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Designing & furnishing your new bathroom

No matter if you’re planning a functional bathroom for the family, an en-suite, wet-room or a full-on spa for your home Here are some ideas about where to start your bathroom remodel.

Do I need to fit myself, or project manage or make use of a bathroom professional?

When you are planning to remodel your bathroom it is important to determine whether you’d like to:

Install the bathroom yourself
Manage other trades in the project to make your bathroom fit, or
Get a bathroom expert to design your bathroom and see the bathroom through to completion for you.

What’s your bathroom remodel budget?

A new bathroom can cost about £6,000. The cost can be astronomical however, based on the amount of luxury you select and the amount of plumbing work that is needed. What you can afford to spend will decide if you handle the work on your own or hire an expert bathroom designer to assist.

If you’re looking to budget less than £6,000, your best option is to take on the task by yourself. You can expect to spend between £3,000 and £6,000 if you are able to manage the bathroom renovation by yourself. You must be prepared to sacrifice the any finishing details to ensure that you are spending the majority of your budget on bathroom plumbing and tiling right.

Did You Know? You can get most of your materials from a bathroom store such as Tap n Shower.

Installing your bathroom yourself

If you’re planning on sourcing and installing the bathroom yourself, you’ll be able to locate a low-cost bathroom suite for as low as P200. You’ll need to locate and figure out the budget for accessories, plumbing fittings for showers, faucets grouting, tiles and other supplies that could double the cost.

If you are thinking of installing the bathroom yourself and could save you up to 60percent of price but you must consider the length and complexity of the task when you choose to embark on. Always seek out an expert the case of the use of electric or gas. If you’re installing the shower with electric, make sure you use an electrician who is registered.

Save money by purchasing the bathroom supplies yourself

If you have a builder installing your bathroom, purchasing the bathroom items yourself – with their permission will help cut costs significantly. If you’re purchasing from a bathroom manufacturer who quotes for installation as well make sure you know how much it will cost an electrician and plumber to complete the work on their own.

Verify warranties and guaranties.

If you’re purchasing the items by yourself or bringing someone else in to purchase them, be sure to look over the warranty, especially in the case of sealant or grouting which can be costly to replace in the event of an leak. You should look for lifetime or 10-year warranty.

Designing and furnishing your brand new bathroom

If you’re installing yourself or working with the services of a professional, you’ll need to choose what goes in your bathroom.

A lot of people utilize their current bathroom as a model and it is cheaper and more efficient if the plumbing is at the same location. Start with a blank space to design the space that will enhance your life. Make sure you have bathroom storage space for toilet rolls, towels and other toiletries. It’s important to incorporate it into the original layout to make sure you have room for everything.

To get ideas or mood boards Pinterest can be a useful tool. Many designers have an account, so you can share the mood board in tandem with other designers.

It’s also important to determine whether you’re a bathtub, shower, or wet room type of person, and if you’ll require anything specific such as shower or a bidet.

Next , you’ll have to select the right wall coverings. You can choose the traditional ceramic or splash onto natural stone.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of design. It can range from basic lighting, to back-lighting mirrors, and illuminated ‘feature walls’. A split-face tile with hidden downlighting could be an impressive design.

You can also add the TV or flush-mounted speaker to play your music wirelessly to stand out!

If you’re looking to spend some money, what do you go about getting a spa at home? A basic sauna could start at about £5,000 and give your home that luxurious feel.
How long does a bathroom remodel will take?

Bathroom remodels can take anywhere between one to three weeks to finish. They typically involve a variety of different trades . It takes time to finish every component such as plumbing, electrics tile, decorating, and sealing.

Based what the dimension of the home The work could be quite intrusive.

If you have only the one bathroom you may decide to put it off until your next vacation or visit family or friends. The pleasure of returning to a fresh bathroom is more than the up any issues.