5 Things to Think About When Looking for Leicester Student Accommodation

One of the benefits having a degree in Leicester is that there are numerous accommodation options to pick from. Particularly since I started university, I’ve realised the breadth of factors which affected my choices on where to stay so, If you’re thinking about a new home soon, here’s a list of things I’d recommend considering.

1. Think about your price range

I had a figure of what I would be happy to spend on accommodation each month, and I also had an ideal (lower) amount in mind. Knowing the sum you could put into accommodation will help you in evaluating other aspects and weighing up options in the future. For example, if you’re happy to stay in a shared space, you might consider getting a twin room as a way to save some money or if you don’t mind walking a bit more (or getting on public transport/cycling…) to campus, then perhaps your trade-off might be staying in accommodation which is a bit further away.

2. Take a moment to think about the distance

For me, this was quite an important factor as I wanted to live within walking distance of certain areas I was certain I would likely go to on a regular basis. Apart from considering how far the accommodation is from campus, it is also important to think about the location in particular- do you want to live near to specific train lines for example? If you’re in need of living closer to campus or certain facilities , this can be an effective method to narrow down the options for accommodation.

3. Think about the social scene

In particular, as a first-year student I considered this quite a lot before deciding that I would like to reside somewhere that was social enough in my case (not too social but an area that allows conversation and the opportunity to meet new people). On the other hand there are people who prefer living in dormitories where everyone seems to be much more independent. It is also important to consider the size of the roomas well as the social aspect that will also be influenced by how many students stay in the particular place.

4. Take a look at the amenities

Different kinds of accommodations offer various advantages so ranking preferred facilities is an individual choice. If being able to cook every one of your meals sounds appealing, and you want to cook your own meals, then halls that cater for self (or room choices) are the best way to choose. However I was hoping to have the ability to cook occasionally but not need to. So selecting a hall where meals is provided every day is ideal for me. Also certain halls may have separate kitchens with bathrooms, or even shared kitchens for smaller flats of a similar size…these are just a few of the things I considered when choosing my accommodationand based on my previous experience or the things I was looking to test.

5. Select the type you prefer for student accommodation Leicester

Like I said, the benefit of studying living in Leicester is that there is plenty of choice. It is possible to live in halls of residence, inter-collegiate ones (useful in case you want to get to know people from various institutions or prefer a greater separation between ‘work’ and home’) or even private housing. Begin your search early to allow you to investigate the wide range of possibilities and weigh all relevant aspects for you. You may even find you your ideal living space!

Have a great time to all those who are considering or currently looking into accommodation. If it’s like mine and you end up with a plan that is well thought out of how to find the perfect place, but having a semi-rushed booking process I’m hoping it works out well!