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Why Choose A Roof Tent?

In countries such as Australia the rooftop tent has been a staple part of camping equipment for a long time. In the UK rooftop tents are an incredibly new item, however they are rapidly growing in popularity. This is for a reason: their value is nearly unmatched in providing ease of use, comfort as well as keeping harmful insects and other critters out.

These are only a few reasons why a roof tent / rooftent is an essential item for camping trips and road trips. We’re going to discuss five benefits of tents on rooftops that elevate your road trip or camping to the next level.

1. It is easy to install

In comparison to a conventional ground tent, roof tents are quite simple to put up and are easy to put up. They’re set up on a roof rack that has an enclosed cover. Once you’re ready to set up your structure, remove the cover, cut your straps, put up the ladder and then unfold. If you’re installing the annex, it will take another 5-10 minutes to get it set up.

Because there aren’t any poles to attach to one another , nor heavy stakes to drive in the soil, the entire process is a breeze. With an easy and effective design rooftop tents are able to be easily erected, in contrast to other tent designs which take longer and are difficult to put up.

2. Mobility is convenient

With a tent on the roof you can put camp wherever your vehicle is legally able to park. Rooftop tents are ideal for trips on the road as you travel from places to places or for weekend excursions in The Rocky Mountains.

This means that you’ll be able to travel wherever you like and when you want and can quickly set up shop, without needing to reserve the campground in advance.

3. A restful night’s sleep

Rooftop tents have solid and solid bases and a comfortable mattress. Some models have an anti-condensation mat that prevents water from getting soaked. The frame inside is constructed and wrapped to withstand the harshest environments, and the bottom is stiffened (typically comprised of steel, aluminum as well as fibreglass) and provides stability. The strapping foundation is what distinguishes the hard floor from the soft mattress.

In addition, unlike conventional roof tents the rooftop tents aren’t constructed to be light enough for transportation. Since they’re mounted on the roof of your vehicle and are made of thicker material and more durable. It is also lasts longer. The heavier material holds more warmth inside for the most comfortable and peaceful evening.

4. Security and safety

Being elevated off the ground provides greater protection from insects and other animals that might enter the tent. If it rains for the night it will reduce the chance that you will get flooded or covered in mud. Rooftop tents are sturdy and designed for the tough outdoor conditions. You’ll notice a sensation of safety, comfort, and security once you’re able to spend your night’s stay in a roof tent , far from the ground and away from any critters and rodents that might be lurking around!

5. Reduces storage space

There is no need to load your tent with poles, and other items. If you put the rooftop tent on your roof rack, there is plenty of space in your car to store other equipment. Additionally, you don’t have to carry or store different kinds of accessories typically found with tents, such as heavy sleeping bags, air mattresses and obnoxious poles.

To this end, you’ll have plenty of space in your car for any other items you may require or require to take on your travels.

It’s clear that rooftop tents are a popular item. They’re constructed with the most resistant to mold and UV and a sturdy frame and are built to last for the long haul of adventures to come.


The benefits of tents on rooftops are numerous. If you’re an outdoor-loving person who enjoys being outdoors and the outdoors, then a roof tent will enhance (pun meant) your adventure in the open air.