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What Goes Well With A Blue Suit?

Blue suits are a must-have part of a man’s closet. It’s because it is possible for a blue-colored suit to different occasions.

However, with all the different shades of blue to choose from, how do you determine which is best for you?

There’s a surprising secret to knowing what kind of blue suit to wear It has nothing to have to do with your own personal color or anything similar to that.

Instead, knowing what color of blue the color you’re supposed to wear all depends on the place your body will be. It’s not an extremely difficult thing to comprehend.

Things to Consider when Dressing in a Blue Suit

A blue suit in any shade can look stunning. However, there are a few rules to be observed in order for your blue suit to appear stunning.

Don’t forget, your blue suit needs to be perfect.

A little more focus is required when you’re wearing blue suits since the matching of colors can be a challenge. The degree of formality you want to maintain will affect the colors you can choose.

However, the appeal of blue suits is how versatile it can be. The suit can be dressy or down, but the degree of formality will influence the color you select to wear your blue dress.

The Shade of Your Blue Suit

With so many different hues of blue available to pick from, there are endless possibilities in the field of blue suits.

Navy blue, which is darkest blue that you can get and is the most traditional blue suit you can find. When you move down shades, the suits are less traditional.

From navy, it is possible to move into royal blue, powder blue electric blue as well as baby blue. Midnight blue is fashionable with suits and Tuxedos.

You could even find blue suits with green undertones, making something like teal.

There’s a blue shade to suit every occasion. Of obviously there aren’t all blues that are appropriate for everyone however, everyone can discover the right color to suit their needs.

The Color Wheel

Since blue isn’t neutral It can be an obstacle to find a color that matches. That’s why the color wheel could be your most reliable companion.

Blue is a cool toned color and it’s crucial to wear it in the correct way. The good thing is that blue suit options for suits and shirts are numerous.

To create an electric style for a modern look, pair an outfit of blue with matching shades. This refers to the color that is opposite to the wheel of color.

In this instance the orange color would be a complimentary color to blue suit. Together, they can be quite striking.

You can opt for a more subtle orange, and add it to pockets squares or your tie. An accent of burnt orange can make a big difference to an outfit of navy blue, for instance.

To create a subtle color scheme, experiment with colors that are analogous. These are colors that sit close to one another within the color wheel.

If you want to wear a true blue suit, it would include navy blue and green. It is possible to use lighter shades of either to create an earthy look.
The Formal

Darker shades are much more elegant than light shades. In the case of blue suits navy is the formal shade of blue.

If you’re not going to an event that is black-tie it is possible to wear a navy blue suit , or maybe a navy tie to all formal occasions.

The lighter you dress the more casual the blue suit.

If you’re looking for an outfit for a casual occasion then an infant blue suit or powder blue suit will be the perfect choice. They are the most casual suits you can buy in spite of the popularization in powder blue suit tuxedos from decades ago.

How to Dress the Navy Blue Suit for Business-Formal events

Navy blue is an incredibly versatile color to wear with your outfit, and is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

You can alter the appearance that you wear in your navy dress based on your needs for business.

It’s perfect for that crucial board meeting, or even dressed down a bit for a typical workday.

For instance for a midnight blue suit with pinstripes that are thin provides a slightly casual look on which to dress your outfit. However you can get dressed up with more formal attire.

Navy is also easy to blend with other colors because it’s a dark shade. You can choose neutral shades and be okay, however, you can add some flair with more vibrant shades.

Wear a white or pale Blue Shirt

White button-down dress shirts makes an elegant match with the navy suits you wear. It’s a great choice since it provides a stark contrast to the darkness in your navy suit.

White shirts are an iconic classic and is the most professional look when paired with a navy suit. For the white shirt you wear to have the most striking effect it is essential to make certain that it’s clean and sharp.

It is important to ensure that it’s been ironed. Also, it must fit perfectly. A properly-fit shirt looks professional.

If you’re looking for a refreshing change of style from the typical traditional white shirt wear a light blue shirt instead. Of of course, a pink dress shirt can work also.

A light blue shirt softens the look because it’s not as sharp contrast as white shirts are.

Light blue shirts set against a navy blue background make an intriguing combination since the colors are two distinct shades of blue.

It’s also a surprising accessory to a very formal suit.

Dark Brown Dress Shoes

Brown or black shoes are both great. Dark black dress shoes can be a trendy alternative to the blue business suit.

If you’re wearing dark blue suits, your shoes must be dark brown, too.

This darker color is like the hue of dark blue color of the suit. Furthermore the warmth of the brown is a great balance with the cool tone of blue.

Black shoes can also be worn when paired with an edgy navy suit. They’re far more professional than brown shoes, so you should stick with the traditional black dress shoes when it’s crucial.

Match the Tie

Navy blue suits look great with a range of shades. However, a solid shade tie can be the most elegant fashion for work.

The dark tie can be the most reliable companion for an elegant dark blue suit in a professional setting. It symbolizes professionalism and seriousness.

However choosing a lighter shade for your tie could come off as being too trendy and experimental. It will draw all the attention on your suit but not enough focus on your professional attitude.

For instance, a dark red color would appear assertive and confident.

If you want an elegant tie color for a tie that’s the same shade of your shoes will look stylish and so does a tie in blue.

Try yourself to wear a monochromatic outfit by wearing a navy tie to complement that blue suit.