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Why Mobile Applications Are Important

The mobile app industry has boomed in the last few years.
Current estimates put the number of mobile app developers at 2.3 Million. They are dedicated to keeping up with industry demand.

Apple says that 1.25 Million apps were registered in its app store in 2013. This accounted for 50 Billion downloads and £1 Billion paid to app developers UK.

This industry data shows that mobile app development can be a key component to business success.
More people access the Internet via their Smartphones

The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets allowing people to access the Internet, mobile app development offers a unique opportunity to reach large numbers of potential customers. PewResearch Internet Project reports that approximately 67 percent of Americans use their smartphones daily to access the Internet. Recent studies suggest that app downloads could reach 200 billion in 2017 and that mobile app revenues would rise to $63.5 million. These remarkable numbers can be attributed to the continuing growth of tablet and smartphone sales.

Smartphone and tablet sales have increased dramatically, but so has the number of apps that are available on mobile devices. PewResearch Internet Project shows that around 50% of smartphone owners have mobile apps. Of this, two-thirds are regular users of mobile apps. These numbers show that mobile app users have an opportunity to connect with a new type of customer. They can be connected to the Internet and global commerce spaces. Mobile apps allow you to reach millions of customers. You only need to make an effective mobile app and reap the rewards of your efforts.
Mobile Apps: The Best Benefits for Businesses

The creation and distribution of a mobile application has many benefits. These are just a few of many benefits businesses get from using mobile apps in a variety of industries.
Building loyalty

Mobile apps can be used to improve customer loyalty, especially in retail.
Reinforce your Brand

Mobile apps are a unique way to reinforce your brand through a new channel. Customers can download the free branded app through mobile apps. They can then customize preferences to suit their particular needs.
Visibility can be increased

Over 50 billion apps were downloaded to the Apple store in 2013.
Increase your Accessibility

Smartphone and tablet users have a constant need to be on the move. This means that they don’t always have time for logging into a mobile website. Mobile websites are meant for reading and navigation, not process management. Mobile apps make it easy for users to access the information, products, and services they require in real-time.
Increase sell-through

Recent research shows that mobile app users spend more on a company’s app than on its website.

As society evolves into a mobile-centric world, it is not surprising that mobile apps are the focus of development. The development of a mobile application can make your company more visible to new customers and help propel you towards future success.