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Tips for Choosing the Right Professional Floor Sanding Company in Essex

Hardwood floors are simply unbeatable when it comes to choosing the type of flooring you want for your home, business premises or commercial property. They are a bold statement and bring a sense extravagance to any room regardless of dimensions or shapes.

Wooden flooring is sought-after not only for its aesthetic and practicality, but also because they can be swept and mopped in order to get their appearance as good as new in a matter of minutes with little effort. Furthermore, if you’ve been using wooden floors over a period of time and they’re becoming tired or worn it’s not necessary to replace them. Simply sanding the floor with wood and applying polish can restore it to its former glory.

If you are faced with finishing sanding your wood flooring, you can do the job yourself, or should leave it to experts to guarantee a top-quality and long-lasting restoration. Quicksand Flooring are here to offer their expert guidance on sanding a wooden floor by hand or accepting the guidance of trusted professionals such as us!

DIY floor sanding

The primary benefit of doing your own floor sanding is how much money you will save. Professional services will certainly cost more, with you paying for the expertise, time and equipment of the company that you hire to do your floor sanding. Be aware that doing it yourself will not be easy. you will need to hire the equipment needed and get ready for the mess and dust caused by the lengthy process. If you’ve got a modest budget available, plenty of time to dedicate and you’re physically fit, trying your hand at making sanding your own wood floors could be a good idea!

Let’s examine the main floor sanding DIY steps to follow to give you the best chance at getting a high-quality and even surface.

Equipment and supplies.

The preparation is crucial so don’t go straight into sanding a wood flooring as this can lead to disaster as a result of an ugly or unclean floor finish. In the beginning, make sure you’ve hired or bought the appropriate equipment. You will need a heavy-duty sanding machine that can be hired at a fee from the local DIY store, or from the range of specific businesses online. If you’re looking to go all out and complete the task to the highest of your abilities, you may want to also hire a separate piece of kit called an edge sander. This will make the quality of your sanding even across the entire space.

Of course, a range of sandpapers are required for filling your machines. There are a variety of grades including the highest and coarsest grade is 16, and the least being 150, which will give you the ultimate smoothing effects. It is recommended to begin at a 40, and work your way up to remove any and all evidence of wear on your flooring slowly.

Safety and health.

Although it is entirely feasible to sand and refinish flooring made of wood However, there are important safeguards and drawbacks to be aware of. There will be significant dust generated by the process, therefore be certain to block windows and doors, take away or cover furniture, and inform other homeowners or neighbors about the noise.

The masses of dust produced can be seen in the air around you, and it’s necessary to wear facemasks in order to prevent breathing in. Gloves, glasses and dust suits are also suggested to shield your eyes and the skin. If you have sensitive ears or are planning to sand a large area of wood floor in one go wearing ear protection is advised too.


Once you’ve secured yourself as well as your surroundings it’s time to evaluate your sanding method. Get it wrong and you’re at risk of damaging your floor beyond repair or end up with an unbalanced and poor appearance. Always move the machine forwards when you sand a floor instead of using a reverse motion and move between left and right to suit the natural grain of the wood. It’s not anything to worry about if you travel from left to right, however this could leave your floor with a more rough and less smooth effect. Rather like when mowing a lawn, spread yourself out slightly and don’t hover on one spot long enough or you’ll risk scratching your wood which may require assistance from a professional. The final tip we have for you is to regularly sweep your floor between each grade of sandpaper and allow time for dust to fall.

As you can see, DIY floor sanding Essex can be effective, but there is plenty of opportunities for those who aren’t experienced to make mistakes that result in an unprofessional appearance. When you’re refinishing your wood floor in an area of your home that draws lots of focus, we’d recommend letting professionals work their magic to prolong the lifespan of your flooring and give it stunning results.

Professional floor sanding for floors

Floor sanding is a skilled task to perform, which is why hiring professionals who have years of experience and tons of training to their name is advised in the majority of cases. A professional firm ensures that they assess the condition the floor of your wood prior to carrying out any work to adapt their sanding methods and tools to your specific needs. It’s essential not to sand a solid or engineered flooring with too much as this could lead to the floor being worn excessively, rendering it impossible to seal and protect it.

Furthermore, some types of hardwood flooring require a specific technique. For example, parquet-patterned floors for instance. These floors need to be sanded at a certain 45-degree angle, in order to achieve the desired result and ensure that your wood is not damaged. If you try to sand pattern or specific types of wood , and you do it wrong, you might end up needing professional help regardless to repair the damage.

Offering professional floor restoration and repair services ourselves We understand the concerns that you should ask yourself as well as firms before getting any work completed. Make sure you look up the past projects of the business and request customer testimonials to help make an informed decision prior to making the investment.

If you want to know the answers of whether professional or DIY floor sanding is the best alternative, it’s dependent on your requirements. If you’re budget-conscious and the funds, we recommend hiring hardwood floor experts The finish and the durability of professional floor sanding without a doubt. Contact our floor experts today and book in for a hassle-free experience and chaos of sanding your wood floor by hand.