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Top Tips To Get The Best Next Sale Bargains

The next sale is an event that should be on the diary of every wise shopper. Prices can be reduced by 70%, and a majority of the items will be offered at minimum a 50% discount.

Next is no longer only a clothing retailer. They offer a variety of items ranging from homewares to beauty products and sports equipment. They also carry numerous top brands including adidas, Nike, Benefit, Estee Lauder and River Island this is the reason the reason why their sale is an important deal.

Many people start their day with alarms and line up in front of the local Next store, ready to squeak through crowds and grab some bargains, the next sale will be only online because of lockdown restrictions. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find some amazing bargains, but you’ll need to be well-prepared since the online sale could be extremely busy and the most sought-after items are expected to sell out quickly.

We’re glad to have put together this helpful guide to aid you in getting the best bargains.

How can I obtain an Next Slot in the VIP Sale?

Just a few days before the sale starts online the selected group of customers who are lucky are invited to reserve a slot in the Next VIP sale. VIPs not only get the first choice and the best price, they also are allowed to look at the sale prior to purchasing which is an enormous benefit (but more on that later).

To qualify for a VIP sales slot, you need to have an Nextpay account and satisfy some specific criteria for example, placing and keeping an order. Find more information and determine whether you’re eligible via the Next website. Make sure that your email address registered is correct and that your account has been configured to receive emails from promotional companies.

If you’re eligible, it’s crucial to book the first slot that is available for you to be sure that you’re able to get the items you’ve always wanted to get. Then, they’ll email you to reserve the slot but, as they progress through the process of sending hundreds of invitations, the first timeslots are booked rapidly. But, you don’t necessarily have to wait until you receive your invitation to be sent out. Slots are usually available around 9 am, which is a few days ahead of the sale’s official date and it’s recommended to monitor your account or the link to the VIP sale in order to determine you’re eligible for VIP and you’re eligible, you’ll get the first selection.

A tip for you: Although it’s not necessary to wait to receive your invitation, you’ll only be able to reserve slots when you’re on the list of VIP sales. So unfortunately you won’t be able to forward this link to any your non-VIP acquaintances to book slots , too.

Tips to find the most value from sales

After you’ve booked your VIP sale time slot, make sure you follow these best practices. Even even if you’re not an Next VIP, a few of these tips can help you with the sale itself!

1. Once your slot is confirmed You will then be given the chance to view the sale. Although you aren’t able to purchase anything until the slot goes open, making the most from the opportunity to preview your purchase is crucial to ensure you get the deals you’re looking for. Each item comes with a unique code that you should note down every code you see for the items you’d like to purchase.

After your account is set Click on ‘quickshop’ from the homepage . You can quickly enter the various product codes you’ve saved, and make sure they’re placed in your shopping cart.

2. It’s an excellent idea to make use of the quickshop feature on the main website as well. Simply enter the codes for the products you’re hoping to find in the sale , and then select your favourites for every product. So, once the VIP sale ends when the sale begins and you’re looking for items you’ve not managed to acquire, you’ll stand the best chance of obtaining the item if it is back in the stock. (Stock levels are constantly changing constantly when returns are processed and the stock is sourced from different warehouses and stores Don’t get discouraged when you don’t receive what you’re looking for right away).

What are the deals available?

Next sells a broad range of items and during sales, prices are reduced by as much as 70 70%.

Womens fashion

Give yourself a new wardrobe of clothes, jeans, tops as well as pyjamas usually available. Branded clothing like Nike as well as River Island usually sell out the first time.

Mens fashion

There are a variety of items generally offered in the men’s fashion sale including shirts, jeans, sportswear and suits. top brands comprise Levis, adidas and Calvin Klein.

Kids clothes

Children’s clothing is among the most sought-after categories at Next and is always sold out quickly during the sale. Pyjamas that snuggle are like gold dust. If you’re trying to acquire something take your time and ensure you get it!


The next sale will feature beautiful homewares and there are always fantastic options in the sale including luxurious furniture and bedding to home accessories and perfumes.


If you’d like to find an exciting new wardrobe or sofa during the sale you’ll need to act quickly. Furniture is always in high demand at the Next sales and it isn’t a surprise when you consider the massive savings that can be made.


Next stocks a variety of cosmetic brands like Clinique, Benefit, YSL, GHD and Urban Decay. If you’re lucky, you may be able to lay your hands on some brand-name beauty products. There’s also their own line and have a great selection of budget-friendly products.

Do I require to be aware of?

It’s not necessary to wait until a Next sale to grab the best deal, as there’s already a clearance section on the internet with discounts of up to 70. Like during sales, inventory levels are constantly updated. time, typically at the beginning in the early morning. If you are aware of the codes for items you’re planning to purchase It’s recommended that you use the quickshop feature to find them and then add them to your shopping basket. Even if you find that the item is already sold out, having the items in your basket will give you the greatest chances of getting them when they become available.

Make sure you check this website when wanting to know when is the Next sale.

It’s also important to keep the fact that in the busy sales delivery times may take longer than usual , meaning you may be waiting for some duration. Don’t buy anything during the sale in case you’ll require it fast! It is common to receive an estimated delivery time for each item prior to you make your purchase, however these dates may not be 100% accurate.

Verify that your contact details are current and you’re signed-up to receive email notifications. This will not only ensure that you’re eligible to reserve the VIP sale slot however, Next often sends promotions throughout the year, like discounts on certain categories, or 50% off of a Next Unlimited membership.

If you’re an absolute Next sale maniac and aren’t going to be left out There are a variety of Facebook groups you could join to receive hints as well as tips and techniques! The members are always vigilant to learn that VIP sales are available prior to getting the official invitation.