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A Guide To Using A Man And Van Service

If you’re planning and organizing your house moving and need the services of a Man or Van to assist you in all the laborious tasks and load lifting the best choice. However, despite its benefits it is true that a man and van might be a bit expensive, particularly if you are moving with an extremely limited budget.

A self-drive vehicle can aid in saving money, however doing the work yourself can be stressful.

This is the reason to aid you in reducing the amount you’ll pay on moving day, we’ve put together these suggestions on how you can save money on the man and van service:

Cost of a Van and Man. Cost

Before we get started this, let’s take a brief review of man and van costs and the way they are calculated.

Man Van services within the UK cost on average £30 between £450. Prices differ based on your needs and the additional services you require from the mover. The main factors that affect your overall costs include the dimensions of the van as well as what distance you will have to travel between current and previous property, the length of the task as well as the complexity or difficulty of the relocation.

The cost of a van will also be contingent on the amount of movers you’ll require. If, for instance, you’re moving from one bedroom apartment and a single person driving a van is sufficient. If, however, you’re in a four or five-bedroom house it will require an even bigger removal van as well as an entire team of packers who can complete the task.

Prices will also vary based on your location within the UK. If you’re located in London or in the south, the rates are likely to be higher.

How can I save on Man as well as Van Prices?

Beware of peak moving season

Be sure to stay clear of peak times. If you are able, don’t organize your moving day between May to September since those are the months with the highest demand. Also, avoid weekends and the days that are the beginning and the end of each month.


Remember that the quantity of things you need to relocate will greatly impact the cost of hiring a man and van’s price. You can save boxes and the space in your van by cutting back on the amount of your possessions. Examine all the items you have and eliminate what you don’t need and discard what you don’t require. If you are prone to accumulating things, now is the perfect opportunity to kick this habit.

There are numerous websites selling second-hand items within the UK. You can sell or donate clothing and shoes for a cheap cost. Then, you can use the cash you’ve earned to pay the majority of the cost of moving!

Be smart when packing, take advantage of other packing materials, and think about using free boxes

To cut costs when hiring a person who has a vehicle, create a an inventory of the things you could pack for yourself. You can make yourself an Open First box, which comprises the things you’ll need to take out the first day you arrive at your new home. This includes toiletries as well as an outfit change.

However If you are bringing bags, suitcases, or linen bins with you to your new house You can place lighter objects in them. This could include clothes or other items that aren’t fragile. The right packing techniques will help you save money and also save space in your van. This means you will be able to reduce how many trips needed during the relocation.

If your items are fragile It is best to let the packing work to experts. Professionally trained movers are experts in making sure your belongings are safe from harm, as well as protecting your financial account safe from expensive repairs and replacement of furniture.

Do the Furniture Removal and Reassembly On Your Own

If you are able to, use furniture assembly as one of the additional services you would like to use from your van. To reduce costs the dismantling and assembly of furniture, such as coffee tables, is possible on your own.

Store a few things in the storage

If you have items that aren’t needed right away put them in storage in a safe place and then take them out in the future. Ask your family and friends who have spare rooms to temporarily store your belongings. This way, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of stuff you’ll need to relocate.

Plan a Van Service in advance

Making preparations in advance is the most important factor to ensure a smooth home relocation. Find a moving van or a man in the earliest time possible. If you know anyone who recently moved and you want to request their referrals. This is a great way to find bargains.

Don’t rush and pick the first van and man you find. Always check the prices for man and van carefully to find the best price.


To save on additional removal expenses To avoid additional removal costs, be sure to communicate your needs to the movers. If you have pianos or furniture that require special care from removalists, be sure to inform them in advance. Be sure to inform them of any parking problems and awkward corners before the move. If anything adds to the total price, let them know immediately. Get in touch with our experts when searching for man n van near me.