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How to Choose Carpet for the Classroom

According to research by the University of Salford, classroom design can affect learning by 25 25%. The flooring options play a significant aspect in the design and feel of classrooms, contributing to acoustics, safety, comfort and general aesthetics.

Why carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are now the preferred flooring option for schools and higher education environments. They are simple to set up and maintain, absorb noise and are designed to last for many years to the future.

What to look for when you are choosing carpets for your education:


Classrooms are bustling, with many sounds and distractions going on constantly.

It’s vital that the carpet you select will be able to absorb sound and improve the acoustics of the classroom, making it a quieter place to learn. This is essential for children with additional requirements, since a noisy space can make them feel overwhelmed and hinder their education.

Additional backing can insulate the carpet further, which can reduce school noise.

Innovative Design

The flooring design is an excellent option for bringing a splash of colour into the classroom. Colorful patterns and vibrant colours can stimulate creativity, inspiring students to think large, while more muted shades and understated patterns will encourage a peaceful and calm environment.

By using Paragon carpet tiles it is possible to mix and match, creating new patterns that can transform the classroom layout. In general, you should select a design that can be rearranged easily to create different patterns


Students and teachers spend much of their time in the classroom, so it should be welcoming and comfortable.

Classroom carpets that are suitable for children provide the perfect soft surface for children to sit on, as well as a form with thermal insulation in the space. It is vitally important, since researchers from the University of Salford cited temperature as a major factor in the process of learning.

Carpet tiles are made to provide you with everyday comfort. To add more cushioning, it is possible in adding Komfort Bac for another layer of comfort.


Since the pandemic, hygiene at schools has become an ongoing focus. Cleanliness can boost attendance levels, and ensure that children learn to the best of their abilities.

Carpet traps viruses and bacteria in the gaps between fibers, reducing the possibility of transmission. Our carpet tiles are tough wear and hygienic which means you’ll be able to reduce costs by investing in a flooring that can endure the test of time.

In the end, when choosing carpet to be used in classrooms, you must to balance design and practicality. By selecting the best carpet, you can create a the perfect, secure, and inspiring learning environment.