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Benefits of a Fitted Wardrobe

Are you pondering whether you should buy an fitted wardrobe over an open-air wardrobe?

A built-in closet certainly comes with many advantages, especially when you’re creating a brand new home or renovating. However, it can be very costly customized furniture if it isn’t possible to know what you’re seeking. Do the benefits outweigh the cost difference?

To answer that question, let’s look at seven advantages of a bespoke wardrobe below.

1.More Effective Space Utilization

It’s well-known that a fitted wardrobe maximizes space. But, we are often unaware how much this could help us.

We can, first of all, tailor-fit the wardrobe to any size room, including an entire walk-in closet should it be required. However, we tend to forget to put the wardrobe in difficult spaces like Alcoves with L-Shaped corners or the space under the stairs that is normally not used.

This advantage isn’t just about the space available it also includes the interior space within the wardrobe. How often have we bought an already-built standing wardrobe and then be irritated by the fact that it doesn’t have enough storage space for your belongings? This problem won’t happen when you have a custom-made wardrobe.

2. Tailored to your specific needs

We’ve discussed the possibility of fitted wardrobes being made to be custom-made above. But, let’s explore the advantages of this.

With built-in wardrobes you have the option of not having to deal with only the outside of the storage space, but the internal layouts. Do you have formal clothes than casual ones in your wardrobe? There is more hanging spaces in your closet. Do you have lots of pieces of jewelry and other accessories? It is possible to add drawers.

If you share a home with someone else, you be aware of how sharing your wardrobe could become a major hassle. With a custom wardrobe, you can customize the size of your wardrobe according to your personal preferences. Are you experiencing a significant different height from your spouse? You can also adjust the size of every drawer, hanger section and the internal shelves.

In the end, a customized wardrobe will give you versatilityyou require, whatever your requirements are.

3. The Perfect Finish to Complement Your Interior

Another benefit of having a fitted wardrobe is the fact that you get to participate in your design. This is a huge benefit, particularly when you’re designing a new home or renovating.

Installing a stand-up wardrobe for your space can be a challenging job. In the beginning, you’ll need to decide on the material that is suitable for the space. There are sizes and styles to pick from. And lastly is the right finish to complement the rest of your interior.

With a wardrobe that is fitted you will be able to manage every aspect to make the perfect look.

4. Custom lighting

This is an advantage that is of which is not often thought of it, but the ability to incorporate lighting that is custom-designed and integrated to your wardrobe’s design is significant.

Most wardrobes that are standing provide a few lighting options, and some don’t provide any. If you have a custom-made wardrobe, you’ll have the best lighting options to meet your requirements and budget-friendly requirements.

Do you wish to have an area within your wardrobe to display your collection of antiques? You could install an LED strip to light the display.

Custom lighting isn’t only beneficial for aesthetic reasons however, it can also be beneficial to save energy. For instance, if have a suitable lighting system for your shelves in the interior then you don’t have to illuminate the entire space on a dark morning.

5. More efficient maintenance

With a fitted wardrobe you’ll be able to enjoy a more effortless cleaning procedure. Because the built-in wardrobe has been made to fit the ceiling, you’ll never have to vacuum the top. Do you know that cobwebs are typically located in between your wall and the standing wardrobe? It’s not an issue.

Because with a custom wardrobe, we are able to eliminate many unutilized spaces. We only have to tidy those things that are essential.

6. Flexible Price

Finding the perfect freestanding wardrobe that you appreciate, which meets your preferences and needs and won’t break the budget can be very difficult. However, this problem is easily solved by purchasing a wardrobe that is fitted.

With the built-in wardrobe you can manage the ideal combination of style, material modifications, and price. You can make the appropriate compromisesand, at the same time increase what you require.

Even with the smallest budget, investing in a bespoke wardrobe is likely to provide more worth than buying a standalone wardrobe at the same cost.

7. An excellent long-term investment

Not to be left out the fitted wardrobe can be a long-term investment, especially if you have invested in a quality sturdy material. If you are planning to offer the home for sale in the future and you have a good built-in wardrobe will help in negotiating the cost.

Additionally, the wardrobe adds many benefits to your daily use. It is likely that you will get more out of a bulk in wardrobe as compared to a stand-up clothing item with the same cost, so you know the basics (which is quite simple).

The advice we offer below will allow you to get the most from your personal wardrobe.

Tips For Purchasing A Fitted Wardrobe

Determine your requirements first, and then figure out how much space you require. Even if you’re in a position to purchase an area of custom-made or walk-in wardrobes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need it.
Find spaces that are not being used in your home and figure out how you can make the most of that space by installing the built-in wardrobe.
Find the appropriate material and finish that will suit the style of your home. If needed, seek help from an experienced interior designer.
Be aware of your budget and adhere to it. It is possible to add endless variations to your wardrobe and the cost could increase quickly.


A fitted wardrobe offers numerous advantages in comparison to a freestanding wardrobe and the seven advantages that we’ve mentioned in the article are only the beginning of the list.

If you’re currently remodeling or building a new home it is a good idea to think about these benefits and consider investing in a custom fitting wardrobe.