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Places to live in Bangalore for students, bachelors and families

Bangalore is among the three most prestigious metropolitan cities of India. Bangalore is the leader in the IT market in India and is also the capital of industry of India due to the presence of numerous startups and well-known colleges research centers and telecommunications, software companies as well as an aerospace sector.

The city’s industrialisation can be seen not just from a commercial and financial aspects as well as its people, culture, and the growing urbanisation. But, Bangalore never let this fast-growing industrialisation diminish its beauty. This is why it is well-known as the city of gardens and it is also known as the Silicon valley.

As urbanisation continues to grow Bangalore also sees an enormous growth in population each year. And, surprisingly, Bangalore has catered to everyone with its residential and entertainment industry.

This article lists the most well-known and top 10 most desirable cities to reside in Bangalore.
1. Indiranagar

It is the most sought-after area and is believed to be one of the most luxurious but expensive areas to reside in Bangalore. Indiranagar is an area that is home to lots of startups and hence is recognized as a business hub in Bangalore.

The city is located in the heart downtown, Indiranagar offers every little that is entertainment-related such as lively pubs and parks, gyms and hospitals, hotels and much more. Indiranagar is regarded as to be the most popular shopping spot in Bangalore and has a constant flow of malls.

The cost of renting or purchasing a property in this region could make an opening in your pockets However, once you’re here, there’s no thing you shouldn’t expect here.

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2. Marathahalli

One aspect that makes Marathahalli an extremely popular location is the connectivity to all of the main areas of Bangalore.

The area is well-known with young people due to having the largest population of CBSE School of Bangalore, and also a nearby museum, namely HAL Aerospace Museum with a large collection of historical scientific, academic, and historical collection of one of the biggest and most influential aeronautics firms. Students tend to go to the museum with their friends, and then hang out at the malls that are nearby.

The place is called the gateway to Bangalore and is primarily located in a Bangalore residential area that has many affordable and affordable rental properties.

3. Jayanagar

Jayanagar is among the most beautiful places in Bangalore to live. it is among those cities that in some way shows the rich history and the neighbourhood. People who live here experience the single-storey homes and large streets lined with trees.

The area is populated by Kannada-speaking people, this region isn’t exactly elegant, but it is incredibly packed with the typical lifestyle, famous food enormous markets, and gorgeous parks.

While the area isn’t extremely posh and is tradition-based and culturally rich, the need for beauty in an incredibly bustling city make it somewhat expensive.

4. HSR Layout

It is a reference to Hosur Sarjapur Road, this is a newly developed residential neighborhood located in Bangalore. It is mostly favored by families because of it’s lush and green tranquil and safe surroundings.

The area has almost every essential facility you could need with some of the most prestigious hospital, restaurants, cafes club, parks, avenues lined with trees and more.

Since HSR has been added on the lists of luxurious locations in Bangalore however, it is definitely expensive in terms of accommodation however it is well worth the costs.

5. Whitefield

One of the top areas in eastern Bangalore for professionals in IT This is also an IT center within the city. Whitefield is extremely well-connected to the remainder of Bangalore It is also the principal junction between the important highways that connect Vizag with Hyderabad.

Residents in this area are blessed with a wealth of modern and exciting alternatives, such as huge technology parks, modern shopping malls and, of course, great residences.

Nowadays, more residents are opting to reside in the area, however the cost of housing is holding some people back.

6. Koramangala

In addition to other areas located in South Bangalore, Koramangala is a prosperous area that has many luxurious residential properties and is on very top of the listing of most desirable cities in Bangalore. There are many PGs for males in Koramangala too. Koramangala is connected to a lot of the main areas of the city, such as Electronic City, Hosur Road, Intermediate Ring Road, Airport Road, etc.

It has a variety of lively clubs for the young who live in the city. It is a vibrant area that is home to numerous shopping malls and eateries. It also houses the most well-known Forum Mall, and hence it’s also a place to shop.

The region is renowned for its high-end residences but a handful of areas provide cheaper accommodation. You can you can also choose a single room PGs in koramangala.

7. BTM Layout

The city is located in The South, BTM is probably the most desirable area in Bangalore for expats working in Bangalore as it is situated in the region around ITPL as well as Electronic City.

This region also has good connection to all the main regions of Bangalore such as JP Nagar, Marathahalli, Banashankari, Koramangala, and numerous others. This makes the area extremely secure and safe for bachelors and families who reside in this area.

The accommodation options in BTM are very affordable when contrasted to other great locations in the city.

8. Electronic City

The name implies that Electronic City is the hub for India’s biggest electronic industrial parks, which span over an area of 800 acres. There are more than 200 IT firms in the area with many major IT companies such as Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, HCL and many more.

If you’re in search of rooms for PGs in Bangalore you’ve come to the right spot. Electronic City is well-planned and, according to the governors of the state, it will soon be transformed into an “living lab” that will provide modern urban services with global standards. With posh housing societies and a variety of eateries in the area, it is a popular destination for everyone who work within or around Electronic City This area is slightly off the main city, but it compensates residents with a affordable costs of living.

9. Bellandur

Bellandur is another locality that is cheap in the south-east of Bangalore which is bordered with Bellandur Lake in the northern part. It was not long ago that Bellandur was much more or less deserted area until 2000 when the infrastructure for IT slowly started to emerge. Due to this growth housing in Bellandur is reasonably priced when compared with other parts in the metropolis. Bellandur is home to many thousands of IT professionals due to the massive tech parks and the growing infrastructure.

10. Bannerghatta

As one of the most important roads in Bangalore, Bannerghatta Road is another highly connected area within Bangalore. The area is home to the largest institutions in Bangalore, including IIM B, HSBC, Accenture, and Honeywell.

There are many kinds of lodgings, such as PG on bannerghatta road. There are also a number of cosy and comfortable apartments, as well as shopping centers, hospitals, and schools. Bannerghatta Road has extraordinary admittance to BMTC transports , which are an easy, reliable and economical choice to travel throughout the metropolis.