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How To Get From Sabiha Gokcen to Istanbul Airport

Turkey is home to among the well-connected and popular most airlines in the planet, the Turkish Airlines, and also its chief headquarter is situated in the vibrant tourist town of Istanbul, making the community the primary traveling hub of the middle east and the planet.

I frequently find myself going through Istanbul a great deal when I travel the planet and ever since 2019, Istanbul currently has three airports and I often get confused regarding which airport I’m flying into and what type I’ve to fly away from.

Since that time, I’ve made the decision to document my trip transiting in between the two most prominent airports in Istanbul, the brand new Istanbul Airport (IST) where Turkish Airline usually flies into as well as the Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) where low-cost airlines like Pegasus Airlines frequently fly into and publish about my experience in this post together with all of the info you have to obtain from Sabiha Gokcen to Istanbul Airport as well as the other way round.

Let us start with the subject of flying in and from Turkey during COVID 19. We are able to take a look at solutions to transit between the two airports in case we understand what precautions are being taken if you fly into Turkey.

Going to Turkey During COVID-19

As you realize, things have been changed after COVID emerged out of the level of the jungle in China and also infected the planet, and not one other business has become impacted greater than the air carrier and travel industries.

Turkish Airlines has taken the problem of COVID 19 far more seriously than every other airline due to the brand new regulations and rules set in position to stop the spread of the illness.

Turkish Airlines has launched a safety guideline to help you direct you through the procedure of examining in at their airports in Istanbul with precautions like the no contact check in and boarding processes in which you don’t need to exchange your passport or maybe The provision and id card of a hygiene system which consisting of a conceal, an antiseptic cells, along with a hand sanitizer when you boarded.

Turkish Airlines had taken a step further with regards to safety by introducing an innovative high quality safety protocol known as TK Extra Care with Dr. Oz for each and every point of contact through your adventure with them.

How can I Get From Sabiha Gokcen to Istanbul Airport and The other way round?

To take the Havabus from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Taksim Square as well as the Havaist bus from Taksim Square to Istanbul Airport may be the most affordable & amp; most sensible approach to travel between the two airports and I endorse you get it done in this manner as I’ve yet to miss any flight by using this technique.

The Havabus leaves out of the bus stop before Sabiha Gokcen Airport every fifteen minutes throughout the day and every thirty minutes at night. The buses are plastered with this particular azure Havabus logo and parked right before the terminal so there’s number way you are able to overlook it.

There’s an extended queue of individuals longing to go on the bus but do not care, the queue moves quick and you need to be on the bus in under fifteen minutes. You are able to purchase the bus ride with both cash or credit cards, though you are going to have to spend eighteen TRY.

It is going to take around one hour prior to the bus drops you off at the Havabus terminal of Taksim Square in which you are able to then consult the guy behind the Bus Kiosk in which the Havaist bus to Istanbul Airport is. The bus which moves from Taksim Square to IST is typically in the rear of the series, however the operator is able to ask in the event.
After you get on the bus from Taksim Square to IST airport, it ought to take aproximatelly fifteen minutes prior to the wheels begin rolling. Once again, you are going to have paying another eighteen TRY on the bus driver possibly with cash or maybe credit cards.

The journey from Taksim Square to IST terminal is going to take about another one hour before you’ll arrive at the Havaist Bus Stop on the reduced ground floor of IST Airport.

In case you’re going from IST to SAW rather, your trip is going to be exactly the same as above however in the exact opposite direction so that you are able to use the very same info I’ve provided here to transmit from IST to SAW.
Personal transfer

If you’d rather not cope with public transportation, you are able to opt in for a private transfer that is a stress-free and comfortable more approach to travel between the two airports and never have to cope with taxi drivers.

The personal transfer from IST to vice and SAW versa typically costs around thirty five USD for a single van and yes it ought to get around two hours being you from IST to SAW. You are able to book a private transfer with the website link below:

You are able to reserve a private transfer.
With a taxi.

You are able to likewise use the IST airport taxi though I wouldn’t suggest it as the trip may be rather uneventful along with you being forced to make a deal the cost, pay for the tolls, as well as in case they utilize the meter, I’ve heard stories that they could take you on a detour to ramp up the cost that may go up to 300 TRY.

When you’re attempting to capture a transit flight between SAW and IST airports, going for a taxi is not the very best idea.