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Shopping for wedding shoes

It’s likely that choosing the right wedding dress will be high on your list when you get engaged. But don’t forget about pairing it with gorgeous wedding shoes!
It is understandable that purchasing your shoes can be confusing. You might wonder what height you should choose or if they should be worn in before. You don’t have to panic! We spoke to some shoe experts for their best advice about choosing the right bridal footwear.

Check out our selection of unusual wedding shoes if you are looking to find shoes that are not the usual.

Should I pick my wedding shoes prior to or after my dress?

It all depends on whether the dress is more important to you than the shoes. Emmy Scarterfield, Emmy London’s Creative Director, believes that brides should select the dress first, so that you can choose your wedding shoes accordingly.

Emmy advises that although it’s tempting to just jump in to a bustling shoe shop for your wedding’s sake, it’s always wise to select your dress first. Your wedding shoes’ mood, colour and height will be determined by your dress.

Charlotte Mills is a shoe designer who believes it doesn’t really matter which dress you choose first. Charlotte said that most Brides contact us after picking the dress. “However, we do have girls who start at the shoes and work their ways up – girls after our own hearts!

What heel height should I choose?

Adam Benjamin is the Creative Director of Benjamin Adams. He believes you should select the height of your heels so that you are comfortable and look good. He points out that comfort and heel height should be considered when choosing wedding shoes. You’ll be wearing your shoes for twelve hours so it is important to select a heel height that you’re comfortable with.

A long train can cause tripping accidents. Flat wedding shoes and kitten heels will be the most comfortable.

Do my shoes need to be white?

Charlotte said, “Not at ALL, our coloured shoes are really popular.” ‘Blue, which is the most popular colour in our collection, is often used by Brides as their something bleu!’ It’s okay for brides to wear other colours than white or ivory, but make sure they match your dress.

Jakii’s CEO Kym Hale believes that choosing coloured shoes can help stretch your budget. She said that choosing a colour you can use again allows you to splurge a bit. My personal favourite is aqua, which I think are great colors for weddings.

Are my shoes allowed to be worn in public?

It’s a great way to determine if the shoes are right for you.

Freya rose, UK shoe designer states that your shoes should be worn several times to mould to your foot. Your shoes should have extra padding for comfort as well as a protective plastic coating on the sole. It will be resistant to damage or marks. This can then be removed on your special occasion.

What shoes go well with vintage wedding dresses?

You can incorporate any vintage era into your wedding theme or dress by choosing a pair of vintage shoes. Bright pops of colour and kitten heels are great options for a 1950s look. For a 1920s feel, go for sparkly shoes! Adam recommends that you choose bolder styles that are more dramatic if your dress is tea-length or shorter. When paired with a shorter vintage wedding gown, shoes that make a statement are great!

You might consider a statement dress.

Emmy believes that when you have a statement dress for your wedding, you can opt to wear either the lower or higher end of the wedding shoe scale. Emmy believes that a statement-making dress can be made to look elegant with a simple, elegant shoe in a neutral tone. This will make it stand out and create a sophisticated statement.

Or, go bold with your wedding footwear. You only get one chance to do this! You can make your statement shoes stand out by choosing a shorter, more fitted dress.

What should I do if I’m buying shoes?

It is a good idea, when shopping for shoes to buy, to think about how many steps you will need. You don’t need too much concern if the entire wedding will be held at one venue. Freya says that it is important to consider the season where you’ll be marrying.

She states that open sling backs are more appropriate for weddings in hotter areas, and peep-toes are suitable all year. Be aware that heels can get stained if you wear them on a muddy or grassy ground. You can prevent your heels from sinking into grassy surfaces by using heel protectors. ‘

What does the silver 6pence tradition really mean?

If you’re looking for heavenly designer wedding shoes, there are many styles that come with a silver sixpence sole. This is a common bridal tradition. Charlotte Mills includes the silver sixpence with every pair of her bridal shoe.

Charlotte says that the old custom of putting a silver sixpence inside the shoe of the bride brings you good luck. The sixpence represents happiness, love and prosperity. It is believed that this symbolises prosperity, love, and happiness.

What if I don’t have the budget to spend on my shoes?

You don’t have to spend all your money on the wedding dress, but you still have plenty of money for the bride shoes. Monsoon sells stunning bridal shoes in ivory, rosegold, and silver at affordable prices.

Are there any way to customize my wedding shoes?

Is it difficult to find the perfect shoes? Customizing an existing pair of shoes is a great alternative! Sonia Brown, founder of Le Soulier and designer, will customise your shoes if you send it to her. These shoes can be transformed by Sonia Brown into something extraordinary and original, with a personalized design applied to them.

Sonia says that Sonia’s goal is to make your wedding beautiful and artistic with striking, custom-made, hand-painted shoes. Sonia says, “We display the wedding theme and names as well as dates and personalities on each pair of shoes. It’s a piece that you will treasure for a lifetime.”

What happens if I want my wedding shoes back?

Why not dye them? This is only if you own a pair that can be dyed and are certain you want them to change.

Freya states, “If your intention is to change shoes, be sure they are made of ivory silk which can be dyed.” Freya says that all of our shoes have been made in the finest duchess-ivory silk and come with a sample for you to color if needed.

Remember to look after your feet.

Make sure to take care of your feet. You want to feel great from head to foot on your big wedding day. It’s not possible to have stunning wedding shoes without beautiful, well-pampered feet. Freya suggests that you get a pedicure before the big day. “Insist on soft, shiny nails and neat cuticles when you slip your feet into your wedding shoes.