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The Benefits Of Fitted Clubs Apply to All

High handicap golfers must take on a lot of information.

If that advice is from a professional or from someone who is merely ‘well-intentioned’ playing partners , high handicappers are often bombarded by suggestions and hints.

One of the major topics of the advice recently has been custom fitting and whether or not it’s worth it for those with high handicaps to purchase fitting golf clubs.

Therefore, should those with high handicaps get fitting clubs, or should they not?

Custom-fit golf clubs can be beneficial to all golfers and especially those with high handicaps. High handicappers tend to be inconsistent ball strikers. Having fitted clubs increase the chance of striking the ball out of the middle of the clubface , and also increase the distance straight mishits can go.

Although it is apparent that it is not true to believe that handicapped players cannot benefit from having fitted clubs it is essential that any high handicapped person is aware of their handicap before they get fitted to custom clubs.

Like every other question, in golf, it’s never as easy as a simple”yes or no” answer for every golfer.

In fitting golf clubs, high handicappers typically hear the following message “You aren’t a good enough golfer to warrant an individual fitting of a golf club to be considered.”

However, when you consider the benefits of having fitted golf clubs, do those claims really stand with the other benefits?

The main purpose and benefit of a customized golf club fitting is to ensure that you’ve got clubs that are ‘in line with your physical measurements the strength of your body, your posture and how you swing’.

This will increase the likelihood of hitting the middle of the face and increasing the distance and how straight your missed shots go.

A custom fitting is designed to determine which clubs can assist you when things don’t go perfectly, and not when they occur.

What kind of golfers is among the ball strikers with the worst consistency in golf?

High handicappers.

A process that aims to ensure that your golf clubs are of the correct size, with the right shaft, have the ideal lying angle to suit your size, and the most comfortable grasp for you is beneficial to every golfer, regardless of skill level.

When you leave an individual fitting without anything or a brand new set of clubs , the process will surely provide you with an understanding of the swing of your golf.

The launch monitor that is used in any good fitting process will evaluate every shot you hit during fitting and offer you an abundance of information comparing how you hit the ball when using various models of shafts and clubs.

If you’re a numbers geek or not, this information is especially when it is interpreted for you by a professional fitter, can give you a valuable insights into your swing and how you could be doing to enhance your swing.

High handicappers benefit as and, if not more as golfers with lower handicaps. In the end, the golfers who hit it most consistently need all the advantages they have!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every high handicapper should be fitted with clubs, however it is important to be aware from the beginning that a customized fitting for golf clubs is beneficial to any level of player.
Beware that high handicappers may require more than one fitting

Any issue that includes the term’should’, or asks whether something is worth it’ should be based on the cost.

So , if you’re high handicapper and you are thinking whether or not you need to have fitted golf clubs, you really need to consider whether the outcomes and don’t forget about the effort and time are worth the cost?

In the case of fitting a golf club, it’s essential that all golfers regardless of their handicap, whether high or low is aware that it’s usually not the expense of fitting a golf club in itself that determines the principal cost .

This is due to the fact that an appropriate golf club for your driver could cost just $50 (PS30) you could end up leaving being advised to purchase a driver that costs hundreds of dollars following an individual fitting session.

Regular clubs are costly enough. However, when you are looking through the various options for shafts or club heads, grips, and more during fittings, be aware that these could be significant to the cost of the item you purchase.

Certain driver shafts, for instance could easily add $200-$300 (PS150-PS200) on top of the regular cost of an driver.

You can easily triple the price of your irons if opt for specialized shafts.

Custom fitters who are not well-trained can make handicappers who are particularly high handicapped feel pressured to spend lots of money.

A professional fitting service will be able to confirm your budget prior to time to ensure that you don’t look at options that are beyond your budget.

Another cost caveat that handicappers with high handicaps need to be aware of is that if committed to improving your handicap and manage to get your handicap down to a lower level, you could need to be adjusted further later than a player with a low handicap.

This is due to the fact that when you’re making significant changes to your golf swing, it will likely change drastically as you improve.

Therefore, the clubs that were suited to the swing of a handicapper at a high level will likely not be the ideal ones to use when you’re a better player.

The good thing is that there are ways to cut costs with regard to fitting your golf club and fitting. At Golfing Focus among our primary goals is to ensure that golfers don’t overspend their money and make the most of the value of any investment they make in their game.

A lot of clubs fitters offer free “fitting” sessions at local clubs or driving ranges that allow you to try the process out.

If you look for these sessions, you are able to easily discover how your results compare to the process of fitting.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to purchase anything right now.

Therefore, you can simply use the numbers you receive from the fitting session and then work on them yourself or in conjunction together with your instructor to see if you can improve them before you return for another fitting session for free.

Based on the results you got from your last time were for the second time, you can then make an even more thoughtful view of whether the shaft, club or grip change that is suggested is needed.

Some custom fitters will also provide the possibility of a reimbursement for the cost of custom fitting against the purchase of any new piece of equipment.

If you’ve gone to a professional fitter, they can inform you that they think your clubs currently are good enough, which will give you a huge boost in confidence.

The most popular opinion for players with high handicaps is that you must be patient until the swing is more or less consistent, and you’re confident with your swing before embarking on any expensive fitting of your golf clubs.

If you also have money to spend , you should be using it to pay for lessons to improve your.

However, for every golfer who affirms that a golf club fitting will help them get several strokes off of their handicap,, there are others who say that it’s just a waste of time.

The primary point is that an appropriate fitting of your golf club will definitely benefit a high handicap golfer. The sole thing to think about is the degree of commitment you take improving.

If you’re a high handicapper and committed to your game, and believe that spending money on the custom fitting of your golf club will benefit more than spending dollars elsewhere. What’s your issue?

Make sure that you start the process with your eyes wide open and you are aware that there are other avenues to make improvements that are equally valuable and less expensive.