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How to go from Barcelona airport to the center

Just landed in El Prat? We let you know exactly how to get from Barcelona terminal to the center: select how that’s most practical for you!

Picking out the most suitable means will absolutely rely on the terminal you’ve arrived at, in Barcelona you will find two, you will find T1 and T2. You have to bear in your mind that the purchase price may vary based on the time or maybe comfort that every transport takes. Without further ado, we give you the post…

The aerobus, in the opinion of ours, is the easiest method to go from Barcelona airport on the middle. This particular aerobus connects the terminal with Plaza Catalunya. It’s the possibility that the majority of travelers choose and it’s the person which will help make the life of yours much easier when planning the arrival of yours in the community center.

It just has 3 stops along the path. It departs from each terminals as well as the tour will last around forty minutes. You will find buses twenty four hours one day with a frequency of 5 minutes throughout the day and 20 at night.

The cost of the ticket is € 5.90 (€ 11.20 round trip) and also you are able to purchase it on the very same bus.

The Aerobus may be the most effective choice to move from the Barcelona terminal to the city center.

The least expensive method to go from Barcelona terminal to the city center

In case you’ve a hotel in Plaça Espanya this’s the cheapest and best choice since bus forty six stops there. Additionally, contrary to the aerobus, it’s a lot less expensive since a ticket costs 2.40 euros. If it’s at night, you are able to utilize the Nit Bus N17 or maybe N18 to reach the center for the very same price.

It will take between forty and forty five minutes to reach the destination of yours and contains a few stops in between, making it a slower transport compared to the aforementioned. Additionally, it’s fewer seats and less room for luggage, therefore you probably travel a bit more uncomfortable.

Their frequencies range from fifteen to twenty minutes. How you can go inexpensively from Barcelona terminal to downtown? Bus forty six is the answer of yours.
Train: Rodalies, the greatest choice in case you are landing in T2

Without having a doubt, the railroad is regarded as the comfy option following the taxi, it links the Barcelona airport together with the middle. Nevertheless, just the existing terminal features a train station, therefore in case you turn up at T1, you have to make use of the shuttle bus to help make the transfer to T2, that takes aproximatelly fifteen minutes.

The Rodalies locomotive links you together with the middle of Barcelona in only twenty five minutes, it’s stops in the middle as well as the most main is Passeig de Gracia, getting off right here and walking a couple of mins will reach Plaza Catalunya. They depart every thirty minutes as well as the ticket costs roughly five euros.
By Metro

The metro is yet another means of transportation in case you’re wanting to move from the terminal to the middle of Barcelona. It’s an useful means since it’s stops in equally terminals in El Prat, though you have to change if you would like to reach Plaza Catalunya.

When you would like to have the metro, you have to bear in your mind that the terminal line is L9 Sud that finishes in Zona Universitaria. The journey takes around thirty minutes as well as the ticket costs around 5 euros.

Remember that in case you’ve to get to main areas you are going to have to transfer as well as the journey will take a long time, in case you’re in a rush this might not be the best option of yours.
By Taxi

Together with the personal transfer, the BCN airport taxi is definitely the fastest and most comfy means of how you can go from Barcelona airport on the center. This journey costs around 30 euros of course, if there’s not much traffic it is going to take between 20 and twenty five minutes.

The taxi, contrary to the private transfer, features a surcharge for others and luggage, remember this when selecting the transport of yours.
Personal transfer

The private transfer is unquestionably probably the most cozy choice in relation to the above mentioned, it’s likewise well worth clarifying the price is much more costly.

You are going to have someone from the contracted business waiting for you in the terminal with an indication in which you’ll read through the last name of yours. The worth of its is akin to which of the taxi in Barcelona, ​​if they’re a team of 3 individuals they are going to pay thirteen euros each, on the flip side when 7 individuals take a trip they’ll spend around seven euros each.

On the flip side, if 14 people traveling, indeed, fourteen! you are going to pay 5 euros each. Put simply, meaning of transport is possible for big groups of individuals.

And up to now the post of ours, we wish you liked it and it’s served you better. When this continues to be the case, don’t wait to keep on the site of ours and read the very best activities to accomplish in Barcelona (insert url to accomplish in Barcelona).