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Improved privacy and security with Bristol Plantation Shutters

Window shutters have risen in popularity in the past decade and, when you consider the advantages they provide over the more conventional furniture for windows, it’s difficult to understand why.

Alongside being able to customize the style to fit nearly every window shape or size They’re easy to maintain are beautiful, stylish and even increase the value of your house. Below, we’ve listed five additional benefits of plantation shutters.

Increased security and privacy

If your property is next to a street , or is backed by other homes It can be difficult to believe that you’re enjoying the privacy you require. This is a particular issue during the daytime when you’re looking to let in natural light but are worried about neighbors or people passing by being able to observe your home.

Plantation shutters Bristol are great in solving this issue because the lower louvres are able to be closed when tilted, while the top is left open to let sunlight in. Additionally, all louvers can be tilted to an angle whereby no one is able to see through, but sunlight can still pass through.

They’re perfect for those suffering from allergies.

They require no more than a few wipes down to keep them clean shutters are less difficult to keep clean than other kinds that are window treatments. Additionally, dust won’t accumulate on shutters the way that it does with blinds and curtains. This means shutters are less likely to harbor dust mites living in your house, which is extremely beneficial for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Better insulation

Another bonus benefit to shutters is the fact that they can provide excellent sound insulation and heat insulation. In winter months, the timber barrier keeps the space warm and can even reduce the cost of energy. In the summer, you can open your windows , and keep the panels of your shutters closed to ensure that air circulates while keeping heat out.

They’re an excellent investment

As window shutters are an appealing feature, they are an investment that is worth it in your property. They can not only hide the ugly PVC windows, but they also have benefits like better insulation, better security and privacy They are also attractive to prospective buyers. Since they’re permanent fixtures shutters are also able in enhancing the value of your home.

They can be utilized in bathrooms

Window dressings cause many problems for bathrooms. Curtains aren’t ideally suited to the bathroom environment, and blinds can be ideal until you actually need to make use of the bathroom. Then you have to close the blinds, which means you’ll be switching on the light, even in the middle or evening.

Not many people know that shutters made of plantation are great for bathrooms. The slats can be adjusted so that no one is able to view the space but still let sunlight to pass through and you won’t need to burn up any energy.

It is also possible to purchase window shutters that are waterproof, which are made from the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic resin. When combined with a co-polymer coating that ensures durability despite the frequent exposure to water and dampness.