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A guide on how to choose your wedding venue

Next is choosing the location where your wedding will be held. It can be overwhelming. We know how to find the right place for you, having helped many couples become calm and relaxed.

The Top 5 Most Important Factors To Remember When Choosing Wedding Venues Singapore

These questions are likely to come up immediately when you plan a wedding. However, it may take some time for you to find the right answers. We’re here to help! Our experts can answer all your questions, and more!

1. What is right for you?

You are the best person to know what type of wedding you want. It’s fun to decide what type of wedding you want, and how the venue can best reflect your preferences. Are you going for a church wedding? Are you looking to hold your ceremony and reception at the same location? If you do, then you will need to locate a licensed venue for civil ceremonies. We are available to help you with all aspects of this process, including helping you choose a venue or planning your wedding elsewhere. Our planners will help you plan your wedding.

Consider whether you want a traditional or formal wedding or something more unique. You may want to include aerialists at your reception. This could impact the type of venue that you choose and whether it can be accommodated for all your needs. If you are determined to bring your own vendors to your reception, you will need to find a venue that allows you to do this.

2. Your wedding date

You will need to find a venue that is available for your wedding date, such as an anniversary. It all depends on what is more important to your family: the location or the time. Some venues can be booked up to years ahead of time because they are very popular in the summer months. The peak season for weddings is high summer, so venues are priced accordingly. Weddings on Sundays, weekdays, or in winter can be a great option if you are looking for savings and flexibility with your dates.

3. Size

Which comes first, the guest list or venue? One can predict the other in a chicken-and egg paradox. It makes sense to choose smaller venues if you have a small wedding and a small guest list.

What if the venue you love is not what you had planned? You have two options: either make your guest lists first, then search for the right venue or locate your venue first to compile your guestlist.

4. Price

Although it may seem a strange topic to discuss, knowing the cost of a wedding is a key part of selecting the right venue. If you have a tight budget, you need to decide where you are going to spend your money and where you will try to save. Are you willing to spend more on catering than on the venue? Or vice versa. You can also treat your guests with spectacular entertainment. You can decide how much you want to spend in total, then add a contingency for any unexpected costs. Then start to discuss what each element should cost.

5. Localization

Although it is traditional to marry in the bride’s home or her parents’ hometown, this is becoming increasingly difficult for many couples. Couples are more likely these days to choose a location close to their current home or to a place that is close to their hearts. The most important decision you will make is whether to choose a city or a country. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Country weddings offer a wider selection of venues and stunning scenery, while country weddings can be difficult to access and are more expensive. You can make your city wedding trendy and cultural, they are easy to organize and allow your guests to enjoy a mini-break.

While your feelings about the venue are important, it’s also important to consider whether your family and friends can travel there. Are there nice hotels or restaurants that will make your guests’ trip worthwhile? Have you thought of enough entertainment for a rural wedding?


You now have a good idea of what is out there. Now it’s time to get down to the details to make your final decision about that venue.

We have compiled a list of factors to help you make a decision.

What kind of ceremony do you prefer?
Are you interested in having the ceremony and the reception at the same location?
Does it really make me feel happy? Is it just a contender?
Which season should I get married?
Is the venue open on the date I need?
Are you flexible with the date if it isn’t available?
Can I afford my chosen date?
Is it right for my guest list size?
Can I be flexible in making the guest list smaller or larger?
Do I want to have an off-peak wedding or a weekday wedding?
Is it located in the right place?
Are guests able to access it easily (transport, accommodation, accessibility, etc.)
What is the importance of outside space?
Are there any entertainment options available at the venue (e.g. fireworks)?