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What must a Flood Risk Assessment include?

To be able to find out if a development is viable in terminology of flood danger, the NPPF says what info you have to put in a flood risk evaluation.

Paragraph 164 is the primary key portion of the NPPF. This is concentrating on the exception examination components A and B.

Part A determines whether what’s suggested is risk-free for the lifetime.
Part B determines whether the spot offers sustainable benefits.

Sustainable benefits aren’t simply about your personal development, that is what we mean. You are going to need to consider if the website may benefit the area economy and just how people will respond to it.

By producing an extension which impedes a flood path, for instance, you will be contributing to the danger of flooding in your immediate region. The water might then run through your extension, in your neighbour’s garden and also back home. Though this is just a hypothetical case, this can and does occur. That is why the NPPF encourages advancement which doesn’t improve the danger of flooding in some other places. This may be achieved by the style of the framework, by manipulating surfaces or perhaps by checking out broader river catchment solutions.

As the FRA evolves, another major location that an FRA addresses happens when flooding does occur, exactly how are people and then likely to need to have interaction with the floodwater? Where should they go in case the flood has started?

You can have the best flood resistant building in the planet, but in case you do not consider what goes on to the water outdoors, you can develop a scenario where individuals can not leave the structure as a result of the risks. The policy doesn’t just promote sustainable development in terminology of construction, but additionally assesses the effect the development might have in a high risk flood zone and possible need for emergency services. In case flooding were to take place, a strong FRA assessment would evaluate how users would respond and interact.

Despite the snippet from the NPPF which states developments require an easy FRA, we’ve just lightly touched on among a number of main areas which constitute what a flood risk assessment is. Other parts that we will have to think about include the preparation authority’s nearby policy, EA and also NPPF, while many notably working with you to develop an answer that’s consistent with your initial development proposals.