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Reasons To Buy Drones

A drone is an excellent piece of equipment for travelers and photographers, as it allows you to take unique photos of your location. Drones are now highly advanced and simple to fly the majority of people use for their travels. But, prior to purchasing one it is important to think about some of the disadvantages (cons) in addition to the benefits of buying one.

A drone can open up an array of possibilities for photography, that weren’t previously possible without having a way to go airborne. The models currently available, such as Mavic Air and the Mavic Air and Mavic Spark are extremely compact lightweight and light making them ideal to take for trips. They also have high-quality software, a camera that has built-in stabilisation, and a host of other great features.


Fun to use Drones are a lot of fun to operate and can be somewhat like operating cars with remotes, however they are in the air.
Unique and cool perspectives Drones let you take amazing photos. It could be a great selfie or aerial view of a landscape.
Access difficult-to-access places with your drone, you’ll have access into places that otherwise would not be feasible such as the top of a mountain landscape or in the middle of lakes.
Built-in guidance systems with built-in guidance – Due to advances in technology drones are equipped with guidance systems that make it effortless to fly, to avoid obstacles, and come back to the place you left later on.
Many options to choose from There’s a huge market for drones that has a range of brands available like those from DJI that can be used for various budgets, and also SIMREX as well as Holy Stone, to name only a handful of options.
HD videos and pictures Many of the drones on the market today feature incredible cameras, with built-in stabilisers which allow you to shoot crisp and high-quality pictures and videos. Based on the model you choose, you may be able to take 4k photos as well as 20MP images, or even better.

The drones’ problems

Why should you not purchase drones? Because of some people’s irresponsibility for example, like the Gatwick closure in the year 2018, and a myriad of other problems (see the cons below) In the meantime, there are more regulations and restrictions in place. Like in the UK it is now mandatory to obtain an operator and flyer identification. If you do not have one and If you operate drones (above 250g) and not have this ID, you may be subject to a fine. It is controlled through the United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority and the test is quite simple to pass. The CAA offers around five pages of information on the web to assist you, and the majority of it is just common sense. But, after you’ve passed you could encounter additional limitations on the places you are allowed to fly. Like many stunning natural spots in England which are managed through National Trust National Trust have bylaws which exclude many locations that you might want to fly.

This means that you might have to choose where you are able to use your drone. This is only an example from England however you’ll likely encounter similar restrictions across other countries like in Canada or the USA. Alongside the restrictions, there are other disadvantages that come with buying a drone, as are discussed below. They raise one question… do you think it’s really worth purchasing drones?


They can be costly They can be expensive Drones aren’t cheap especially if you opt for the mid-range or higher models of the DJI range. Along with the drone you may also require additional batteries, bags and other accessories. If you decide to purchase a larger drone like the Phantom then you may require additional baggage when traveling.
Laws and restrictions – Many countries require that you take a theoretical test or be licensed to fly. As well , you could encounter local laws and regulations that restrict flying as well.
Privacy issues Privacy Concerns Drones could create new privacy concerns because they can gain access to previously unaccessible areas. For instance, windows of people’s or in gardens.
Wildlife isn’t happy – The drone sound can be a nuisance for wildlife, and there have been reports of people who are cruel and even chasing wild animals even though they’re evidently scared by the noise.
Still a risk Even with the safety measures built into them, drones can still be risky. The propellers travel with a high-resolution and if they accidentally strike someone, they could cause serious damage. Additionally, when a drone is malfunctioning and flies off the ground and falls on someone it could cause damage.
It could be difficult to transport . Lastly moving your drone around may be much easier said than done Although some drones can be tiny (such like the Spark) but they do consume a lot of space.

You should ask yourself these questions prior to purchasing drones.

What will you use the drone to do?
How often are you inclined to travel?
Where will you fly the drone? Will there be any restrictions?
If you are traveling with a drone how simple will it be to pack it?
Do you plan to earn some money from your pictures or videos? Do you know if there are regulations that apply to this?


These are our opinions as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing drone. We suggest that you take the time to review of what you’ll use your drone for , and the places you’ll be traveling and consider that as the base for your decision. If you’ll be exploring nature where there aren’t any restrictions , then it could be a good investment. If you’re only planning to visit cities where you’re unlikely to be permitted to use it legally and it’s not going to be worth the cost. We hope this is helpful and if you do decide to buy one, make sure you fly in a safe manner and enjoy yourself.