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All About Game Art Outsourcing

When you design a game whether for consoles with video games or mobile applications, there are lots of moving components.

The process of developing a video game begins with lots of planning to ensure that you know your objectives as well as your budget and requirements. After that, you’ll get to storyboarding and concept creation as well as prototyping and production.

There’s a good chance that you have a group of skilled programmers adept at developing games for the platforms you’re working on, however smaller design firms might not have all the creativity required to finish production. Although you may be able to do the programming work on your own, there are a few areas that are better off outsourcing such as voice design, audio design and 3D rendering. sometimes, even your game’s art design.

If you contract out designing games you’ll be able to locate affordable talent for creative who can work remotely upon the specifications you’ve supplied. It is possible to create an approach that allows your team as well as the game art designers concentrate on the core competencies of your team to create a fantastic product.

Let’s examine what’s involved in designing games and what it takes to design an efficient process for outsourcing the work.

What is game art design?

Game art design is the process of making the visual artwork used for video game. There could be a range of different graphic artists that are part of the process, each under the direction by an art director.

Concept artists usually take part during the pre-production portion of the process, when they create rough sketches depicting the players, locations objects, and other items that will be included in the game’s world. Then, storyboard artists will collaborate with design team and concept artist to develop plans that outline how the camera moves through the various scenes in the game.

3D models make 3D characters and environments with Digital Graphics software. They collaborate with lighting artists as well as texture designers to design every element for each character or object regardless of the perspective it is displayed from. Once all the elements are designed and rendered Graphic animators make the games come to life by making all your characters, scenes and characters into motion.
Why do we outsource game art?

Designing games with art is a distinct and highly skilled part in the process of designing games. Every video game requires thousands of graphic assets therefore it’s going to require the help of graphic artists to bring it all together. Instead of hiring numerous specialized employees to meet your requirements, it typically is more beneficial to work with a team who focuses solely on graphics design and animation and your team can concentrate on game’s development.

Typically, it would make sense to have an internal art director, who will oversee the graphic design that is outsourced and work in conjunction with an external game art agency. The game art artists you choose to work with could be located in countries that have a low costs of living like Eastern Europe, which results in savings when compared to hiring employees in-house.

Additionally, since your needs of game artists are always cyclical and are based on the stage you’re within a game design development schedule the requirements for graphic design are likely to fluctuate throughout the course of time. This can make it difficult to establish a regular schedule for internal animators and graphic designers. If you work with an external company you are able to increase or down depending on the needs of your graphics at any moment.

Utilizing a game art studio could be a better choice than employing freelancers directly. A reputable game art studio will have its own methods for working with its partners, and have the resources to rapidly substitute designers should that one becomes absent or sick. They’ll likely also possess a bigger technology and capabilities, meaning you won’t have to work with multiple people. A person at the studio’s end is responsible for the project, and will be in charge of managing communications throughout the process.

The use of the game art studio could also prove beneficial in cases in which you’re updating your game by adding new environments or characters. In this instance the design team will operate within the existing framework and also add new features that add benefit to your brand and your client base.

Working with a game design firm

When you start working on an exciting new game and are planning to collaborate with a studio for game design You should supply the studio with a plan for your game, some visual examples, and a comprehensive list of graphic assets that are required to help them determine the scope of your project with precision.

After it is decided on the budget and scope have been set The studio will then create an style guide that can be used as a guideline for the project, if it doesn’t yet exist. The style guide will help clarify the appearance and feeling of graphic components including any specific notes about resolution and workflow or the technologies utilized. After you’ve completed the style guideline, your team can begin making precise sketches of objects, characters and settings that they will present to the art director to get feedback and criticism.

After you’ve reviewed and ratified all objects, you is able to shift to the 3D animation and rendering to allow the objects to be placed in the context of the game. At times, you may invite the team to design additional assets when needed to make modifications for the game.


When creating a game, it is crucial to find the most qualified resources for each element of the project. Although you might have top-of-the-line developers on your team, think about the advantages by partnering with a graphic design Studio to make your idea to reality. If you find a competent partner and a reliable partner, you’ll be able build confidence in a stable collaboration, and speed up your timeframe to the game’s launch or upgrade.