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Why Your Managed Service Provider Should Be a Microsoft Partner of Record

It is essential that the managed service provider you choose is an official Microsoft Partner of Record. If you decide to purchase Microsoft Online Services like Azure and Office 365, you can choose an authorized Microsoft Partner to be connected to your account. In Microsoft terminology , this is referred to as”a Partner of Record (POR). A POR is part of the Microsoft Partner Network with Office 365 sales assistance, support, and training technical knowledge to help you get the most value from your subscription.

There is an obvious benefit of being a Microsoft Azure partner, as opposed to the managed service provider you use not being an official Partner in Record. The assignment of the status of a Partner of Record to your Microsoft Online Services has absolutely no effect on your monthly fee and is absolutely free. The same goes for the impact upon the customer support and service that you receive from Microsoft. In addition, it does not give a partner access to your personal information.

The right POR selection can aid in reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and make the transition to cloud computing an easier process. A Microsoft Partner can provide you with the expertise you need to make the most of everything the cloud offers which opens up a myriad of opportunities to expand your business and revenue.

Microsoft POR can help you with questions like:

Which purchasing and licensing mechanism offers the most opportunity for a higher ROI while decreasing our TCO?
What are the options for deployment?
What are the steps to transition from our current infrastructure to the cloud? And what will be the impact on our overall and cost savings?

The Partner of Record should provide tangible value to your company and is at end is cost savings and aiding your business to become more flexible, resilient and productive. The reality is that if you choose an Microsoft Partner of Record, it’s a win for both sides. The POR can further grow with each new partner making valuable tools and content that you can use while the business gets an easier and more pleasant experience for no additional cost. What’s not to love about this?

Why should you work with Microsoft?

A vast majority of businesses recognize and use Microsoft solutions and technologies for a wide range of business requirements. The reason almost everyone utilizes Microsoft software isn’t because of the Microsoft’s marketing and sales teams have been so successful in pushing them but rather because they’ve been in use for a long time and Microsoft’s engineers have constantly been responsive to feedback from users to make them better and everybody knows that they’re very effective.

Although most people are familiar with Microsoft’s software but not everyone is able to manage or install the software. To help your company achieve its business objectives, it’s beneficial to partner with an Microsoft Partner to help you achieve that. Being an Microsoft Gold Partner, our experience and focus on business in the marketplace increases our capability to provide superior service to customers just like you. It’s whether it’s through increasing or standardizing your IT infrastructure or helping you gain greater business value through your IT investments As an Microsoft Partner we’re able to assist your company in reaching the fullest potential. This is the ways managed services can benefit you.

1. Professional and certified experts

Microsoft Partners are Microsoft-recognized, certified and accredited IT experts who deliver innovative, proven solutions built on Microsoft technologies to support your business, realize your full business potentials – giving you the competitive advantage. The solutions are not limited to software but also consulting, training and complete support.

2. A Strategic Partner as well as a Trusted Advisor

It is crucial to expand your company and make sure your infrastructure is aligned to long-term goals. It is important to upgrade your infrastructure in line with your needs not simply because the IT reseller has dictated an upgrade to your technology. Microsoft Partners see their role as your strategic partner and reliable advisors. This trust is earned through the development of a long-term relationships rather than a quick-fix desire to make quick money. We are our MS Partner, we’ll assist you in understanding the impact IT can play in resolving the challenges in your business and help you make the right decisions and remain on the right the right track.

3. Value for money

Partnering with an Microsoft Partner enables you to increase the value of your new and existing IT investments. Microsoft Partners are trained to effectively assess your requirements and recommend solutions that provide tangible results, no matter what the scale of your company. Microsoft Partners supports clients long-term and will advise clients on what they need to know, the things you will need to purchase and what is best suited to your needs now and in the future. MS Partners will inform you about the possibility of introducing new licensing models , or for managing applications through a mix of hosted on-premise, hosted on-premise or cloud-based deployments which can help you save costs.

4. Partners Deliver

Customers are sure to would prefer for an IT service provider that can deliver. MS Partners provide palpable value instead of a sales pitch. Microsoft Partners aim to maintain an excellent level of service that supports clients’ goals for business and comes at a lower price than using internal resources.

5. Quality is Important

Like everything else in business, low-quality IT support is always expensive. Even worse, you’ll be required to pay to do it over and again. Microsoft Partners make it their job to understand the processes you use, minimize the risk to your company and help your company become more responsive.