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5 Advantages of Using Vape Pens

Among the most widely used and typical types of vape devices are actually vape pens. As the title suggests, these units have a shape reminiscent of a pen – thinner and longer typically in shape compared to some other vape kits.

Vape pens are quite simple to use as well as give the vaper fantastic variety in phrases of E Liquid choices and vaping styles. Some people are extremely easy to use, while others are available with increased customisable features to suit the vaping needs of yours.

Here, we check out several of the advantages of with a vape pen.
Simple to Use

Vape pens are not hard adequate to use for a novice to receive the hang of. Vape pens have long been suggested to those seeking to make the transition from smoking.

While vape pods now maybe offer greater ease and convenience to new vapers, vape pens are definitely still a great choice.

In order to work with a vape pen, you basically have to push a button and have a draw on the unit.

You’ll sometimes have to do a bit of maintenance on the device of yours by refilling the tank with E Liquid from a bottle and updating the coil. These activities are pretty simple to do, and there are lots of tutorials for these people on YouTube. How frequently you have to do this is determined by just how much you vape and the manner in which you vape.
An excellent Replication of Smoking

Vaping is actually regarded as probably the most effective techniques of giving up smoking, by using it being 3 times better compared to tools as nicotine patches and gum.

A primary reason behind this’s it replicates the action of smoking, as the vapour is actually drawn into the mouth and lungs before being exhaled.

Vape pens are likely to be mouth-to-lung style vapes, instead of inhaling straight to the lungs. This means the action of vaping with a pen device is pretty much like that of smoking.

E-Liquid Options

One of the primary perks of picking a vape pen is the massive range of E Liquid choices which are available. Several products are only able to work with particular kinds of vape juice, but pens are pretty universal and may be used to work with nearly all E Liquids.

You are able to pick from a large number of flavours, nicotine strengths and ratios of PG and VG.

For lower strengths, you are able to try out nic shots and shortfills, which will likewise help you save cash as they are a far more economical approach to buying juice.

In case you require increased strengths of nicotine or even find freebase overly harsh, then simply you are able to give nic salts a go too! There actually are limitless choices with vape pens!


On the entire, vape pens are generally pretty reasonably priced bits of kit. Typically, you will be having to pay around £20-40 for a good vape pen, though you are able to find ones that are good for less.

It is not a terrible price to check out the Disposable vapes and find out the way you love them. You are able to often invest in a more advanced model in case you want!
Great Battery Life

While vape pens are fairly discreet, they are not the smallest type of vape device, along with so the batteries are usually bigger compared to several e cigarettes. The accurate battery life is going to depend on the particular make you make use of.

Numerous vape pens may additionally be operated while they’re charging, therefore you do not need to be concerned about being without the device of yours.