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Why Read Fantasy Books?

The enduring popularity to Harry Potter, the Harry Potter movie franchise, HBO’s Game of Thrones, and the more recent additions, The Witcher and Wheel of Time The fantasy genre is now an increasingly popular television and movie genres there. The shows and films are adaptations of popular books.
You may be seeking to learn more about the original source material for these popular films and television shows or want to add more titles to your Goodreads library there are numerous reasons to devour fantasy novels.

The best fantasy books transport you to captivating worlds, intriguing characters, and unforgettable experiences. They display the breadth and depth of imagination, and transport you to an exciting journey. Fantasy novels can excite you or prompt you to think about the fate of mankind or the essence of evil and good (and all the rest in between).

If you’re a novice to the fantasy genre or are considering whether it’s worth the time, you’ve found the right website to find out what the hype is about and why books written by fantasy authors are certainly worth your time. Read on to gain an understanding of the fascinating genre.

How Is Fantasy?

The genres of film or music is a straight-lined categorical. The most interesting works combine different genres together into one. In the same way, the genre of fantasy encompasses a variety of sub-genres and like all creative mediums changes and is changing.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to define. The most common element in the world of fantasy is the presence of magic in the lives that the protagonists inhabit. Every story of fantasy has an part of the realm of wizardry or the supernatural as a whole. The magic is just an element of the world.

Another important aspect of fantasy is worldbuilding however there are some variations to this. The creation of a fictional world by scratch is among the most exciting aspects of books about fantasy. A lot of top fantasy authors are known for their worldbuildingwork, like J.RR. Tolkien.

What are the most common types of Fantasy Fiction?

The genre of fantasy continues to develop and there are a variety of kinds of fantasy books available there. While J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series have influenced and defined this genre of fiction, there exist a variety of kinds of fantasy fiction.

Many fantasy books do not have the medieval life of Europe that include dragons, magic and wizards. For instance urban fantasy is becoming a popular genre that often ranks on bestseller lists. Urban fantasy novels incorporate supernatural elements within a contemporary setting.

The number of sub-genres available is always growing. However, you can’t fully appreciate the world of fantasy without understanding a more about the most loved and well-known genres:

High/Epic Fantasy

Think Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time series. The stories, as well as others in this sub-genre, include complex settings, a sweeping plot as well as epic battle scenes. It is typically one main character that is usually an underdog that is the focal point for the narrative. Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings and Rand al’Thor in the Wheel of Time are classic characters from the underdog genre that are central to the story. Many of the most well-known high-fantasy novels have been translated to screens in the past several years.

Dark Fantasy

Dark fantasy novels deal with the good and evil. bad theme. Instead of the good person or the girl always winning at the end, it’s the norm in the genre that evil is able to outsmart the good. Indeed, a typical aspect of this type of story is absence of heroes. In reality, the primary characters are a bit muddled and flawed in a dark and unfinished world.

Swords and Sorcery

The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, A Discourse in Steel as well as The Hammer and the Blade share a few elements that they share. The novels are a captivating combination of swashbuckling, witchcraft and brawny heroes. It is among the fastest-paced and thrilling of the subgenres of fantasy.

It isn’t an exhaustive list of all the subgenres of fantasy. In this tiny sample there’s a lot of variation, making fantasy novels the most intriguing and captivating works of fiction.

What are the reasons You Need to Read Fantasy Fiction

There are numerous advantages to reading However, there are a variety of benefits of reading fiction. If you’re looking to expand your vocabulary or see the world from different angles reading a book can help you achieve your goals.

There’s a myriad of reasons you should be reading fantasy novels. Here are some of them:

Be a more compassionate person

Fantasy reading can help you become more compassionate. According to research reported in The Scientific American, fiction improves readers’ ability to comprehend what other people feel and experiencing. This is true for all genres of fiction, however fantasy is distinct because of its variety of stories and the variety of characters.

There are characters who appear unusual and extraordinary. They’re not like the characters you’d meet in real life as they’re the result of an imagination. They could be wizards infused with magical powers, super strength, or completely non-human beings, we can feel a connection with these characters.

In spite of living in worlds filled with wonder, both ordinary and extraordinary characters face loss, loss of as well as love and hope. Their stories are able to tug at our hearts and make us feel happy.

Fantasy worlds are full of diverse cultures and societies, which are sometimes influenced by real-life culture. The worlds of fantasy will help you grow intolerant. A study has found that fans from Harry Potter Harry Potter series are more likely to be tolerant toward groups that are stigmatized in society.

The reading of fantasy can help you become a more empathic person since you recognize or feel empathy for characters who differ from us in many ways. Additionally, you are exploring other environments, cultures, and communities, which could enhance your appreciation for diversity.

Use Your Thinking Skills to Engage

Yes, that’s right. Reading fantasy can stimulate your thinking abilities. The majority of fantasy novels qualify to be categorized as “leisure studying” for the majority of people. But, it is able to increase your brain power.

