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Casement Vs Heritage Windows – Which Ones Are Best?

Windows are a huge feature of any home and therefore a huge decision for any self build, home renovation or remodeling project! Our great guide to windows is a fantastic place to start if you’re at the start of planning the project of yours. But in case you are further down the road and wish to find out much more about what windows to choose? Continue reading, as we are putting 2 of our familiar window types head-to-head – casement as well as Heritage windows.
What exactly are casement windows, exactly how can they work?

A really usually British style of windows, casement windows wide open outwards, separate from the house of yours, and therefore are connected to the frame by one or maybe more hinges.

What exactly are Heritage windows, exactly how can they work?

To mirror the design of steel windows, Heritage windows gain from much more contemporary manufacturing procedures as well as open in the exact same fashion as casement windows, outwards, separate from the house of yours, connected by one or maybe more hinges.

Cons and pros of casement windows

We discussed these over in the casement windows of ours vs tilt and switch post though we will briefly exceed them right here again…


Classically designed, they suit both contemporary as well as traditional styled houses – incredible!
The casement windows of ours are obtainable in 3 diverse components; timber, aluminium and also alu clad, providing you lots of choice and also enabling you to complement and contrast the windows materials of yours with the homes of yours
They provide excellent ventilation with the ability of theirs to open outwards, allowing a lot of air that is fresh in the home of yours
They are a great power efficient and eco-friendly design, which makes them beneficial to the world, the carbon footprint of yours as well as your heating bills
They’re not hard to clean up overly – perfect for harder and awkward to reach areas of the home of yours, like with the kitchen sink The casement windows of ours are made in ANY RAL colour or maybe a broad range of stains in case you select timber – what good versatility!


In case you’re firm for room away from wherever the window of yours is gon na be located, point out you’ve a walkway, the outward opening like might obstruct this so that it might be safer to pick an inward opening window, such as a tilt & turn
There’s an optimum size that the casement windows of yours are usually and so in case you are planning to add glazing to make a’ ceiling to floor’ appearance, fixed windows or maybe perhaps even sliding or perhaps bifold doors might be a much better option for you – fixed whether your not concerned about the glazing opening, bifold or even sliding in the event that you would like the glazing to open

Cons and pros of Heritage windows


Heritage windows have the additional benefit of glazing bars and also, with and without these, these windows work fairly effectively in contemporary homes as they develop a bold statement. Should you opt to incorporate glazing bars, they match historic refurbishments also – super-chic
As they opened outwards, the same as the casements of ours, they additionally provide excellent ventilation and allow it to a lot of air that is fresh when open
They’ve slim sightlines that are narrower than some other windows, maximising the views of yours as well as the natural light
Obtainable in aluminium (only), they’re very resilient & thermally effective, which makes them a wonderful option for maintaining energy costs along with your carbon impact low
They are recyclable and earth friendly too
They obtainable in ANY RAL colour, like the casement windows of ours, which means you are able to match or contrast the style of the home of yours


The primary con of Heritage windows is similar as casement; the outward opening isn’t perfect for tighter outside spaces. As stated before, the Heritage windows of ours can also be merely obtainable in aluminium so if you’d prefer timber or alu clad, you need to consider the many other window styles of ours including fixed, turn, tilt, and casement.

We are feeling both these types of windows are perfect for traditional and contemporary homes, along with exactly the same opening direction, RAL colour choices, along with energy efficiency advantages, there is not really a great deal in it!

It primarily will depend on what substance you want to experience for the house of yours, with casement providing a couple of more material choices, or even in case you would like the slimmer sightlines which Heritage windows are able to provide. Whatever you choose to pick, you are certain to have incredible windows which are the envy of all the neighbours of yours.