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What Does A Diagnostic Tool Do?

There are numerous auto scan and truck diagnostic tools (as as many other tools) available to assist you in making your own auto diagnosis. Our expert team has selected 25 tools to find the most effective auto diagnostic tool.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to comprehend their truck? Particularly when there are flaws or issues. Also, if a warning signal such as an engine malfunction or check engine lamp comes up.

To find out what’s happening within our vehicles We will always visit an auto repair service or auto mechanics. In the end, it’s costly. It is far more cost-effective and convenient to diagnose your vehicle on your own.

The majority of trucks today come with a variety of electronic components. So, with the right auto diagnostic tools, it is possible to analyze and interpret the information yourself. We’ve looked over a variety of these tools including the kubota diagnostics kit to help you determine which one is the most effective vehicle diagnostic tool to buy!

There are many ways to determine the condition of your vehicle

To ensure that your truck is properly checked There are three options.

First, you can utilize mobile apps using your personal OBD2 scanner.
In addition, you may make use of software installed on your laptop or tablet.
Finally, you can purchase an independent diagnostic tool.

Each of these diagnostics options has advantages and drawbacks, and are suitable for various target groups.

Anybody who sells used vehicles or owns an auto repair shop requires an independent diagnostic tool for professionals. These typically provide the broadest range of features. They are also compatible with almost every kind of vehicle.

Furthermore the standalone diagnostic tool can be helpful if you wish to find out the condition of older vehicles, as the interface is only used with this software.

However modern trucks (manufactured by 2001 or after) include an OBD2 connection. The OBD2 interface can be accessed through a mobile app or software, or even an diagnostic tool.

In the end having your own device to monitor your vehicle’s information can save you lots of time and cash. “When the warning light comes on, it’s usually simply a matter of minor details. Instead of going right to the repair shop employ a diagnostic scanner to determine what exactly is the problem.” Sven Mischke, auto journalist.
Do I have the ability to conduct diagnostics for all brands of trucks?

In general, yes. But, it is contingent on the scanner you’re using, as there aren’t all scanners compatible with every automobile brand around the globe.

The tools that detect almost all trucks are usually professional-grade devices and are therefore costly. Therefore, you should consider truckefully what you require.

If you run an workshop and you work as an expert mechanic you will require heavy-duty scanners that offer the most extensive range of options.

As an individual user, you are able to decide whether you’d prefer an easy-to-use scanner which allows you to read/clear troublesome codes and perform basic tasks, or one that has more advanced functions that even allow you to encode your vehicle!
The OBD2 interface

As we mentioned earlier the majority of vehicles manufactured in 2001 or later are equipped with the OBD2 (onboard diagnostics) interface. In order to establish an interface between the vehicle with the device the use of an OBD2 scanner must be used that connects to the correct output of the truck. They typically come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for connecting to the app or device.

They are OBD2 scanners can be purchased from 20 to. We don’t advise buying a low-cost code reader because they typically do not have the original chip. Therefore, OBD2 errors are possible. The saying “Those who purchase cheaply buy twice.” is applicable here!

Through the interface and the OBD2 scanner There are a myriad of functions that are possible to perform like clear and reading codes. or data about fuel consumption or torque, or acceleration information.

It can also be used to send data to the vehicle and, consequently, code it. This is because the OBD2 interface is crucial for this type of communication, and the features will depend on which scanner you select!
What kinds of tools for diagnosing trucks are available?

There are many kinds of diagnostic tools that are standalone as well as code reader:

Small, handheld scanner that has small buttons and screen
Smaller devices that have slightly larger touchscreens
A large handheld scanner (comparable to an external navigation system) Also, they have an extra large screen
The large diagnostic tools look like an extremely robust laptop. They also include a variety of keys that are specially designed to perform standard functions

It all depends on the style you prefer and the budget you have. Most of the time, larger gadgets with large screens and touch-based functions are the most costly. The cost ranges between $50 and $7,500 or greater.

Some diagnostic devices are only compatible via cables, while others work with the OBD2 scanner or Bluetooth. For older models series, connecting is only possible using the appropriate cable. The most professional equipment comes with a variety of connectors and cables.
What should you look for when purchasing a vehicle diagnostic tool?

The options are endless and it is crucial to consider the things that matter to you regarding functionality and diagnostic capabilities. In general, there are a variety of criteria that could be used in deciding on the most appropriate device. These include:

The broad range of functions
What kind of diagnosis can be made? Does the tool offer more than a simple Diagnostic troublecode scanner?
Can you also examine and analyze the real-time data?
How are the numbers displayed?
Can coding be done?
The quality and size of the screen
Is the screen simple to read?
What’s the solution?
Do you wish to have an option for a touch feature or “real” keyboards?
The extent of the service (extra cable, etc.)
What is the exact scope of what’s included?
Do you require additional accessories?
Do you have connections to rarer models or older models available?
The cost
What do you wish to spend?
Is it worth the cost?
The kind that connects (by cables, OBD, directly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)
Do you prefer wireless connections?
It could also be done via cable?

As stated at the start that we have an experienced jury. It is comprised of two mechanics who are professionals and a journalist from the automotive industry as well as a gas station manager and a knowledgeable “normal” human. They looked at the 25 of the best diagnostic tools for trucks. The devices were test on three distinct VW, BMW, and Toyota vehicles. The three models were tested in the period 2017-2019.

