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How do I… get my rented property in Northwich ready for winter?

It is that particular time of year again if you or your estate agents in Northwich have to make the home checks of yours prior to wintertime takes hold. With the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act today in force, it is more critical than ever you are doing all that you are able to to make certain your tenants’ home remains safe, warm and secure throughout the wetter and colder months.
8 important steps you must take now

  1. Make certain the home is watertight and wind, checking for:

Missing tiles or perhaps flashing on the roof
Cracks in brickwork, mortar or perhaps render
Broken or loose guttering
Cracked or even broken window panes
Degraded door and windowpane seals
Damaged window and door frames

  1. Get a maintenance contractor to clean up debris from guttering as well as drains
  2. Check that virtually any fencing is in order that is good and well secured
  3. Make certain the heating is working very well. Have the radiators bled and also check which the boiler and thermostats are working properly
  4. Have a plumber examination which the pipework is in order that is good and properly insulated. In case drinking water in the piping freezes, it is able to crack the pipes and then you will have leaks when it defrosts. When that water then gets in to the power system, it is able to additionally provide a fire risk
  5. Ensure the electrics are in order that is great. With coronavirus restrictions meaning a lot of folks are presently working from home, there are prone to become more portions and devices of technology connected in. Make certain there are sufficient sockets and also have an electrician check the power system is able to handle the demand. It is likewise a good option to get an annual PAT check in November or maybe October to make certain all the electric appliances of yours are safe
  6. If the property features a working fire or maybe log burner, possess the chimney swept and check some flues are in great working order
  7. Remind your tenants:

Never to allow the home get too cold, to safeguard the pipework. Nearly all modern heating devices have a’ frost’ or’ cold’ setting which could mean it kicks in below some temperatures, as get absolutely sure the tenants of yours understand how to make use of it
​ To clean up any condensation which forms on and also around windows. It is typical in winter when there’s a huge difference in between the temperature within and outside, and also you wish to stay away from surface mould forming

Never to overload extension wires and keep some utility heaters well away from furnishings and curtains

The place that the stop cock is, just in case of a burst pipe or maybe other type of water leak

The place that the fuse board is, just in case of a water leak and also electric problem

What numbers to call when there is an emergency

Lastly, check the insurance policy of yours for the type of items which are much more apt to result in claims over winter:

What exactly are the maintenance obligations of yours, e.g. for outside drainage systems and also protecting water pipes?
Have you been covered for flood and fire?
If harm to the home leads to tenants being forced to be re housed, are all those costs covered?