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How to wash baby clothes the right way

When you have a baby, you are tasked with ensuring that your child is safe, healthy, and happy. Proper care is essential, and even their clothes must be laundered correctly. Always remember to wash your baby’s new clothes before putting them on. If you need a professional laundry service in Dubai, Love 2 Laundry is the best solution to all of your laundry problems. Love 2 Laundry offers laundry-related services in Dubai and so many other cities in UAE.  Continue reading to learn a few helpful washing recommendations for your baby’s garments.

Read The Label Carefully: Before washing baby clothes always make sure to read the directions mentioned on the label. The directions will help you a lot to keep your clothes safe and guide you about how to wash and clean baby clothes. Each piece is made up of different materials and each of them needs different care. Most importantly, your baby’s clothes may include a fire-resistant material that you must take care of when washing them.

Hand Wash Only: Always wash and sterilise your hands completely before washing your baby’s clothes to keep germs at bay. Also, remember to check the water temperature before washing the baby’s garments. It should not be too hot because this will cause your baby’s garments to tear or rip.

Use A Mild Detergent: Use a gentle detergent while washing your baby’s garments to ensure their wellness. Even making your own detergent at home is possible. The majority of common detergents contain scents, chemicals, or colors that might irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and trigger allergies. So make sure you either purchase or manufacture your own gentle detergent.

Stain Removal: It is not surprising to learn that newborns produce a variety of liquids, some of which might be overpowering. And because of the scent, getting rid of these stains might be difficult. First, soak the cloth in warm water to remove the stains. Next, wash the cloth in water that has been diluted with a few drops of lemon juice. After that, use an old toothbrush to scrape away any leftovers. You might use some baking soda and soak the clothing in warm water to get rid of additional stains. If necessary, proceed by scraping with a brush. Removing stains from baby clothes might be challenging sometimes and to make them as new you sometimes need to take professional help from laundry service nearby.

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