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Reasons to invest in quality scaffolding equipment

Don’t be a nutter The quality of your scaffolding is important. Although some people who are looking to save money may be attracted to save a few dollars by buying second-hand or opting for cheaper brands cutting corners on scaffolding can directly impact the safety and efficiency of your employees.

When working from a height it is essential to ensure that the scaffolding is sturdy, stable and 100 % fit for use. In this blog post we’ve reviewed the top five advantages of investing in high-quality scaffolding equipment.

1. Reduce the chance of injuries

There’s no space for error when it comes to working from a height. Made from highly robust materials, quality scaffolding can create a safe working space for your employees and reduce the chance of getting injured.

You may be shocked to discover that the majority of suppliers don’t meet the most recent safety standards. Our scaffolding products are ISO 9001:2015-certified and thoroughly examined to make sure they are in compliance with the local requirements for quality and safety. Utilizing scaffolding that is compliant does not just create safer working conditions, but also lowers the risk of legal action in the event in the event of an accident.

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2. Long-term cost-effective

For small-scale businesses trying to remain on top of the competition and stay competitive, the initial costs of buying new scaffolding equipment may be a bit disconcerting. If you do your numbers you’ll discover that purchasing your own scaffolding may be cheaper over the long term particularly if you are working on projects that are long-term or you plan to frequently use the scaffolding.

In addition the best scaffolding will retain its value. Therefore, if you decide to dispose of your scaffolding after the projects are completed it is likely that you will be able to recover the majority of the capital investment you made at first.

3. It is more reliable than purchasing second-hand

Although purchasing second-hand scaffolding may be a smart method to cut costs but it’s crucial to be aware that the scaffolding might not have been taken care of properly from the prior owner.

There are many aspects to think about here to consider, such as:

Who made the scaffolding?
How old is the scaffolding?
Was it properly stored and was it properly maintained?
Have you had it tested recently?
Do you notice any damage?

…and more. Based on the condition of the scaffolding the components could need to be replaced. In the worst-case scenario, the scaffolding could be unsafe to use at all.

When you purchase new scaffolding of the highest quality and know precisely what you’re getting yourself into , and you can be confident that the product will perform exactly as it is described. Our products come with an extensive warranty that provides our customers with complete assurance of their purchase.

4. Increase productivity

There’s only one way to describe it the way it is: certain types of scaffolding can be difficult to put up. They’re heavy, complicated and have too many components . All of which could hinder your productivity when it comes to setting up and removal.

High-quality scaffolding is designed using efficiency as a primary goal. Reduced assembly time with clever design decisions and a logical component design allows your team to be more productive and remain on top of the project’s schedule without having to make any compromises regarding security.

5. Expert assistance

The last but not least is that when you buy quality scaffolding from a trusted supplier, you’re working with an experienced professional who understands the insides and outsides of the business. We are proud to provide excellent service and love sharing our knowledge with our loyal customers.

We’ll ensure that you’re completely informed about our scaffolding products and will answer any questions you may need to get the the most value, safety and performance from our products.

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