making compensation claims?

The first thing you must do is be sure that the person handling the claim you have made is licensed solicitor with all the experience they require to file your claim.

Compensation claims can be complex and difficult to settle.

Inexperience can result in a failure in the first attempt.

There is also a possibility that by making the wrong choice of lawyer , your claim could be dismissed which could leave you with insufficient amount of compensation.


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How to Select the Compensation Solicitor of your choice

2. Beware – Stay Clear of Claims Companies at all Costs!

Just to be clear:

There are many businesses which appear to are solicitors, however they are not. They are claims managers, and are there to help you sell your claim to a solicitor who is a real one!

Companies that manage claims aren’t controlled as tightly as solicitors’ practices.

Furthermore and what’s more, they could be able to and even charge you directly, and indirectly via the lawyer they recommend to you.

3. Take a look! Beware of para-legal tricks that aren’t qualified!

It is important to know that, even if you go directly to a solicitor’s firm, some solicitors let unqualified employees to deal with claims, and this can cause all sorts of issues!

Particularly, certain firms typically employ teams of employees who are working on documents. This can result in your case swelling and no one being accountable for advancing the process.

Be aware that often the lawyer you initially contact won’t be the one who handles your claim, or is in charge of general conduct.

They might be skilled and knowledgeable, but you might find that after you’ve decided to hire a particular company your request is then handed to a junior employee and perhaps an unqualified (and more affordable) employee.

4. IMPORTANT! Are your solicitors approachable and friendly?

You should be confident in the abilities of your lawyer and be able to communicate with them easily and without difficulty.

Solicitors are typically viewed as being distant, unresponsive and cold. If anything else, you should to be able to communicate freely with your solicitor and feel comfortable. In the end, you’re likely to need to speak to your solicitor.

Does your lawyer make you feel comfortable and do you sense that they are truly eager to assist you?

Select a lawyer who is friendly and willing to provide you with the facts and keeps you informed instead of one who likes to leave you in the shadows.

Do you think the solicitor is not only aware of his stuff, but is dedicated to helping you obtain the best results?

Spend some time asking any questions you think are bothering you. See whether the solicitor responds in a professional and welcoming manner.

It is crucial that you have faith and confidence in your solicitor and you feel at ease during discussions.

You are trusting completely your lawyer representing you and your case to the highest standard and you shouldn’t think that they will fail by just a tiny amount!

5. “No Pay, No Win” Does it really risk-free?

You must ensure that the contract you enter with your solicitor is not likely to cost you fees!

For instance will the solicitor be able to reimburse you for disbursements (expenses you incur on your behalf) or do you expect to cover these expenses yourself?

Will there be any charges to an insurance company for a policy that you don’t want or for administrative charges that shouldn’t be charged?

Check that your lawyer gives you a real no-risk contract, which means that you can claim your claim in the event that in any way is denied, you can leave without any costs or unpleasant surprise!

If you are making claims on a No-Win No Fee basis, you must be certain that you’re not taking any financial risk should your claim is rejected regardless of the reason.

One method to determine the camp that your lawyer is in is by asking for the version of their No Win No Fee Agreement Does it look like War and Peace or is it simple, short and understandable? !

6. online ratings and reviews

Before you decide the best solicitor for you, it’s always wise to take a look at reviews and ratings on the internet.

What can these reviews say about the company? Are they helpful or could they be a reason to be concerned?

For established companies it is possible to find easily online reviews and online ratings of past clients.

Reading online reviews will provide you with an understanding of whether a company provides a top service or if you have to take your time before going any further!

We hope you discovered this information useful and you are capable of contacting your preferred lawyer to test them to the test!