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A New Fashion Cycle With Menswear

The men’s section at the majority of retailers and brands isn’t nearly the size of the women’s department, the business is growing as customers exchange their slim-fitting jeans and suits for wide-legged pants or loose-fitting t-shirts and casual clothes that are suitable for formal and social gatherings.

At the London-based luxury retailer MatchesFashion the sales of men’s clothes are up by 40 percent over the same period in the previous year. Meanwhile, footwear for men has increased by 50 percent, according to Head of Menswear at the company Damien Paul. Others, too, are noticing the growth opportunities.

“The growth in menswear is a first,” said Michael Kliger the chief executive officer of German luxury online retailer Mytheresa that launched its menswear collection in 2020.

Euromonitor estimates that the category will expand faster than womenswear over next four years, growing by $547.9 billion in 2026 with an annual average growth amount at 5.8 percent, as compared with 5.3 percentage for the women’s wear.

Brands are betting that this is an ongoing trend. The Outnet introduced its menswear collection in March, aiming to capitalize on its “huge potential” following the demand of existing customers as well as brand partners, According to Emma Mortimer, the company’s managing director. J.Crew will launch its new menswear line with Noah Designer Brendon Babenzien later in the year.

Luxury brands are also investing in the market. Louis Vuitton will open a special men’s shop at Beverly Hills on July 14. Italian luxury tailoring company Zegna is moving towards a more athletic and more immersive approach to men’s fashion since the suiting trend fades out of fashion. The change has allowed the brand to increase revenues by 27 percent, reaching EUR1.29 billion ($1.31 billion) in 2021. Labels such as Burberry, Gucci and Dior have signed new sports stars as ambassadors to take advantage of the increasing popularity from new groups of males. This week, for instance 19-year-old footballer Eduardo Camavinga walked the runway in the Balenciaga fashion show by Demna in Paris.

The rise in menswear is triggered mostly by a fashion shift. Menswear’s casualisation had started long before the outbreak however the work-from-home lifestyle which emerged in the year 2020 has established new styles that emphasize the comfort of wearing.

The gender fluidity of women plays a role in the revival of this category expanding the range and appeal of clothing for men.

Streetwear, however has slowed down. Hoodies, tracksuits , and sneakers aren’t the most popular items sold at Mytheresa According to Kliger With casual jackets, shirts, and loafers leading sales.

Formal suits, skinny jeans and figure-hugging blouses are also trending and men are now embracing larger-legged cropped trousers, cargo pants , and big tops — clothes that they can wear to all occasions, according to Chris Black, a menswear and culture specialist who works on behalf of brands such as Thom Browne, New Balance and Stussy through his company, Done to Death Projects.

“Coming through the pandemic, we’re evident that we’re heading towards the end of streetwearMen are now wearing casual attire or sneakers with hard soles, rather than shoes,” Black said.

The New Fashion Cycle New Fashion Cycle

Tejumola Butler Adenuga 27, a London-based artist who has been frequent shopping throughout the spring and summer months in an effort to update his wardrobe. In the last few times, he’s purchased an open-neck linen top from Maison Margiela and the pair of Bottega Veneta boots and a Prada nylon shoulder bag as well as other accessories.

“For me when I shop these times, I am looking for comfort and the age of tight-fitting clothes is gone for males,” Adenuga said. In the wake of the epidemic Adenuga said, “I’m willing to pay more for clothes that fit well and make me feel better.” Then, in May of this year, he bought loose, loose-hemmed trousers by Bottega Veneta, taking advantage of the company’s alteration options to find the perfect size.

In order to cater to men such as Adenuga who are currently searching for custom-made product modifications the UK-based luxury retailer chain Flannels has made a change to provide a more personalized menswear shopping experience, according to David Epstein, managing director of the parent firm Frasers Group. The retailer’s recently opened main store located in Liverpool the customers can have their clothes tailored to fit in a tailoring center in the menswear area and have the opportunity to choose the fabric or style from a variety of brands.

In the meantime, brands such as Zegna have reduced their staple suiting items such as ties, and are instead advertising casual pieces such as knitwear and sports coats. Luxury cult brands such as Aime Leon Dore have captured the current fashions in menswear and capitalized on trends such as “blokecore” -the hottest subculture on social media that celebrates the look of middle-aged males, including long-legged jeans, quilted sweaters Polo shirts, and bucket caps. Blokecore has more than 27 million followers on TikTok.

Hot Growth Categories

Accessories have also emerged as an area of growth in menswear in the past year, according to retailers. At Mytheresa the leather accessories and popular items such as Prada’s nylon crossbody bags are driving sales in this segment, Kliger said.

Flannels have also seen a rise in demand for sunglasses and bags. The sales of accessories for men have increased by 35 percent over the last year, according to the managing director Epstein. In addition Mr. Porter has increased its premium jewellery collection during the last year due to an increase in demand, the company stated it, as well. Matches Fashion also noted a growth in purchases of watches and other fine jewellery this year, too.

What’s happening in the world of menswear is a reflection of the changes womenswear has already seen as per Karla Martin, the managing director for Deloitte. The lower barriers to entry as well as the growth of social media have created the opportunity for new brands to come up, “giving choices for men across all categories,” she said.

New Methods to Access Menswear

The way men are influenced by fashion in general has grown according to Black.

“Before it was about finding out about clothing or brands from your partner or girlfriend,” he said, noting that it’s now more commonplace in recent times “for males to spend money and time on clothes and to discuss it with their friends.”

New channels in the world of culture are introducing menswear in the very first way. Podcasts such as throwing Fits, Instagram accounts such as NCL Gallery, Hidden and JJJJound as well as subreddits as well as Discord channels have been crucial in helping menswear reach new viewers.