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Advantages of Private Leicester Student Accommodation

We’re sure that at this moment, nearly all of you are facing a serious dilemma. The question is, do you opt for private student accommodation or a private rental? Well, whether you are a fresher or a current student, you are going to find innumerable options for both! So many, that you might find yourself in a confusion! To clear all this confusion we’ve summarized the pros and cons of both kinds of student accommodation. Learn more about which one is ideal for you!


As you begin living in your own home, you’ll need to arrange your bills and budgeting yourself. This is especially stressful if you intend to live with your friends in a private residence to rent. We say this simply because; you will have to share the bill fair along with your roommates. However, doing so often can cause conflict and it could result in a awkward position with your fellow friends. You may find yourself paying the rent late and incurring fines, just because your housemate didn’t have the money on time! You wouldn’t like to be in a soup with your landlord now do you?

If you don’t want to be a budget-conscious person the private student housing is the perfect choice for you! The majority of them provide utilities, insurance on contents and internet in the rental. Boy! It’s a relief! You don’t need to worry about friends not making their payments on time or anything else, it’s your own rent only! It’s a wise choice in order to ensure your money and friendships secure!


It is only natural to be attracted to the lower prices that private rented Leicester student accommodation offer. That’s why, at any moment, you may agree to live miles away from your campus!

But hold on! Take a second to think ! It is likely that you will find yourself spending a significant portion of your energy and money for the commute. This may take a toll on your social life. Because your friends might not want to drive an extended distance to visit your every single time, and vice versa! With the unpredictable university schedule, you would need all the extra time you could get.

Contrarily, imagine jumping out of bed, and rushing to class in just 15 minutes of walking! Private student accommodation definitely takes the cake in regards to area. They are typically near to the campuses of universities. You can easily access libraries and other facilities at the university or the library, for example. And even if you have a late night, relax! It is easy to get out of bed, have an espresso, and roll into lectures on time. Additionally, you’ll be among the lucky ones who will be content with your lectures at the beginning of the semester! Your professors will be thrilled too! It’s great!

Student friendliness

If you are lucky, you may discover a luxurious private home to share , which will give you a homely feeling immediately. It is a good thing, as it will be closer to how your own home was. But not necessarily all the people living in your apartment will be students. Imagine living with a professional who doesn’t do late nights and shuns house parties. Nightmare! Your university dream is over. But in the case of private homes, they are not typically designed for students.

Keep in mind that you’ll see different sizes of rooms and one of you will surely end up getting the tiniest room. Let’s hope it isn’t you end up on the roof! Horror! There is a chance that you will have to be used to standing up outside a single bathroom or two at the minimum. You will never make it to your lecture!

A private student accommodation is, on the other hand is specifically designed for students. It gives you the choice of where you’d like to live in. You won’t have to figure out what room you will end up with because every room in a flat will be identical. So you get what you get for your money.

You can choose to be a solo-living studio or in an en suite / non- en-suite room in a flat shared. If you’ve got a wonderful companion or partner that you would like to share the space , you could consider a double room also! The majority of them have fantastic facilities that you can use on-site like gyms, bike storage as well as parking for cars and social space. All of these advantages sound attractive, don’t you think?


In any place you reside it is possible to encounter unexpected problems with plumbing, electrical or of different kinds. However, what you can anticipate when living in private homes with rent is delays in the process of maintenance! The first step is to contact and inquire with your landlord who will send a tradesperson in to fix the problem. It sounds like an extensive process that you can avoid. Imagine waiting for days to get fixed that annoying leaky shower that makes you sleepy all night!

In a way, it is recommended to anticipate the worst and be prepared for it! We will tell you howto prepare, specifically in relation to maintenance. Every one of the private student accommodation facilities have maintenance teams on-site, so your problems can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Many of them even provide free mobile applications that allow you to submit your maintenance request with the press of the button. It’s simple!

Social life

As you go through university, your students will be the most important thing to you. You can be sure that you’ll be prepared to travel anywhere, as long as you are with them! While the same team is boring, you’ll be craving an opportunity to change things up once in a time. To achieve this you don’t have to go out , or call various people! In private apartments or houses available for rent might limit your chances of being part of the vibrant student population. Furthermore, because you’ll be so off-campus that most students will cease making an effort to make the some time.

Social interaction is an extremely significant aspect of the student experience. It is strongly recommended that you do not miss the same. While it is not only a way to gain more Facebook friends, but it will play an important role in your overall growth including people skills. This is easier if you live in an accommodation designed for students that is specifically built to accommodate more students than your peers. Additionally, these student accommodation strive to assure that you are able to have a social life and not feel secluded They organize various social events and have fully-equipped social spaces in which people can gather with fellow residents. Doesn’t the idea of communal areas like a cinema or games room, outdoor spaces and bbq areas seem appealing? You’ll have the option to hang out in these areas when bored or just in need of a break!