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5 Benefits of Buying a Used Car That You Might Have Overlooked

But there are potential pitfalls from buying a second hand car and they’ve been widely publicised. You might be worried about the potential for obtaining an car which has previously been taken, damaged or even written off. Or more generally, one that has existing problems, which aren’t immediately obvious, but which quickly turn into an inconvenient and expensive fix.

There may however be some positives to purchasing second hand:

Save Money

The apparent reason behind purchasing from 二手車網 would be the saving in list price. When you’re not in the position to pay for a novice driver car and then a second hand option is a terrific chance to own a terrific car in a significantly smaller cost.

Stay away from the largest depreciation

Usually, a brand new car is going to lose 50-60 per cent of the value of its after 3 years (assuming it is traveling at the typical price of around 10,000 miles a year). That’s an enormous depreciation of the initial investment of yours that you just won’t ever recover. Of course cars consistently depreciate in value but in case you purchase an car that is three years of age next you are going to avoid the largest chunk of depreciation.

Additional Features

One advantage of purchasing used, which is frequently overlooked, is the point that several second hand cars currently have a great deal of extra features. When purchasing new there is going to be a large list of extras that also cost additional. Issues as sun roofs, leather seats, sound devices and also inbuilt sat navs cost a lot of money to get when a car is fresh off the production line. After it’s aged a bit as well as the features are superseded by leading edge mod cons, they will not add very much to the next hand price of its.

Absolutely no waiting period

It’s common when buying a fresh car off the forecourt to need to hold out some time to drive it house. On the flip side, if you purchase used, the transaction is straightforward and quick. Typically, you are able to drive the car home on the very same day. Therefore if you need transport fast then second hand will be the best option.
How you can avoid used car buying problems

Fortunately, it’s possible to stay away from a lot of the most typical pitfalls. It just involves taking some sensible measures and making some basic checks on any car you think about purchasing.
Stolen cars or even outstanding finance

Obviously, among the biggest concerns used car buyers have is if the car features a hidden past. Particularly, has it been taken and will it have exceptional finance on it? Exercising just a little caution is surely an intelligent move and especially in case you are purchasing an car in a private sale complete following:

Look at the documents carefully

In case you’re purchasing an car privately, guarantee the name and address of the individual you’ve also been to find out matches that of the registered keeper on the V5c. In case you’re purchasing from a dealer, they need to at any rate be in a position to inform you exactly where they got the car from.

Grab an car history check

Regardless of who you purchase from, an car history check a great strategy. These’re right now very simple and fast to undertake it will be a huge mistake to not spend a bit of in a HPI check. The HPI Check Report is going to alert you to any worrying info held against the car by finance and other industry bodies, the Police, the DVLA and insurance companies.

In addition a free and simple check to perform would be to place the registration quantity of the car into the UK government’s online MoT plus tax checker. Generally if the car which comes up does not match the car you’re considering, something is amiss.