A list of criteria was formulated in advance to test the equipment. Three or four additional requirements were added during the test, as they were uncovered. Some of the following factors were important to the jurymembers:

The scope of the diagnosis
Accuracy of diagnosis
A database for error code codes
Additional features
General user-friendliness
Resolution and quality of the screen
The toughness of the case as well as the screen
The most recent policy of the manufacturer
Scope of delivery

After all of the devices and tests of performance had been completed, we analyzed the results of the tests. These are the top 10 best diagnostic tools for trucks for you , reversed order. Let’s begin with the 10th spot.
The 10 top automobile diagnostic tools



The Nexpeak NX 501 scanner gives a solid impression. The screen is tiny at 2.8″ however it’s easy to see.
The auto diagnostic tool can be employed to read fault codes. The connection is established through an OBD2 connection. Every vehicle is supported by an OBD port that is generally located beneath the wheel. Furthermore, NEXPEAK offers unlimited free updates.

The process of reading and deleting trouble codes
Unlimited updates
Monitoring battery

Strengths and weaknesses

Accurate analysis of mistakes
Supports all models and manufacturers.
A very limited range of functions


Around 70 USD

9 Launch CRP 429


Launch CRP 429 Launch CRP 429 can reliably truckry out an exhaustive system analysis. It is able to read every control unit without issues, it can read live data, and can identify subsystems. The design is appealing, and the keys are made well. A report can be produced and sent via email.

The process of removing and reading diagnostic trouble codes
Large internal database
The display of the history of diagnosis

Strengths and weaknesses

The normal scope of the functions
Reads many different kinds of information, including from subsystems
Data can be shared via email
The scanner is relatively expensive


Around 350 USD

8: MaxiDiag MD806 Pro (Autel)


A solid product made by Autel with all brands of trucks with support for all truck brands. Apart from reading out mistakes, the device can do more than that, like calibration of an angle sensor for steering, showing real-time PID information from various sensors, and even conducting unit tests to test for the EVAP system.

Reading and deleting errors — even manufacturer-specific ones!
Specific features include recalling how to park brake pads DPF regeneration

Strengths and weaknesses

Many functions
Lifelong updates are free.
Not cheap


Around 260 USD

7 7: LAUNCH X431 PRO mini


In addition to standard analysis of error, the tool is able to monitor live data, truckry out the system calibration, and conduct automated scans. The superior quality colour monitor guarantees clarity. Updates are provided for two years. Approx. 80 percent of vehicles are compatible , and the connection is made via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Steering angle calibration
Reset of the parking brake’s electronic system
Tire Pressure Monitoring System reset
Fuel injector coding

Strengths and weaknesses

Normal function
2 years of updates for free


Around 740 USD

6: LESCARS Auto Diagnostics


Small but robust. The errors are all displayed in simple text on the tiny but detailed display. They can be reset. With just 4 keys you’ll be able to easily navigate the menu. Particularly useful for vehicles that are made by Audi, VW, and Skoda. Around 130 components of the system are monitored.

The result of errors in plain text
It is particularly helpful particularly for Audi, VW, and Skoda models

Strengths and weaknesses

Good diagnosis of the problem
Good monitor (monochrome)
A limited range of functions


Around 70 Euro

5: VIDENT ilink 440


Our pick for the fifth-best automotive diagnostic tools is an all-purpose tool that works with all models of trucks. It erases and reads OBD2 faults without issue and also disables any malfunction indicators lamp (MIL) to the transmission, engine ABS, and airbags. The ability to output data in real time is also feasible. The 2.8″ color monitor is clear even if it’s tiny.

The system supports Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) functions
Configuration of the battery
Recording live sensor data

Strengths and weaknesses

3 years of updates for free
Excellently robust construction
The screen is a little too small


Around 110 USD

4: The ANCEL FX2000


Apart from the diagnosis of typical protocols in addition, the FX-2000 is also able to perform a full analysis for the ECU systems (SRS ABS, ABS as well as transmission). Live data is displayed as an appealing visual. The 4″ display in color offers excellent quality and the keys allow for easy handling.

O2 sensor test
Advanced scanning mode
Review and analyze real-time data

Strengths and weaknesses

Most vehicles are supported
There are eight languages available to pick from
Free lifetime updates
Only works using 12V batteries from vehicles.


Around 160 USD
3: ITrucksoft CR Pro

It is ITrucksoft CR Pro supports about 40 vehicle brands and is a complete device for troubleshooting and error analysis. With the OBD interface, all relevant airbag, engine, transmission ABS and ABS data and more, can be read out and processed. This screen is 4″ screen is large enough. Updates are provided for free.

40 companies are being supported
Live data can be viewed
I/M readiness test
O2 sensor test
Evap system test etc.

Strengths and weaknesses

Tests for a wide range of systems. numerous different
Monitoring battery
Free updates


Around 290 USD



Launch CRP MOT II Launch CRP MOT II has been designed specifically to cater to the European market and comes with 11 distinct functions. The major brands are all supported. The delivery package includes an adapter for Bluetooth OBD2 and other connecting cables. The large 7″ screen, with the touch function makes for a smooth performance of the device.

Oil reset
Reset of the electronic parking brake
Battery Management System reset
The sensor for steering angle calibration
DPF reset

Strengths and weaknesses

Data printing is feasible
Updates for free up to 12 months
The instructions for German are sent via email.
Also, Wi-Fi is compatible.
Very expensive price


Around 890 Euros

  1. AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808

Autel’s scanner tool is awarded the highest spot in the diagnostic test for trucks! The diagnostic test is conducted for all truck manufacturers. The huge 7″ display with color provides an excellent overview, and the quad-core processor provides quick data processing. Overwriting and reading error codes and live data retrieval as well as a host of other options are what make Autel’s MaxiCheck an excellent choice.


Make sure to delete and read any mistakes
Live data display
Vehicle search using VIN number
Support for DPF regeneration
Injector coding
And many more

Strengths and weaknesses

Excellent performance
Excellent features
The menus are attractive and the graphics and navigation
One year of updates for free


Around 480 USD