Options When Buying A Car Tent

If you’re thinking about using your regular car for an overnight camping trip and staying within it, here are other options for you to consider. This article will discuss an extremely comfortable methods to sleep in a car with a car tent including a roof tent an open-air tailgate tent, or any other larger tent you could fit on your tailgate. Other options for camping in your vehicle include the DIY camping conversion or a camping box (what do you mean by it?) or just putting a simple mattress in the boot using folded seats.

What kinds of car tent are available?

You may come across a variety of variants of an SUV/hatchback tent. Some attach to the vehicle at the rear, while others attach to the side, while some are on the roof, while others just cover the boot opening and don’t even touch the floor. Some are simply awnings that offer you sun and rain cover. The most popular types of vehicle/suv tents include:

Tents for tailgates (hatchback/boot tents)

There are two options: big tents that cover up the opening in the boot, and also create space behind the vehicle (freestanding) or smaller boot tents that do not meet the ground, but expand the opening of the boot slightly and protect it from mosquitoes and rain.

There are many available at Amazon However, I haven’t tried them yet as they are mostly boot covers that are only. They function more like mosquito nets rather than a tent, and I don’t think I’d recommend these. They don’t provide much rain protection and privacy, or additional space. It is better off purchasing a standard family tent that’s big enough to cover the whole boot (but not big enough to allow too much space between the opening of the boot). It is possible to put it on top of the tailgate or even the side doors.

Side door tents

There are two options: large tents that cover up the opening in the boot and create an additional space behind the car (freestanding) or smaller boot tents that do not meet the ground, but increase the area of the boot opening to a certain extent and shield it from mosquitoes and rain.

What is the best time to purchase an awning or a side door tent?

If you are camping for a long time, or if you require more space to live in.
When people sleep, they are more
(all the camping equipment (all camping gear, standup paddles, bicycles, and so on). …)

Here are a few of the most popular tailgate tents based on what you get for your cost:


To protect you from the sunlight and light drizzle, they aren’t much use for sleeping or extra floor space, but they do provide more shade. They are usually available in three variations including front (boot) and side door as well as the 270 degree (rear and side door)

Car awnings can be a great option if you plan to stay at a camp for a longer period of time You can set them together with either a tailgate or roof tent. The roof tent/tailgate can serve as an extra bedroom or storage space and the awning can be used to create an “lounge/dining space” kind of space. place a table and an upholstered lounger under and you’ll feel very comfortable in the end.

What is the best time to purchase an awning for your car?

When camping for an extended period, you will require more space for living
in the event that sun protection or rain is required
for use in conjunction with your car tent or rooftop tent

Tents for roofs, tents for cars with roofs

Make your bedroom on the top of your roof… This is a good idea If you don’t have sleeping space in the rear of your vehicle, or you require it to store things or to accommodate for more than 2 people inside a tiny car. However, you’ll need to climb up the ladder every when you need something from that. It is great for sleeping (higher up, more secure and more space, plus other features, like solar-powered fans) However, it is more expensive. The cheapest ones are soft-shell and the more expensive are hard-shell.

Rooftop tents are becoming more well-known – you can just all put one to any vehicle using rooftop bars (rails). They fold down into a flat roof box. Some even come with mattresses that is built into. All you need to do is set them up once they are in place and throw pillows for comfort into.

Rooftop tent PROs

ideal for families with kids great for families with kids – sleep two people in the car, and three (or 3) in the tent’s rooftop
elevated above the ground. better views and air circulation
There is less space needed for camping . You can camp almost anywhere you want to park your vehicle and on level ground
prolong the duration of your trip extend the duration of your journey by packing more food, drinks and other gear in your vehicle since the boot isn’t being used to sleep.
Sleep in any car regardless of its size. If you’re able to install a roof bars, you could put a tent roof on the top. It is a great option if you own cars that are less than 170cm of length of the booth (sleeping space)
Quick setup and tear-down (you put up the tent on the roof only once, and then put it up in just less than a minute)
Higher up = more secure from insects and creepy crawlies
Higher up = more secure from the streams of water during strong rain
Much less expensive than a campervan and less maintenance
More sleeping space to sleep in without consuming too significantly (10-17 percentage increase, as opposed to 50% or more consumption when you purchase a campervan or towing trailer). It is also possible to take the tent down when it is not required for a long time.
If your tent is outfitted with skylights and windows you’ll be able to take in the stars at night and the night breeze.

Rooftop tent CONs

More expensive than other tents for cars
will increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption (although not nearly as the amount as you would in the campervan)
more noise while the vehicle is moving (especially more acoustic when driving (especially)
Need to slow down your driving (recommended maximum speeds of 75mph, or 100kmh)
Being higher above the ground, means that your tent is more susceptible to the strong winds. Rooftop tents are built to withstand wind but you must be prepared for it.
the height of your car will increase A roof tent can raise the total height Be sure to are aware of your height before going through the low tunnels and car parking.
day trips – If you would like to take your vehicle for a day trip then you’ll need to put it away

What is the best time to purchase a rooftop tent?

If you have more sleeping people, extremely useful for families with kids in cars that are small.
If you require the vehicle to store (all the camping equipment such as standup paddles, bicycles, etc. …)

Do you not like playing with poles? This inflatable car tent could be the perfect fit for you. The poles and sheet make connecting it to your car much more flexible. It comes with two big openings at the opposite end that give you the choice of which side to attach to your vehicle. It’s compatible with all MPVs with a tailgate or side-door It can be joined by two sides

Size: 2.25 metres (opening to tailgate 1.75m) • Floor space: 6.25 m2 (2.5×2.5m) Comfortable for 6 people
Openings on four sides (2 suitable for cars) However, there is only 1 mosquito net
Weight 13kg
Simple installation: Quick pitching due to the all-in-one inflatable structure (requires an extra pump however)
The fabric blocks UV rays with UPF 50+, waterproof Good quality, test in heavy rain and powerful winds, it holds up quite well (relatively to its price)