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Dialux vs Relux Lighting Simulation

For specialized lighting professionals, Relux and DIALux are the most widely used software tools currently available. Both programs utilize a certain data format and help support the assembly of virtually all data plugins furnished by luminaire manufacturers. You can practically achieve the very best luminaries with such lighting simulation programs. Allow me to share several of the primary key features of these 2 programs in case you want to create probably the very best lighting schemes for your house.


DIALux, a state-of-the-art lighting program utilized by a huge number of designers across the planet, is a must have for virtually any lighting designer. The program is going to help you to prepare your lighting better as well as ensure you’re in compliance with all of the international standards. Using energy efficient luminaires and designing your office or maybe home to ensure you maximize daylight use could considerably reduce costs.

You are able to utilize this particular software to plan lighting on your office, commercial building, sports facility, or exterior. Additionally, you are able to imagine light by a professional, calculate, design and also calculate. You could be sure that DIALux simulation will supply you with the greatest results possible since it meets all of the requirements of fashionable lighting design. The application is available and free in twenty five languages, with more than 700,000 users. The device is very simple to use and available to everyone. It connects lighting companies and planners from around the globe. DIALux can be purchased as an easy mobile app or perhaps as a desktop computer version.

The lighting industry’s most effective internet marketing tool is DIALux.


Relux is a high performance application for simulated daylight and light. It lets users simulate sensors and lighting for detailed renderings. It’s intuitively operated and can calculate total values in addition to national or international standards. The program also integrates well along with other BIM and CAD software. The application is free and dynamic highly of charge, with more than 200,000 users.

The platform utilizes electric catalogs as plug ins because of its database, allowing the user to select and integrate the luminaires of a manufacturer in their designs. About one million product versions can be found each year through Relux, a worldwide manufacturer. The platform additionally causes it to be easy for owners to import data from suitable energy sources like IES and EuLumdat luminaires. Relux supports many standards for outdoor, interior and road lighting: EN12464 1 (2013 EN1838 and) (2014) for interior lighting; EN13201 2, -3 (2016) for road lighting; EN12464 2 (2013) for exterior lights; GR to CIE 112 (1994) for exterior lights.

Without snapping roundabout routes, Relux supports owners with rapid and reliable support on various facets of both large and small lighting projects. Furthermore, the system enables you to compile your lighting as well as sensor program for AutoCAD, which enables you to define the preferred room parameters and get the calculation leads to a good format for the CAD plan.

Relux is a system for pro designers, which presently supports the requirements CIE88, SLG201 and CIE140. You are able to quickly plan your lighting pattern in real time aided by the automatic positioning option. The system yields comprehensive project information on various zones, like the entry zone, tunnel interior along with the change area.

Bottom Line: The Bottom Line

The lighting business is changing quickly with the arrival of technology, meaning new scenarios are opening up. Designers may now play around with illumination simulation software to produce customized solutions for their clients. These’re 2 of the greatest software products in the market. Your decision will thus rely on everything you need. Choose the lighting simulation software which best matches your requirements.