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What Are Plantation Shutters?

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters were named due to their use in American cotton farms. Their history dates to Medieval times, when they protected buildings from elements and also provided security.

These shutters are extremely insulation properties, which is why they have gained popularity. They ensure your home is warm in the winter months, and cool in summer.

As opposed to blinds that are fixed to the window, bespoke plantation shutters can be fitted to the frame of your window. They are closed and opened just like doors, and you don’t have to fret about pull-strings. The wooden slats that are tilted are called louvers. The angle of louvers can be adjusted to ensure that you can limit the amount of air and light they let in.

If the slats are fully closed, they do not let any light through. They also cut down on the amount of noise. As a result, they can increase your level of sleeping. Additionally, if you tilt the slats properly they will let the light to enter your room without sacrificing privacy.

Plantation shutters are timeless in style, and appear great in styles from all eras. Their attractive appearance can enhance worth of your house since many potential buyers see them as a sign of clean and well-maintained homes.

Make your home more stylish and reap the benefits of benefits:

Bespoke-Shutters are crafted to are perfect for your windows
The Light Control feature lets you get complete control over the light through the louvers that are adjustable.
The Style: They’re a timeless style that can be found in any home that ranges from contemporary to traditional
Temperature Control: Stay cool during summer and warm in winter.
Allergies- Simple to keep your home clean and keep pollen from your home
Sound Blocking- An additional protection against noise pollution from outside.
Privacy- Take full control of the privacy of your home
Durable- Materials designed to last and require minimal maintenance needed

Bespoke Plantation Shutters

Each window cover we design and install is custom-designed to ensure you will get the perfect fitting.

Plantation shutters are able to suit any size or shape, including curving and windows that are angled.

The only limit is that some materials can’t be used for windows with a curved design. We’ll be able to discuss all options during an obligation-free consultation.

Check out our shutter page to find out which shutter material is best suited to your needs.

Timeless Design

Traditional styling is what makes this sought-after window cover the perfect fit for contemporary and traditional home designs.

Easy to use and completely adjustable.

Bring value to your house with beautiful shutters.

Privacy when You Have It

You are in complete control of your shutters thanks to individually adjustable sections.

You can control the flow of light and air while still keeping your privacy.

Easy to maintain

With low maintenance requirements, they’re easy to maintain at their best.

Just dust and keep it clean.

The ideal solution for people suffering from allergies.

They’re composed of a solid substance. So, pollen, dust and allergens won’t be trapped and they’re the ideal solution for people suffering from allergies.

Increased Insulation

The smart design allows you to manage the climate inside your home, meaning you can keep your home warm in winter and cool in the warmer months.

Plantation Shutters to Fit Every Budget

We are able to design and install stunning shutters to suit any budget.

If you are looking for the most premium you can get for your money, choose our top-of-the-line collection of solid wood.

If you’re looking to add fashion on a dime Vinyl is the perfect solution that doesn’t compromise on the quality.

A Variety of Colors to Match Your Style

We offer a wide range of wood stainings for our top wood ranges.

We can also design custom colours and paint finishes.

We’ll locate the right shade to match your interior.

Do you want to know more?

Contact us today for more information on our gorgeous plantation shutters collection.

If you’re looking to save money or looking for the best window treatments, we offer various options to make your home look better.