When you read any piece in fiction, we take the perspective of someone else. In some instances it’s from the point of view of an all-knowing and all-seeing Narrator who enters into the thoughts of several characters. In other fantasy books like Dragon Bones or Assassin’s Apprentice the entire story is written from the perspective of one character.

Reading about fantasy implies that you’re embracing new perspectives, which means that you are embracing different approaches to thinking (see what we did here). ?!). Also, you’re keeping track of details about characters, locations and even events (a great exercise to improve the memory). Also, you are interacting with the events that are going on during the tale.

Plus, reading in general can improve your vocabulary. This is the case for many books. However, why not make the process of building vocabulary more enjoyable by learning about dragons, sorcerers as well as White Walkers?

Get Your Creative Sparks Moving

Fantasy writers elevate their fiction to new heights, including new languages that you could learn, like Elvish or High Valyrian. Although there are elements we usually associate with the genre, it is not confined by its creative potential.

The reading of fantasy books can stimulate your imagination. They open doors into a world of fantasy where the author is in complete creative control. You’ll be inspired by the various story elements regardless of the setting, a person or a challenge to be solved.

You could create your own fantasy stories or design artwork inspired by your favourite books. You might feel motivated to solve problems in innovative and imaginative ways. There are many similarities between the worldbuilding of a fantasy novel as well as many fields of design. Fantasy writers, as designers, are often bold as well as innovative and adaptable.

Fantasy novels are a source of inspiration for imagination. They’re the result of the imagination of another person and will take you to different worlds and new ideas. You’ll be able to think of new ways to live as well as social systems, pushing you to step out of your comfortable zone.

Escape To an Imaginary World

Sometimes, you want to escape the pressures of your daily life. Fantasy provides a way to escape reality, enticed by captivating plots and intriguing worlds. Get rid of the deadlines, bills, and chores. Be enticed by the fantasy life of Frodo Baggins when he sets his feet outside of the Shire for the first time.

Escapism is one of the primary reasons for reading fantasy. One of the primary reasons is the fact that the setting and characters are from a different universe. Therefore reading fantasy can be described as an escape to a distant place in which your imagination is free to roam free.

There are a lot of fun and lighthearted fantasy novels available that can make your trip unforgettable and enjoyable. Some of the best books that fall under this category include:

Spelunking Through Hell
The Blacktongue Thief
The Blacksmith Queen

If you prefer your fantasy filled with a significant amount of political intrigue like Falling Kingdoms, or a classic tale of sword and sorcery that includes the Burroughs’ Princess of Mars, you’re looking forward to a great read.

Gain Insight Into Reality

The archetypal fantasy novel is full of magic and sorcerers, elves and other things that seem to be beyond the realm of possibility however, they also have real-life applications. This isn’t just because certain novels are based on specific aspects of the real world or real-life happenings.

Like other genres of fiction fantasy novels are able to address issues that are real. They can also convey profound messages on social justice or the human condition. George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice has captured the attention of millions of people thanks to its complicated characters, intricate plot and examinations of human nature as well as dark sides of power.

Fantasy novels may cause us to think about the meaning of life as well as our human nature, just as they provide a escape away from reality. The most common themes of stories of fantasy are:

Good against. evil
The person against. society
The transition to adulthood
Tradition and evolution

These themes are popular with many people, and allow characters to be that are relatable to the modern audience.

Participate in a Fandom – or Two

Certain fantasy shows have the biggest and most committed fanbases, or fandoms. Fandoms are an excellent method of connecting and finding the common ground between people across the globe. Huge (online or offline) communities have been developed around the best series in this genre. Fantasy series that have the biggest fanbases include:

Lord of the Rings
The Twilight Saga
Harry Potter
The Song of Fire and Ice
Percy Jackson

Connecting with your favorite author or series provides you with something to discuss. Being around people who are interested in the same things will enrich the quality of your life. Meet-up groups, conventions and book clubs serve as enjoyable venues for readers.

Read for The Sake of Reading

Reading can bring many benefits It is an ideal habit to build and maintain. Fiction and non-fiction books alike can help you expand your knowledge as well as expose you to fresh ideas. If you think your reading choices are somewhat boring, fantasy novels can bring an element of enthusiasm and color to your daily routine.

Fantasy novels are full of exciting characters, thrilling adventures, and captivating worlds. A list of reading lists for fantasy novels will make your reading time engaging.

It’s simple to put yourself on the television and watch shows on repeat. Fantasy novels are a wonderful book to unwind from everything digital for a bit and get lost in a book. There are a myriad of stories to choose from.


Fantasy novels are no longer limited to a narrow subculture. Fantasy films, books and TV shows have dominated popular culture over the past 20 years or more. It is easy to ask if you should read fantasy novels. It is a fact that there are numerous reasons to enjoy reading fantasy novels. They can make you an improved person as well as more imaginative and perhaps even more knowledgeable.