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Reasons Why You Need A Home Water Dispenser

There are a hundred reasons to install an automatic water dispenser in your home. We thought that listing all the reasons would become boring quickly so we decided to concentrate on our top 17 reasons.

Top benefits of filtration water include better flavor to more energy to exercising

1.) The taste is better regular

When we dispensing the water to you We also triple-filter it and cleanse it for you, that means it will taste excellent indeed. Many people believe that water is tasteless, however, it could be because they’ve never had decent pure water as it ought to taste (shame!). Water that is better tasting will transform everything that you use it with even better including everything from coffee and tea to cooking.

2) Better for your health

The purification and filtering process eliminates a lot of chlorine bacteria, nastiness and other contaminants that can be found in the water you drink – making it more healthy to drink. Contrary to this fancy-sounding reverse the osmosis’ method however, we do not take out the minerals naturally that are found within water (such as calcium and potassium) therefore the system works similar to having mineral water on tap. Nice.

3) Facilitates the ability for you to consume more fluids

90 percent of our customers tell us the water they use is more now that they’ve had their water dispenser for home installed. We all know drinking more water is a must but doing something about it is an enormous challenge. It is much simpler when you have hot cold, tasty, purified water in your the tap… actually it is.

4) It can help you stick to a sugar-free diet

The most common sources of added sugar that often result in us exceeding the daily recommended limit are squashes, fizzy drinks and juices of fruit. Consuming a diet high in sugary drinks while contributing to your daily water intake can negate the advantages of drinking water. What can a water purifier aid you in your quest to reduce sugar consumption? To stop this habit, begin by cutting off one drink that is sugary every day and drinking the purest, fresh water directly from the water dispenser.

A water purifier can make it much simpler to avoid sweet drinks and to fill your water intake with lots of healthy things. (Buying lower sugary drinks will also help you save money, bargain …)

5) Aids children to consume less sugar and also

Children are eating sugar too much – it’s the truth. In response to a report by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition and Health, both Public Health England and the World Health Organisation are warning parents of the risks of tooth decay and obesity that children who have excessive sugar added to their diets are likely to suffer.

The latest recommendation is that children need to consume less than five teaspoons of sugar added in their drinks and food each day. A large number of soft drinks, juices , and smoothies contain much more in a single bottle or carton, some even more than twice the amount.

How do we encourage youngsters drinking water? What can we do to get the kids to quit sugar and keep them away from the bright and vibrant cans, bottles and boxes of sweet stuff that is marketed to their own way? One of the advantages of drinking water that is filtered is that it’s easy and delicious. It’s also true for children!

6) Saves you money

The advantages of having a home water filtration system may be beneficial to your bank accounts. If you are a frequent buyer of bottled water, it’s probably less expensive to get a water dispenser. With a price of about four dollars a week, you will get the triple-filtered, purified hot and cold water that you would like. As you use more water, less the cost gets. It’s not magic – it’s math! It’s also one of the most effective methods to conserve water, too!

7) Saves you space

If you are storing lots of water in your refrigerator to keep it cool it is advisable to have a water dispenser. It will save you some space. The system we offer will ensure that your water is always clean and chilled whenever you’d like, meaning there’s you don’t have to worry about it. It will also help you conserve space by removing the old, dusty water filtering jug you’ve never ever…

8) Instantly suitable for coffee or tea

Our System dispensates water between 92 and 96 degrees – the ideal temperature for coffee and tea it seems. Therefore, no more burning tongues, leaves or beans and no more waiting around for an old and rusty kettle to come to a boil. Instant hot water at the push of the button. Since when you need your caffeine, you’ll want it right now (or is it only us? ).

9.) Heating hot water in the tap

Certain systems can provide the host with instant water. This is very useful to fill pots and pans during cooking, so you can boil pasta or potatoes super fast…

10) It can be adapted to glasses and mugs

One of the coolest water purifier advantages is how easy it is to make our most loved drinks. Our water dispenser that is super smart lets you be in control. You can program the system to give exactly the proper amount of cold or hot water to fill your glasses or cups. You can also give a little space to add milk (clever isn’t it? ).

11.) Keeps it cool or at ambient

There’s no need to store massive bottles of water that have been sitting in the fridge, or running the tap for hours before it is cold. It is possible to set the system to serve your water at the exact temperature you like – anything between 10 to 50deg. If you’d prefer to drink pure water to be at or near the temperature of room, there’s an option for mixing that lets you select the proportion of cold and hot to make your own personal mix.

12.) No Chlorine

Are you familiar with the sticky, pongy material that is used to clean up swimming pools? Yes, it’s used to clean your drinking water.

