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Reasons to Go On An African Safari

The charms of Africa have been romanticized by us all before through many cinematic, musical, and literary portrayals of the mysterious land. You’ve ever considered roughing it as Tarzan. Do you want to look like Claire Foy from The Queen in safari chic? This is your chance to step away from your screens and go on a live African safari adventure.
You can choose from a variety of safari tours across the continent’s nature reserves and national parks. Safaris are an excellent way to broaden your mind, and stimulate your senses. It’s a unique experience, with its endless vistas and incredible diversity of life all competing for survival.

Here are other reasons you should go on this unforgettable African adventure.

A Whole New World

The African savannah is unmistakably special. Each location has its unique charms and quirks. You choose which safari you prefer. You should also consider the best time to visit seasonal areas. If you have the timing right, you can witness extraordinary events like a herd crossing an infested river or a migratory entourage passing by your eyes.

A Real Escape

You are literally escaping to another realm by embarking on a safari. You’re traveling into the wilderness on foot, on foot or by canoe. As you are further removed from daily demands and routines, the music of Nature envelopes all your senses. Allow yourself to feel the isolation and let the unexpected take you by surprise.

Wildlife (and not just Big 5)

The Africa enclosure is something we may all have seen before. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to come up close to an elephant-herding group, as they are free to roam their natural habitat without any barriers. The Jurassic Park senses of wonder and amazement that you feel when you see the diversity of wildlife in the wild, whether they are at watering holes or out on the plains, will multiply with every encounter. You can also go on tours to endangered species like Rwanda’s mountain gorillas to view these highly-protected animals.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Safari guides

Guides with experience will lead safaris. They can educate you about a range of safari topics. Their vast knowledge covers everything from tracking to animal behavior and survival tips. Listening to their wisdom and insight might teach you a valuable life lesson. As you walk through the bush, your fears will disappear. You have a trusted armed guide to protect you.

Get in touch with the rhythms of African culture.

The African bush offers the opportunity to learn authentic African culture through traditional African cuisine and encounters with nomadic communities. You can experience a different way to live and have the opportunity to camp in bush camps.

Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets

Enjoy a brief moment of blissful burnished glory as the sun peeks out over the Serengeti. You will be amazed by the way the light enlivens the plains in vermillion and pink hues. Enjoy the quiet and let the magic of these fleeting, but unforgettable moments take your breath away.

Support Conservation, Support Safaris

Going on a safari trip to Africa will help preserve the flora & fauna. It’s a win/win situation. You can enjoy the safari’s many cathartic experiences while knowing that your donation will also help to preserve these lands. Many tour companies offer eco-friendly lodging and itineraries. You can relax and trust them to take care you as they would take care the wild.

These amazing locations will not be available in photos or videos. You should book your tour with a reliable agency that is responsible for the conservation of these valuable domains and their inhabitants.

There’s a tour to suit everyone, regardless of their age or preference. So come and let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the Savannah. After seeing the real circle, you might have a new appreciation to the live-action Lion King movie.