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How to Choose the Best Walkie Talkie Rental

The best option for renting a walkie talkie may depend on the event’s type and size, as well as its location (inside or outside). We offer a wide range of Motorola and Kenwood walkietalkie rentals that will suit your needs.
Here are some key considerations that will help you choose the best radio for your event. For additional assistance in finding the right radio for your event, please contact us today. Contact us today

1. Do you want the event to be outdoors or indoors?

Indoor events require two way radio signals capable to penetrate walls. UHF radios do a better job than VHF radios at this. VHF radios work better outdoors because they are able to transmit at a maximum distance without obstruction. UHF radios are the best option for a walkie-talkie that can operate both indoors or outdoors.

2. Do you require a rental of a walkie talkie for temporary or long-term use?

Do you require two-way radios with long battery life? Some two-way radios are more efficient than others in terms of battery life. Consumer radios typically last around 8 hours. However, commercial radios with high power can provide 12 hours or more continuous battery life. It is important to have the right accessories, such as multi-unit chargers, on hand so that your radios can always be charged.

3. How difficult is the terrain?

How much wear can a walkie talkie rental withstand? For example, the US military relies upon rugged radios that can withstand extreme heat. We can provide waterproof, dustproof, and heat-proof walkietalkies for you event.

4. Do you require Emergency Alert features

A few radios come with an emergency alert feature. The Emergency Alert feature allows users only to press one button and send a distress signal to the receiving radios. This alert can also cause the device to turn off for a short time to let the user communicate their message. This is a great feature for construction sites, or any other site that may pose potential dangers.

5. What accessories do you need to use two-way radios safely?

There are many accessories for two-way radios available, including multi-unit chargers and battery extenders. Accessory accessories can be used to add hands-free functions. Some radios even have built-in hands free settings. This is a great feature for employees who are required to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

6. Do you require an On-Site radio system?

The use of network systems and on-site radios can be used for clear communication across campus and large buildings. On-Site Radio Systems enable seamless and sophisticated communication. We are experienced in managing large-scale installations on site and have successfully completed many of these projects.

7. What is better, Bluetooth or GPS?

Some of the best walkie talkies for events have advanced features such as Bluetooth or GPS. Find out what you will need to operate your event. You don’t need these amenities, so you don’t have the need to spend more. But if you do, it can make a huge difference.