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Feel the Rush on the World’s Longest Urban Zipline at Xline Dubai

Dubai is known for its over-the-top tourist attractions, and the Xline Dubai zipline is no exception. This adrenaline-pumping experience allows thrill seekers to soar across Dubai Marina at speeds up to 80 km/hr, taking in views of the stunning Dubai skyline.

The Xline Dubai is the world’s longest urban zipline, spanning a distance of over 2.8 km. Riders are secured in a harness and helmet before being towed up to the launch platform, which sits 170 meters above ground on the Amwaj Towers. Once riders are clipped onto the zipline, it’s a 60-90 second thrill ride to the landing platform on the opposite tower.

As riders are released from the launch platform, the feeling of freefall as they pick up speed is exhilarating. The Xline Dubai gives an eagle’s eye perspective of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah below as riders zip across at up to 80 km/hr. The wind whips past as skyscrapers zoom by on both sides. It’s a unique way to take in the sights of Dubai.

Safety is a top priority for Xline Dubai. The zipline was designed and installed by world-renowned zipline experts Skyline. It can accommodate over 1,000 rides per day. Trained guides operate the zipline and closely monitor weather conditions. The zipline cables can withstand winds up to 104 km/hr. State-of-the-art braking systems allow riders to slow gently to the landing platform.

While the ride itself only lasts about one minute, the entire Xline Dubai experience is about 3 hours. After check-in, riders are outfitted with their harness and helmet and taken up to the launch platform via luxury 4×4 vehicles. Photos and videos of the ride are included.

Requirements for riding Xline Dubai are fairly straightforward. Riders must be at least 4 feet 7 inches tall and weigh between 110 to 310 pounds. Pregnant women, guests with prior shoulder dislocations, and those afraid of heights should not ride. The minimum age is 5 years old, but ages 5-12 must ride tandem with an adult.

Xline Dubai operates daily from 9am to 5pm, with extra night rides on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Tickets can be purchased on site or online. There are options to ride tandem, do a night flight, or upgrade to a private experience.

This is an ideal activity for daredevils and thrill seekers visiting Dubai. The Xline Dubai zipline provides incredible views and an adrenaline rush unlike anything else in the city. Riders will get a whole new perspective of Dubai as they soar above the skyscrapers at a heart-pounding speed. It’s sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Of course, the Xline Dubai is not the only thrilling thing to do in Dubai. This city offers plenty of other extreme attractions. For example, at the top of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is the SKY platform. Here, visitors can step out onto a cantilevered observation deck suspended nearly 700 meters above ground. It provides 360-degree views of Dubai that are jaw-dropping.

For more vertical thrills, there is also the chance to go indoor skydiving at iFLY Dubai. Riders can experience freefall as they float on a smooth column of air within the glass wind tunnel. Skydiving instructors are on hand to guide the experience. Located conveniently within City Centre Deira, iFLY Dubai lets visitors skydive anytime.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is home to a collection of theme parks filled with extreme rides and rollercoasters. MOTIONGATETM Dubai takes inspiration from Hollywood movies to create rides like the Green Lantern rollercoaster with loops, twists, and inverted turns. BOLLYWOOD PARKSTM Dubai brings immersive Indian cinema-themed attractions. Thrill seekers will find plenty of options across these amazing theme parks.

For those who want an extreme experience in Dubai’s famous desert, dune bashing is a must-try. Drivers in 4X4 vehicles take passengers out on the gigantic rolling sand dunes. Hold on tight as the drivers maneuver the vehicles up, down and side to side over the towering dunes. It’s a rocky ride that will get the adrenaline pumping.

Dubai also caters to the urban explorer with edgy attractions like the penthouse swing at The H Hotel Dubai. Strapped into a harness, swingers can leap from the 33rd floor and free fall for several stories before smoothly swinging back. It combines skydiving and bungee jumping for the ultimate rush.

From ziplining across Dubai Marina on Xline Dubai to dune bashing in the desert, there is no shortage of extreme activities in Dubai. Thrill seekers and adventure seekers flock here to test their limits in new and exciting ways. Anyone seeking an adrenaline rush needs to add Dubai to their bucket list. The Xline Dubai zipline may just be the highlight of an unforgettable trip filled with extreme experiences.