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Campervan hire Scotland: What to expect?

Do you think of renting a campervan to Scotland? It’s a good option! Scotland is among the most stunning nations in the world. Its tiny size combined with its vast natural landscapes along with its winding roads to the coast makes perfect to motorhome and campervan trips.

However, touring a country in a campervan isn’t always straightforward. It is important that you are aware dangers and have an picture of the challenges you’ll confront during your trip in a campervan.

Camping van hire Scotland can provide couples, singles, or family members (plus animals!) the chance to experience a trip of a lifetime However, before you take off, make sure you map your route and familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of travel in a campervan.

To assist our customers, Freedom Motorhomes have made use of all their camping knowledge to compile this guide to the purchase and rental of campervans in Scotland. Learn everything you learn about camping in Scotland.

Campervan rental Scotland What can you be expecting?

Campervan hire in Scotland offers so much. From remote white-sand beaches to thick forests and rolling hills Nature lovers will be in for a delight when they travel through Scotland in a campervan or motorhome.

However, hiring a campervan in Scotland has its own challenges. The Scottish weather even in the summer, is extremely unpredictable. Of course, you’ll have your cozy and seal-proof campervan to sleep down in when the rain starts in the fall. However, it’s crucial to know that the sun never comes guaranteed throughout Scotland…

Another aspect to be considered is the road. Scottish roads are awe-inspiring all over the country however, it is not uncommon to find narrow country lanes, or winding roads with a twist which can be challenging to navigate in a big motorhome or campervan. It is crucial that the driver is confident and comfortable operating the vehicle prior to setting off.

Our team of experts offer thorough walkthroughs and tests for our campervans for hire, making sure that each customer is at ease before setting off for the adventure of the lifetime.

In the end, the most important aspects to be considered when hiring a campervan Scotland are:

The weather! Do you have a plan for any (and we’re referring to every) circumstances?

The ability to drive. It’s important to be confident about your abilities to drive your campervan , before you leave.

The campervan setup. Ask our team any questions you may have regarding how the campervan operates. From filling up the van to cooking food, there is no question too ridiculous.

Extra activities! If you’re interested in paddling, cycling or paddling, it’s helpful to take your own equipment along. Think about the things you would like to do on your trip in a campervan and bring all the required equipment.

Locations to Stay. We’ll provide you with the best camping spots, however it is always worthwhile to do your own research. This will help you save time and stress while out traveling.

Food and drinks. Of of course, cafes and restaurants are readily available when you travel through Scotland But the real joy of campervans is the self-sufficient lifestyle it allows. We suggest stocking your pantry with food so that it is possible to cook meals at your kitchenette or the an attached BBQ grill.
Waste disposal. The less glamorous aspect of life in a campervan. Where do you dispose of your garbage? Our motorhomes and campervans are available for hire with bathrooms and toilets that are attached however, you must dispose of your garbage in the right places every couple of days. Motorhome campgrounds that are registered are generally the best choice to do this.

What are the advantages of hiring a campervan Scotland?

If you choose to hire a campervan in Scotland you’re getting yourself ready for an unforgettable, memorable experience.

With our high-end campervans for hire, guests can enjoy comfortable home comforts (including animals!) with an underlying sense of wonder and adventure when they travel through the ancient land of Scotland.

The advantages of hiring a campervan motorhome to Scotland are as follows:

The freedom to travel wherever you like, anytime you’d like
Self-sufficient living You can cook or sleep, rest, and play in the peace of your campervan
Be surrounded by stunning nature and stunning landscapes
Explore the numerous historic and cultural treasures Scotland offers
Learn a lot in a short period of time
It is suitable for couples, individuals and families with four members.
Some offer pet-friendly campervans and motorhomes. You will be able to take your pet or pet as you enjoy the stunning scenery of Scotland
There are a myriad of adventure sports at right at your door (quite literally)
Enjoy your home comforts while enjoying the excitement of living life on the road
Simple navigation using installed satellite navigation

Things to think about when renting a campervan Scotland

If you are renting a campervan Scotland there are some crucial considerations that we suggest to all of our customers.

Campervan size

Size of the campervan, or motorhome will affect a variety of things during your journey.

Of course, larger campervans have greater living space and more room to cook and sleep. However larger motorhomes and campervans are also difficult to maneuver on roads that are smaller and, in some cases, you’ll not be able to access particular areas that are remote.

The smaller campervans however, may be smaller but that isn’t a reason to sacrifice quality of life. If you’re an individual or in a couple could end up having more space inside a campervan that is smaller, compared to an entire family in a bigger one.

Smaller campervans can also provide more performance and greater access. If you opt for the sprinter van it is possible to be able to park in small parking spots and in remote locations while enjoying the amenities of a larger campervan.

When you are done with the day, the decision is based on the number of passengers you travel with and your personal requirements.

Your way

One of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when you hire a campervan Scotland is of course the place you’ll be going.

Spending the time to thoughtfully map out your journey through Scotland can save you both time and anxiety, which will in the end enhance your overall experience.

There are a myriad of stunning routes to pick from when traveling Scotland on a camper. We suggest thinking about what you would like to see and do the most during your travels, and determine your route according to your preferences.

The most well-known routes we would recommend include:

North Coast 500 North Coast 500
The Heart 200
Scots West Coast 500
South West Coast 300
Island Hopping

The length of travel

The duration of your trip is closely tied to the route you decide to take. Some routes, like Heart 300 could be accomplished in a brief duration of just three to five days. The most well-known route in Scotland is the NC500 is completed in 7 days.

For other routes that go through the Scottish West Coast and into the islands, we suggest taking at minimum one week. This allows you to add stops whenever you want without having to hurry to the next stop.

The length you decide to go for must be a balance of not being too long that you are fed over the campervan lifestyle (if it’s a possibility) however, not too as short that you’re always traveling and don’t stop to take in the sights on the way.