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Why Watch YouTube fashion channels?

A YouTube playlist can’t replace the impending Netflix queue, but it can provide its own iteration of the most binge-worthy channels. The majority of fashion-related content on the social media platform is a variant of each other. The tried and true fashion trends are a continuous loop. Every YouTuber is an influencer , and every other video is an endowment by the mighty sponsors. In this pool of content to hold one’s focus is considered to be a mark of distinction.

The very concept of fashion changed as we battled the pandemic. As sweatpants dominated our wardrobes and most labels ready to embrace collections that don’t have a season however, the otherwise unassuming discussions around sustainability, slow fashion and artistic expression were able to experience an upsurge of authenticity. Consider for instance, the foray at NFTs from luxury fashion houses or the symbolic Balenciaga display at Paris Fashion week that braved the line of solidarity with Ukraine. In the post pandemic world of 2022, fashion as a matter goes over and beyond.

Modern-day consumers are interested in the processes their clothes go through. Repurposed textiles, thrifted pieces recycled vintage pieces, and thrifted items are the latest trendsetters. Vlogs on the entrepreneurial fashion journey of a designer discussion on fashion exhibitions or BTS of a runway show and stylist’s life are the modern day content creators.

So , here are six style YouTube channels that can inspire an entirely new generation of fashion-related content.

Justine Leconte

Justine Leconte is an independent French fashion designer from France. She lives in Berlin and runs her eponymous label as a tiny business. The channel on YouTube with 937K subscribers serves as a repository of everything fashion related from a designer’s viewpoint. A proponent of sustainable practices, Justine has documented the creation of a collection from a mere idea to the manufacturing and marketing of the production. She often posts sketches, mood boards, trend reviews, style tips and historical insights about fashion-related trivia. We are quick to trust her suggestions because she knows her way around clothes and fabrics.

Haute Le Mode

Created and hosted and hosted by Luke Meagher, Haute Le Mode is a fun , fashion channel that helps to simplify the complexities of the fashion industry for people who are not familiar. With his witty humour and wit, Luke gives in-depth analyses of the most prestigious brands, fashion shows and historical snippets of works of designers as well as showcases during fashion week. With an admirable fan base of 673K subscribers Haute Le Mode is popular amongst industry insiders and often collaborates with brands for reviews and other features.

The Fashion Archives

The show is hosted by former journalist for fashion Odunayo Ojo, The Fashion Archives is in the spirit of its name. It covers Runway reviews to red carpet looks breakdown, Ojo investigates the trends of the season , and also makes his own fashion predictions for his audience. With over 89K subscribers the channel is a versatile space that features videos, interviews and political debate that often linked itself to fashion. Turn on the Fashion Archive livestream during couture week and watch Ojo’s take of the runway while he responds to your questions on the chat.

Hailey Bieber

It’s not often people get direct insights into the lives of celebrities. Fashion favourite and megastar Hailey Bieber takes us straight to the top of her life on her YouTube channel, which has a fan following of 1.54M viewers. From her personal styling tips fashion experiences, runway experiences, skin care ideas , and discussions with other stylists, stars, and fashionistas, make sure you subscribe to YouTube for all of information about her BTS for this spectacular Vlog.

Bliss Foster

Bliss Foster meditates on the art and stories that make up the world of fashion. With four years of vlogging experience and 140K subscribers high in the ranks the YouTube Channel captures the essence of design-oriented thinking. The journeys to museums, galleries exhibits and galleries are documented in an in-depth understanding of the inspiration of the label’s founder and the background. It’s a platform that could transform the way you perceive the industry.

Visit when searching for YouTube fashion channels.

Alyssa Beltempo

A fashion stylist who freelances and a author, Alyssa Beltempo runs her YouTube channel in order to help promote sustainability. The playlist “Shop your Closet” is her method of choice “to combat closet envy, without purchasing.” She finds old items in her closet and transforms them into fresh looks, thrifts vintage items, and vegan leather, and encourages a slower approach to fashion. With over 170K subscribers, Alyssa speaks about the principles behind minimalism, as well as tips for building an outfit that is compact and how to achieve the timeless, seasonless style.