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Reasons To Use Professionals For Floor Sanding

Hardwood floors are unbeatable when it comes to selecting the best flooring for your business, home premises or commercial space. They are a bold statement and bring a sense elegance to any room regardless of its dimensions or shapes.

Wooden flooring is adored not just because of its beauty and practicality, but also because they can be cleaned and mopped to keep the appearance of new with the minimum effort. Furthermore If you’ve had flooring made of wood for some time and they’re looking worn or damaged, there’s no reason to replace them. Sanding floors made of wood and applying polish can restore it to its original splendor.

If you are faced with the process of sanding wood floors you are able to certainly attempt the task yourself but you should give it to professionals to ensure you get a top-quality, durable restoration. We’re here to give their professional advice for sanding your wood floor with your hands or by requesting the assistance from trusted experts, such as us!

DIY floor sanding

The primary benefit of doing the floor sanding yourself is how much money you save. Professional services are bound to cost more, and you’ll be spending money on the labor, experience, and equipment of the floor sanding business. Be aware that the process isn’t effortless, as you’ll have to get the equipment and be prepared for the dust and mess caused by the lengthy process. If you’ve got a limited budget with plenty of time devote and are physically fit, then attempting to try your attempt at sanding a wooden flooring yourself is an appealing alternative!

Let’s review the most important floor sanding DIY steps to follow to ensure you have the greatest chance of achieving an even and high-end the finish.

Materials and equipment.

It is important to prepare your floor Don’t get immediately into sanding wooden floor, as this could cause a lot of damage as a result of an unfinished or ugly flooring finish. Before you start, ensure you’ve hired or bought the correct equipment. You’ll require a high-end sanding machine that is available for hire for an expense from the local DIY store or through the variety of specific businesses on the internet. If you’re planning to be a professional and complete the task to the very best of your ability it is possible to consider hiring a different part of the equipment called an edge sander. This will make the quality of the sanding uniform throughout the entire area.

It is true that a range of sandpaper is required to supply your equipment. There’s a wide range of grades including the highest and most coarse grit being 16 and the smallest at 150, which will give you the ultimate smoothing effects. It is recommended to begin at a 40, and work towards a higher grade to remove all evidence of wear on your flooring slowly.

Safety and health.

Although it is entirely feasible to sand and finish the floor of your choice but there are certain considerations and disadvantages to be aware of. There’s a lot of dust generated during the process, so ensure that you seal off windows and doors, take away or cover any furniture and alert other residents or your neighbors about the sound.

The dust that is produced can be seen all around you, which is why it’s important to wear a face mask to prevent breathing into. Wearing glasses, gloves, and suits are also suggested to shield your eyes and your skin. If you suffer from sensitive ears or plan to sand a large section of hardwood floor in one sitting Wearing ear protectors is recommended too.


Once you’ve secured yourself and the surrounding area You must consider the method you use to sand. If you make a mistake, you’re at risk of damaging the wood floor to the point of irreparable or having an poor and uneven appearance. Always make sure that the machine is moving forwards when sanding wood floors instead of using a reverse motion and move between left and right, to conform to your wood’s natural grain. It’s not an issue when you move from left to right, however this could result in an abrasive and less smooth look. Similar to when you are mowing your lawn, spread yourself out slightly and avoid lingering at a single spot for too long, or you could run the risk of making indents on the wood, which could require assistance from a professional. Our final suggestion is to regularly sweep your floor between every grade of sandpaper, and allow time for dust to be able to settle.

As you will see DIY floor sanding could be effective, but there are plenty of chances for those who aren’t experienced to make mistakes that result in an unprofessional appearance. When you’re refinishing your wood floor in a space in your home that is subject to much interest, we’d suggest letting professionals do their magic to increase the life of your wood and create an amazing appearance.

Professional floor sanding for floors

Floor sanding is a skilled job This is the reason using experts with many years of experience and a lot of experience is recommended in the majority of cases. Finding a reputable company ensures that they assess the state the floor of your wood prior to doing any work and modify their sanding strategies and equipment to meet your particular requirements. It is important to not sand an engineered or solid wood floor for too long since this could result in the floor being worn to the point of being impossible to seal and protect it.

Additionally certain kinds of hardwood flooring require a specific method. For example, parquet flooring for instance, which must be sanded at a certain 45-degree angle in order to create the desired result and be sure to avoid damaging your wood. If you try to sand patterns, or specific kinds of wood and do the wrong angle, you may be required to seek professional help regardless to repair the damage.

We offer professional floor restoration services we are aware of the questions you need to ask yourself and your business prior to making any changes. Be sure to look over the previous projects completed by a firm and request client reviews to assist you in making an informed decision prior to investing in the project.

For the answer of whether DIY or professional floor sanding might be your most effective choice, it’s dependent on the needs of your home. If you’re budget-conscious we’d recommend hiring hardwood floor experts for the quality and longevity that professional flooring sanding is without a doubt.