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Benefits of Moving to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud technology is enabling digital transformation on an enormous scale.

According to a study cloud migration is expected to bring about an increase of 28% in revenue for businesses in 2022.

Thus, a large majority of companies are looking at moving to the cloud as one of their most important goals.

If you are starting your journey to cloud there are numerous large cloud service providers on the market.

However, Microsoft Azure is a solution that 95percent of Fortune 500 companies trust for their cloud needs.

Why is Azure so popular and how can it benefit your company? Let’s explore it in this blog article.

Microsoft Azure is a top-of-the-line choice in cloud-based migration. It’s an affordable and reliable choice for businesses who want to transfer their databases into the cloud. Below are the top five benefits that make it a top cloud option for companies.

Improved Security

Did you have any idea? Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually in research and development for cybersecurity. It is no surprise that Microsoft Azure is among the safest cloud services. It is equipped with security tools and measures designed for enterprises that provide top-quality threat protection. It comes with built-in DDoS defense, Azure Defender, and Azure Information Protection to monitor and evaluate the security of your system and respond quickly to threats.

Flexibility and Scalability

Microsoft Azure cloud lets you easily increase and decrease your computing resources based on the requirements of your business. By using Azure Autoscale, you are able to adapt your applications and services to anticipate loads based on varying time frames. Therefore, in the event of a sudden surge in traffic it is not restricted by your existing infrastructure. In quieter times you can reduce your resources to lower operating costs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Running, building and maintaining physical data storage equipment on site could be very expensive for businesses over the long term. Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for physical servers by transfer of your data, applications processing, and data onto the cloud. Additionally, Azure in itself is an economical cloud provider than the other providers. Microsoft declares it is Azure offers Windows Server and SQL Server is five times more affordable than AWS.

Backups and disaster recovery

Azure provides data redundancy to the system and processes your data in a way that is independent of where you are. If there’s an unlucky event in your location, your data as well as operations are not affected. Azure also provides complete, full-time backup and recovery solutions to ensure you’re in compliance and enhance your continuity plan should there’s a problem.

Remote Accessibility

Azure lets you access your information on the cloud from any moment and from any place. Azure’s VPN Gateway facilitates secure connections for team members and employees to access the resources of your company from anywhere. This allows remote work and high responsiveness of the organization. Additionally, Azure offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is 99.99 percent and 24-hour tech support to ensure continuous operation.

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Azure Cloud on the Go

Cloud computing will be the new frontier for companies. The choice of the best cloud provider can be crucial to the success of your business. As one of the safest, cost-effective and simple-to-manage cloud service providers Microsoft Azure is the ideal option for companies of any size.

Plus, it’s completely free to test and easy to use. Therefore, if you’re trying to migrate your business into the cloud Azure makes a good option.