This is why the water you drink could taste a little bitter and may have a mild smell that shouldn’t be present. We’re not really looking for excessive chemical disinfectants in our water at all times.

One of the advantages of drinking water filtered is that you will be able to eliminate all that. A good carbon filter can lower the amount of chlorine by nearly 99%.

13) No nasty bits

The water you drink is likely to be clean of dirt after it is removed from the water treatment plant however, it has to travel some distance before it reaches the taps.

It could be traveling miles on old, rusty pipes. This is before it’s been through the pipes in your home, which may be a donkey’s age.

While you might not observe rusty bits or sand, as well as other dirt coming from the tap, it’s there. What filters can pick up at home:


*Volatile organic compounds


*Sediment and dirt

14) No bacteria

In addition to the dirt and chemicals that may enter your drinking water, perhaps the most frightening thing is idea of microorganisms. The Ee-euw, real living creatures living in water storage that could breed and grow.

One of the advantages for water purifiers is the fact that the ultraviolet purification kills the tiny germs and prevents them from reproducing. This must be done when chlorine is eliminated.

Consider this – if you don’t have chlorine in your drink , you shouldn’t keep it too long as bacteria will multiply.

Therefore, you should not keep opened bottles of water or water jugs that have been filtered because they may be filled in germs.

15) Helps prevent the growth of scales

We have developed our Water System uses clever technology to prevent the white flakes of scale, but without removing the minerals that are healthy and make them.

16) A good supply of minerals

It’s not ideal to have everything to be removed from your water because pure purified water is safe isn’t it? It’s healthy due to the fact that it’s with essential minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium that your body needs.

There are a lot of people going nuts in the present for “reverse osmosis”, but it’s a method to purify water. It removes everything from the water, even the most essential minerals. So, what’s the value?

Making your water purified on demand and removing the minerals that are essential to your life is as if you have mineral water at the tap.


Calcium helps you maintain strong bones. It also aids your body fulfill a myriad of essential functions that are related to your nerves, muscles and blood vessels.


Magnesium regulates the function of nerves and muscles and blood sugar levels and also blood pressure. It also plays a role in the production of bone, protein, as well as DNA.


A diet high in potassium can lower the blood pressure and also water retention. Potassium can also help protect against osteoporosis, strokes and kidney stones.

17.) Water that is purified can provide the most effective exercise fuel

The benefits of drinking water with filters can be extended to your exercise routine as well. If you’re getting as active as you could be (at at least 2 hours each week, as per the NHS) then you’ll require the right energy source to keep you in shape.

It is common for people to lose water during vigorous exercise and you must maintain your body’s water balance in a healthy equilibrium to avoid dehydration that can be debilitating.

It’s logical to think that you must at most be replacing the water you sweat. However, there’s a frightening and confusing amount of radioactive supplements and drinks on the market that claim to transform you into an Olympic level athlete. They’re supposed to be beneficial for you, surely?

In a previous piece on the health benefits in drinking water a reputable expert and fitness coach online, Joe Wicks, puts us on the right track:

“I’m not a drinker of sports drinks or fizzy drinks. I believe that people depend too heavily on sugar for energy, rather than the real energy that comes from macronutrients (fats as well as protein and carbohydrates). Sugar can cause the body to want more junk food when blood sugar levels drop and nose-dive.

Nothing is more effective than pure water to hydrate prior to, during and following an exercise, so avoid the sugary energy drinks and provide your body what it wants – H2O.”

Fresh and crisp tasting water is the perfect way to pick you up after a long and hard exercise. Keep to the basic approach and you’ll soon be the right track.

As you can observe, there are plenty of water purification benefits that you can take advantage of. A water dispenser on close at hand can be the first step to an improved lifestyle. Drinking water that is healthy all day, by drinking plenty of beautiful purified water instead of endless quantities of sugary beverages, will help to keep your body and mind in top shape. Hot water dispensers provide you with the benefit of a variety of chilled selection, while providing you with the finest tasting, triple-filtered water.

If your preferred drink is coffee or tea, hot water dispensers can make you throw away the kettle. Hot water that is instant hot from the tap means no more bland tasting slimy water, and no more waiting to see it boil. Along with making life easier and energy, a hot water heater will consume less energy and reduce water usage. A high-quality water can enhance the taste of your drink and is a great help for those who need to be encouraged to drink more water throughout the day. Make sure you ensure that your caffeine intake is within a reasonable range. Try decaffeinated drinks or add fresh lemons mint, ginger, or ginger to hot water for an quick and simple health boost and flavor punch.