What are Versa-Lift Forklifts?

In the machinery moving and set up market, Versa Lift trucks are serious assets. They’re based upon a shifting counterweight principle, allowing the truck being as tiny as fifty % smaller compared to trucks utilizing a standard static counterweight.

If the vehicle is lifted, the counterweight is easily extended or even may be physically adjusted to offer the desired counterweight.

This enables the truck to lift very heavy items using either regular forks or even an uniquely designed jib attachment, almost all while remaining compact and very easy to transport.

Additionally, it allows for the pickup truck to access areas which traditional lifting equipment, like lorry or mobile cranes, wouldn’t have the ability to reach. When you’ve restricted space in your center, this is a crucial benefit.

A Versa Lift is a forklift that’s designed for a lot of use. The Versa Lift, in contrast to standard forklifts, comes with a prolonged frame which enables it to lift more importance. The Versa Lift Forklift additionally includes a removable hydraulic boom, and that raises its crane ability. This is a quality of flexibility that not one other forklift is able to match.

Functions of the Versa Lift :

Lifts to total height with forklift boom attachment: Full capability lifts to maximum height. The boom height is able to range from twenty two to 30.5 feet with respect to the Versa-Lift model.
Telescoping boom: With swiveling moving eye, out and back telescoping.
Two Speed Transmission: For exact movements and extra power.
For smooth acceleration and much more control, do the hydrostatic drive.
For improved lifting capacity, extendable frame is advised.
Removeable counterweight to deliver machine for minimizing weight.
Lift Mast: 2 – stage hydraulic lift cylinder lifts with no chains.

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