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3D Number Plates – The Legal Details

If you’ve found yourself searching for answers to the question, “Are 3D number plates legal?’ you’re at the right spot to find the answer in a single, definitive way! Making a modification to your car is a significant choice, and we know that knowing what’s permitted to give you pleasure and pride is crucial.

Modifying your car can be a fantastic option to add character and style to an existing model. Numerous plate upgrades are a huge businesses in UK with more than 6 million personalized plates being distributed by the DVLA in the past 30 years. There are a myriad of 3D and 4D number plates is massive and there are a variety of modifications to transform plates that are normally supplied into sleek accessories that won’t be out of fashion in the latest models.

Then why there is so much confusion over these modifications and why should motorists be concerned about their decision to add one to their cars? Let’s explore this together in our most recent blog article.

What exactly are 3D numeral plates?

3D plates are highly designed number plates that provide an appearance with dimensionality that is more appealing than the typical product. They are created by putting high-performance resin with a long-lasting finish over 3D letters, these plates sport distinct character profiles which gives vehicles contemporary look. The pattern of the characters in gel provides an easy-to-read appearance which is improved by the durable top layer. This implies that 3D numbers last longer than the standard ones.

The features of a 3-D number plate that can be personalize are:

The top-quality gel characters available in carbon, glitter galaxy, black, and options for legal and show plates.
The bordering design of your plate. On our site you can select from our range of 3D plate border designs that are safe for the road and provide better visibility.
The choice of plates is to choose the front or back or both. The design on your plates is legally acceptable it is possible to modify only the one plate should you want.

3D numerals are often utilized for display purposes. They are not road-legal, but they can be used for shows, promotions and other events. We make it very explicit which designs are allowed to ensure that you don’t face any issues later on.

3D Number Plates The Legal Details

To clarify any confusion 3D gel plates are 100% legal if you adhere to the guidelines laid out by the DVLA.

The most recent revision of UK number plate regulations was published in 2021. The DVLA put together these guidelines to increase road safety, decrease the amount of illegal vehicle activities, and eliminate the confusion that drivers expressed. The trade has a value of PS2 billion UK alone It’s not like that the government would like the industry to simply stop altogether. Instead, the new regulations were created to boost the growth of the industry by demonstrating to the public how it’s easy to become in compliance.

As a DVLA-certified maker plate numbers, we are delighted to see these new rules come into force, as it provided an additional layer of legality that would help businesses with trust like ours. The legal guidelines for which number plates needs to be able to adhere to are:

It can be made of reflective materials – to improve road safety
Black display characters with black letters with white backgrounds (front plate)
Black display characters with black letters on yellow background (rear plate)
Not have a background design in order to not hinder the readability of your plate
It should be identified as to who provided the plate. This will help in inquiries about thefts or sourcing
The plates will be identified with be marked with a British Standard number – this is ‘BSAU 145e for plates installed after September 1, 2021.
The characters should not be reflective or removable. If your plates were installed on or after September 1, 2021, the plates must be in a single color of black.

Alongside these requirements, custom plates must be able to display the following conditions:

are 3D (raised) characters with 3D (raised)
show certain flags, symbols and symbols that identify certain flags, symbols and
will flash green if you are driving a zero emission vehicle.

If the rules are followed, you’ll be in good shape. Number plates should also be equipped with either a ‘BSAU145d’ or an ‘BSAU145e’ code added to them. This is only possible to complete by a licence that is legally certified plate seller. These rules all make sure that any changes to the number plate are still able to ensure that vehicles are legal in the roadway in order to not cause difficulties to other motorists.

In addition to the publication of the new regulations in the month of September, 2021 and March 2022, additional regulations were added. These changes to the production of number plates reflect not just the legal requirements, but are also developed to ensure that cars are safe and roadworthy for longer periods of time.

This means that any number plate, even 3D designs, have to be:

Also, they have been made stronger to ensure they are able to withstand the impact and other damaging materials that could be used in UK roads.
Only one colour is allowed because two tones are considered to create problems in dealing with various lighting sources as well as bad weather. Lettering made of gel and acrylic is still legal however it has to be single tone in order to qualify as a legal plate. Show plates may certainly feature more imaginative designs.
Location identifiers, such as the address and postal code of the company, should be provided.

Why do there seem to be numerous questions as to the legality of 3D number are legally legal?

One reason why there is a lack of clarity on what is legal for 3D number plates could be the constantly evolving kinds of modifications appearing on the market. This is the reason we have made it our aim to provide the best service that is as transparent as it can be regarding the legality of 3D number plates and what is only used to create display plates.

Certain rules leave possibility of confusion, like the coloration of the characters on plates. There is a myth that raising the profile of a plate can only be achieved by using dual colour. But, such questions could cause people to be concerned about whether their plates are legal. This is why it is important to consider a certified DVLA garage to finish the job for you, since the paperwork supporting it is as crucial as the plate itself.

Can a 3D number plate get an MOT?

As a legally-compliant component in your car, we are able to verify that 3D plates certified by the government will be able to pass an MOT. It is an annual test to make sure each vehicle is fit to be used for use on UK roadways, Ministry of Transport checks are a must be considered.

The components that could make a number plate fail an MOT test are:

The number is believed to be not durable and is at risk of falling off the vehicle.
The numbers on the plates are either not visible or unreadable as per the rules set out by the DVLA
The incorrect registration details are displayed.

Additionally, even though the information such as the logos and names of the supplier aren’t checked when you test your vehicle, a properly trained garage is able to detect these problems and inform you know what must be changed. If the number plate you have is found to be illegal and you are found to be in violation, you will not only get an PS1000 fine and your car is also likely to fail its MOT and is prohibited from being used for any time until the issue is solved.

What are the expectations when you purchase a 3D number plate?

Another method to determine whether your company is legal or not is in the order process. This is because you will be required to provide specific documents, as the owner of the company to fulfill the DVLA requirements that the manufacturer has to meet. This procedure further demonstrates the reality the 3D plates are legal purchase.

If you are ordering a custom plate, you’ll have to provide the followingdetails:

The proof of your ownership of the property using either the V5C logbook or V5CNI and V5C/2, or V5C/2NI slip of keeper, or V778 certificate.
A document that can prove your identity and name such as your driver’s license, passport or utility bill

After your plate has been constructed and installed After the plate has been installed, you will receive paperwork that provides the details of the manufacturer. The paperwork can be provided at any time when the legality of your plate is ever stated.

Are 3D number plates legal? Absolutely, yes they can legal!

I hope you’ve realized the fact that these stylish car improvements are totally legal when performed by a qualified professional. It is not necessary to need to be as expensive as the purchase of a new one by using these creative types of improvements.

As licensed manufacturers of plates We are ready to assist you with any questions you may have and to discuss with you exactly what is it that makes your new plate a legally-approved product.