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Does home insurance cover boilers?

Boiler cover can be financially rewarding only for a handful of individuals, according to our research each year.

The cost of boiler insurance is that, in the event that your boiler fails the provider of the contract is going to send an engineer in order to evaluate the issue and work to resolve the issue. Boiler insurance usually includes the annual service.

Boiler servicing is an important component of maintenance, and can decrease the requirement for cover or repairs.

The types of boiler cover

The amount of protection offered by boiler protection and service contracts differs based on the provider and the service you buy.

Certain policies cover only your boiler. Other policies cover repairs to drainage, central heating and pipes. Some policies will even include electrical wiring as well as pest control.

Do I have cover on an existing boiler?

Certain policies specify minimum ages for boilers. They permit the owner to purchase insurance for up to 15 years. Therefore, if your boiler is an older boiler it is possible to look around for a cover.

Certain policies also limit the they’ll cover repairs. If you opt to take out a cover you should consider one with an unlimited claim amount and will also take care of replacing your boiler (or provide a portion of the cost toward a replacement) when it’s no longer economically feasible to fix it. This is especially beneficial for older model that may require more costly repairs if the issue is discovered.

Do you require boiler cover?

As a rule, the greater features your insurance policy covers the more, the more you’ll have to be charged for it.

However, it is not an economical option, as our study shows every year, because the monthly installments are more than the cost of an annual maintenance and repair whenever necessary.

Our most recent survey showed that a plan with British Gas would have been worth the cost for just 0.4 percent of the respondents. This is comparing those with policies that include at least a repair and repair against those who did not have boiler insurance and made a payment for a service and repairs when required.

Other providers’ situation isn’t that great. A policy that was negotiated with a company different from British Gas would have been worthwhile for only 1 percent of the people we discovered.

There are boiler home cover policies that contain additional services like plumbing drains, electrics for your home and even pest prevention. Consider if you’ll need any of these services prior to enrolling for them.

What is the importance of the peace of mind?

What if you’re willing to pay a little more to have the security that it offers, knowing you’re assured that your service will dispatch an engineer in the event that you require one?

It is important to determine the importance security is for you, and whether there’s an alternative cost-effective method to get it.

Are you saving enough to pay for your boiler’s repair or, in the worst case scenario replacement? Are you able to set each month savings for the repair or replacement of your boiler instead of paying for a service?

Also, think about the probability that you’ll require urgent assistance.

We discovered that just 21% of the people we who were surveyed needed to contact an engineer for boiler repair within the last twelve months. Therefore, the majority of people who have insurance pay each month for a plan which only provides the annual service, since they aren’t in need of repairs.

Does homeowner insurance cover boilers?

A standard insurance policy for your home doesn’t typically cover the expense for replacing or repairing the boiler that is damaged. However, some insurance companies offer coverage in the event that you’re willing to cover the cost. It could be called “home emergency insurance” instead of boiler coverage. Our research has shown that this isn’t a very popular choice.

Make sure you’re not paying for boiler insurance as an additional charge in your home insurance prior to making the decision to sign up.

How do you get a cheap boiler covers

1. Don’t spend more than you really need.

The price of insurance differs widely based on the kind of insurance you choose, so consider what will best be suitable for you and your family.

If your house has central heating system, then you might consider including this as part of your protection which will offer protection for radiators.

However, be aware of unnecessary additional coverages that you may have within your policy. For instance, items already covered under your existing home insurance policy, like plumbing issues, electrical wiring, and drainage.

2. Think about making a payment for your boiler’s insurance each year

Examine whether you can save cash by paying annually for a year’s boiler coverage as opposed to paying each month over the course of the course of the year.

3. Provider of the switch boiler

Unfortunately, loyalty does not pay. For customers who renewed the same policy through the same company just 3% were given an earlier renewal quote. The other 21% received an estimate at the same cost.

If you’re satisfied with your service but aren’t thrilled about the price, consider bargaining. The provider might offer to lower the price to retain your personalized. Only 27% of the people who were surveyed admitted to trying to negotiate, however most of them were able to lower the price.

4. Pay the excess amount

A higher amount of your excess payment can help you save money in the long run although it might sound contradictory. A one-time charge, often PS60 which is charged whenever an organization has to send engineers. If your policy has an excess fee, your payment for the month or year will be less.

Our study revealed that 20 percent of respondents aren’t sure how much excess they have and 59% of them have an excess PS0. Our findings showed that only 25% those needed repairs within the last twelve months. Thus, the PS0 excess isn’t worthwhile, since the year with higher payment will cost more than paying the PS60 excess fee if it is needed.

Should I get an annual heating service?

Yes. A scheduled service every year is crucial to keep your boiler operating effectively and securely. We suggest you have one regardless of whether you opt to have a breakdown insurance policy.

Regular checks will help you ensure that your boiler’s working correctly and can even extend its lifespan. Most insurance companies will only cover you if have an annual maintenance. Certain providers do not include an annual service in your insurance, and therefore, their plans may appear cheaper.

What should I be aware of?

Note attractive initial costs. For instance, Homeserve clearly state that their boiler insurance costs PS96 initially. However, it will it will increase by PS210 for the following year. We’ve seen other companies that offer only the price of one year’s insurance and then increase their prices after the second year.

In reality 70% of customers who purchased boiler covers had to pay more after their annual renewal was given. Before deciding on a provider make sure you know what the cost of its agreement is after the initial 12 months or after any promotional discount has ended.

Be aware of your account at renewal dates Be prepared to negotiate or compare prices. Some companies may offer an amount that is comparable to if you were a brand new customer.

While breakdown coverage can offer security, be aware that certain issues might not be covered under the service contract. An example is when there is a build-up of sludge. This will require a complete system flush (which could be more expensive than PS400) however, not all the companies we examined have included the cost within their policy.

Boiler policy exclusions you have to be aware of

Age of the boiler If you own quite a long-standing boiler (more than 15 years old) certain providers may not consider you new customers.
Existing customers of boilers are advised to be aware. Some companies won’t renew the insurance if your boiler is at the age of.
Cost limit if your boiler is damaged and requires expensive fixes, then a plan that has no limitation on repair costs is the best choice. Some policies limit repair costs to PS1,500 for a year, and others offer unlimitable.

Be sure to review these terms of service attentively before you begin any policy. We looked through the T&Cs to find policy on cover and found some instances where they say that the business won’t inform you or reimburse you in the event of paying for an overlap insurance. The other policies don’t make reference to the potential of having overlapping coverage. That means that you could be charged twice of the boiler part or issue.

You should be aware of what insurance policies you’re buying to ensure that you don’t pay for something you’ll need to cover twice.