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Do I need professionals for a resin driveway?

For a driveway that is fully constructed as shown in the image above, you’ll have to be proficient and have installation experience. We do not sub-contract our projects. We are a family-owned firm with more than 30 years experience , a skilled and reliable tradesmen, and we strive to be the leader in the field.

Can I install resin driveways DIY, or should I leave it to experts?

A high-quality product requires an expert service. It’s crucial to locate an expert tradesperson that can lay the resin in a high quality to ensure a long-lasting, high-performance driveway.

It is constructed consisting of stones that are stacked together with organic aggregates, recycled glass, and marble. They are all coated with an UV-resistant clear resin. Then, they are mixed for an even distribution.

The final product is placed on top of the existing flat, solid surface, like the driveway made of tarmac, provided it’s not damaged and uneven. The laying of a resin-bonded paving is a major undertaking, and it’s likely you’ll need additional features like man-holes, edging lined up, etc. It is recommended to hire an expert to finish your task.

The most frequent errors

The most frequent error that we encounter during the installation of resin bound surfaces is a mistake made by the contractor which usually occurs before the work has been completed. Here are some of the most common reasons for a poor resin bound driveway installations:

1.) 1) There is no U.V. resin is being used within the resin-bound mix. The resin used in the mix is not U.V. U.V. resin is the cheapest option to purchase, saving you PS5 per square meter. Utilizing resin that is not U.V. is not obvious at first It is likely that the client paid prior to when the driveway begins to fade.

2.) Certain contractors lay it with enough thickness. It may not be apparent at first glance however if the thickness is placed below a minimum of 15mm to allow for vehicular traffic to be done, you may find yourself in trouble. Cutting corners using the thickness of your flooring is a frequent issue. To ensure your safety All our installations are laid with the minimum of 18mm.

3.) Contractors who employ the incorrect mixers e.g. gravity mixers, such as Belle Mixers to mix the resin bound . This is a alarm, as they are not able to mix resin bound products. At Resin Install, we use a Forced Action Mixer to make sure the stone aggregates and the resin are properly mixed.

4.) Scarily the next point is becoming more well-known. Resin is now being bought on eBay! This is a big no no! The cheap resin typically does not have the primary component that determines the longevity in the material. Be sure that your contractor works with an established supplier.

5.) The contractor has limited or no accountability to the client, nor any recourse should there be a problems.