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10 Reasons To Use Wax Melts Rather Than A Diffuser

We were in our home the other day , and we realized that rooms that we are in require a bit of a boost. We don’t mind at all, but we love our house however, we wanted to make it more interesting by adding a little spice. One easy method to achieve this is to put your favourite scents into the air! There are many methods to accomplish this, however not all options are made equal. Some techniques are simpler than others, and they are all healthier for you.

Soywax melts can be one the most popular options, apart from candles made of soy. The candles’ flames can be a danger for people to catch the fire of something else accidentally. The absence of flames is particularly appealing for families who have pets or children.

How Are Wax Melts?

The wax melts can be described as cubes, or balls of wax that smell like the ones made into candles however, without the wick or flame. The heating element inside the wax warmer increases temperatures of the surface that the wax is placed on, and slowly is melting.

Wax melts are excellent to give the aromatherapy and aesthetic advantages of candles, without the flame that is open. The warmer could also have an LED lighting feature that is decorative under the surface that enhances the design and aesthetics too.

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The advantages of using Wax Melts

There are numerous reasons to consider why wax melts are superior to diffusers, or even soy candles!

The following are 10 good reasons to…

10) It is easy to change the strength of Scent

Some diffusers or candles can be overpowering–particularly when paraffin wax is used, with the scent completely overwhelming a room. While this could be the preferred choice for certain people, others may not enjoy it. With the help of wax melts, you can control the intensity of the fragrance in the room you want to. You just need to break one cube or add to the melter based on your personal preferences or sensitivity!

9.) Promote Aromatherapy

Although diffusers are widely marketed as a source of aromatherapy however, if misused they could actually cause negative consequences. Since wax melts contain more essential oils, it is possible to accurately assess the amount of essential oils you can use every moment you make use of your melter. If you pour too much essential oil to your diffuser, then not only do you waste expensive oils, but you also will end up with an intense and sometimes strong scent.

Moral of the of the story? Aromatherapy is intended to enhance the quality of the life… We do not know about us, but a sour smell that lingers throughout the home and empty pockets doesn’t look like enjoyable to us!

According to research the essential oils can interact on the brain as well as nerve system in a positive way to affect the mood and overall health. Therefore high-quality wax melts that are filled with essential oils could transform your home or office to a relaxing sanctuary!

8.) It is easy to change fragrances

With the help of wax melts, it is possible to change your scent in only moments. All you need to do is take out the old wax and add the fresh wax. When using diffusers, you need to empty out the oil/water mixture, which can be messy, and does not go as zen.

7.) Varieties of Styles and Designs

Most diffusers appear similar. They’re all similar, or very similar form and design. Warmers made of wax (or melters) come in a range of designs, shapes and colors that fit in with your décor. They can be customized to fit small or medium-sized areas. In contrast, diffusers can be a one-size-fits all solution. (i.e. they are not suitable for my needs!)

6.) Customizable Fragrance

Our most cherished benefit of wax melts is the ease with which it is to personalize the scent. Are there two fragrances you like? You can alter not just the intensity of the scent but also the fragrance itself too! Mix two different scents of wax melts into the warmer at the same time and you’re done! You’ve created your personal scent!

5) Last Longer

The wax melts last a lot more than the diffusers or candles…periodt. Then… please don’t be fooled by us… We adore… love our candles, but the reality is that the average 16-ounce candle lasts between 60 and 84 hours. This is roughly 5 hours of burn duration per one ounce of wax. It may sound like an awful huge amount, but it isn’t. For comparison, the typical wax melt can have around the equivalent of 28 hours burned per 1 ounce. (Now this is a lot of time for fragrance!)

Advantages to Soy Wax Melts

It is a time when you receive what you spend for. The most popular kinds of melts that you can find on the market are wax melts and paraffin melts. Soy melts are a healthier, more healthy alternative to conventional paraffin wax for many reasons.

4.) All Natural

The melts of soybean are made from natural. They are made from soybean. It is a vegetable oil that solidifies at the temperature of room. Soy wax has no artificial components which makes them a superior choice to paraffin. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum oil. It generates harmful byproducts when melts or burned. (That is not what we should breathe!) Soy, on the other hand, is an organic wax melt that is not contaminated with chemicals, which is better for the environment as well as your health.

3.) Environmentally Friendly

Since soy wax is made from soybeans, it is environmentally-friendly. Sold! In contrast to paraffin wax, it is made from a renewable source. Simple enough If you ask us.

2.) It lasts longer

It also burns around 40-70% more quickly than paraffin wax in the average. This means you get more value for dollars than paraffin wax.

1.) Cleaner Burn

Because soy wax melts are made with all-natural ingredients, they offer better burn quality as compared to other choices. They don’t release hazardous carcinogens in the air. Yuck.

Melting or burning paraffin releases at most eleven known toxins!

Additionally to that, the cleaner burn enhances the aroma from essential oils pleasing and more pronounced than chemical scents that are added in paraffin.

To make the most of your warmers ensure you are using high-quality wax melts. There are many different types of melts, and not all are made the same way. To ensure the best health choose non-toxic wax melts. They will give you the greatest benefits from aromatherapy. Choose a brand that uses non-toxic wax melts will ensure that the scents that you inhale are safe for the entire family (including our four-legged pets).