Questions to ask your London removals company

Moving into a new home is stressful enough without worrying about the company who will be moving your furniture and precious items! Use our article to help locate the best house removals London service for you.

Why should I hire removals service?

The process of packing boxes is an issue, but hauling the boxes down and up the stairs as well as in and out of vans can be very exhausting. If you have lots to move, expensive items like antiques or big, awkward pieces such as a piano, it is best to let the experts. In addition, it will allow you the time to concentrate on the additional aspects to consider when moving. According to recent research from Zoopla and Hometrack, the average of Britons move house only once about every 22 years. If it’s been a long time since you last moved and you’re looking for some tips, here’s what you should know to assist you in finding the best removals firm.

Tips to choose the perfect removals company

Before you call for quotes, here are some things to take into consideration to help you identify the ideal removals firm:

Is the business a member of of the British Association of Removers, an association for trade that regulates members according to Trading Standards, and/or offers an alternative to dispute resolution through Ombudsman Services? Ombudsman Services, following their codes of conduct for customer service.
Look for reviews from independent sources of the removals firms that you’re considering.
Take a look at their “about us’ section to learn more about their information on their history in the trading industry and their longevity.
Check out the pictures to get an idea of the truck’s size and the condition of the warehouse, facilities for storage etc.
Ask friends in the area whether they’ve had a good experience with them , and what was positive and what they disliked about the experience.

Get removals quotes

Cost is the most important factor when choosing the best removals firm for you. Get removal quotes 4-6 weeks before you move. Be aware that the fact that moving on Fridays or during school holidays can be a bit more hectic and so you should start looking earlier instead of later.

Be aware of the cost as well as the quality of the service and whether the business is open on the time of move.
Certain removal companies provide another packing option. look below for more information.
Consider removal companies only when they’re able to conduct a visual survey before presenting a written quote and it’s impossible for them to calculate and plan a move without having seen it in person.
When guests visit your home, they will take a tour through the property, do they take down furniture that can’t go through the doors? Are you in possession of a loft filled with boxes? Make sure that they mention it in the quotation.
Be sure that the removals firm are aware of the vehicle access to your home, the one you’re moving away from and the one you’re moving to. The most undesirable thing to happen is a huge vehicle arriving and finding it’s not able to travel within 500 meters from the home.

Do removal companies provide packing for you?

Removals companies will pack for you. It is a growing option, and can add on to the cost of removals for a family with a three bed home, and can take up to a full day for the group of packers to finish.

It is also possible to arrange to have the things taken out of the box at the other side, although the majority of people do it by themselves. In general, unpacking will take an entire team of experts one day for an average three bedroom house. If you are planning to have the items to be packed and unpacked, ensure that you are surveyed by the removals firm prior to the event to ensure they give you a precise estimate.

Questions you should ask your removal company

Once you’ve got the quote, you’ll want to talk to the removals company in order to determine the quality of the services they offer. Here are the most important questions to ask:

How long have yourself as an individual and your business been operating for?
Are you part of either the Ombudsman Services or British Association of Movers?
How fast can you get someone to take an inspection of my home and provide a more precise price?
Do I need to book a provisional booking now and pay once I exchanged contracts? (You should not book and paying removals companies until you’ve changed contracts as well as a closing date that is agreed upon by all the parties involved in your chain. Some might require a down payment upfront.)
What happens if due to an unforeseeable reason, my date for moving is changed?
Are you able to store my belongings in case of a delay in my property that is on the other side? What are the charges?
Does your quote include insurance? What are the item-specific limits on total loss and thresholds? (Most companies offer insurance for moving to protect against losses or damage to your possessions while in transport. Check if it’s the case prior to booking and make sure that the amount is enough.
How many staff members will be in attendance during the scheduled moving days?
Are the prices quoted the final cost? If the estimater has underestimated the amount of goods that you’ll need to find out the possibility of being hit with additional costs.
What is the cost of packing and unpacking? How is it done? (if required)
Do you have the ability to arrange a no-cost cleaning service for either side? (if required)
Do you have a an outline of the move schedule? e.g the time of arrival and the time required to unload, travel, and time to arrive at the home, unload and remove the items, etc.

It is important to have established a positive relationship with the removals firm to ensure that the process is as smooth and easy as it can be.