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Reasons Why You Need to Visit Chester Zoo

This week I was invited right down to Chester Zoo for one day of fun, animals, along with food. I have visited the zoo rather a great deal, though I can honestly say you will never ever have exactly the same experience here two times. It’s among the UK’s biggest zoos from 125 acres and more than 20,000 animals!

500 Different Species of Animals

It’s obvious that the key reason you go to a zoo, is designed for the animals. Effectively, Chester Zoo has more than 500 various species of animals, indicating there’s something for everybody. Tigers, Orangutans, Giraffes, Elephants, you name it and also Chester possibly get it. Several should see’s for me have been the Jaguars, Komodo Dragon and Sloths.

Animal Encounters & Tours

If you like to learn a little about the animals, plus getting up personal and close with them, Chester provide a selection of guided encounters and tours so that you can love. We proceeded the Fabulous Favourites Tour where Chloe, the tour guide of ours, has taken us about five of the most adopted animals in the zoo, to discover about exactly why they’re very trendy. Or in case you want getting caught in, you are able to reserve an experience day that you might get up close and feed different animals, which includes the penguins, giraffes as well as elephants!

Among the more recent additions to the zoo will be the Islands that is a terrific way to enjoy 6 South East Asian Islands, and also the inhabitants of theirs. Each habitat is attractively decorated to replicate each place, creating the expedition of yours as authentic it can be. Below you will find the Tigers, in addition to some wonderful and weird creatures like the Southern Cassowary. If you are legs are sore a little, you are able to in addition unwind on the Lazy River Boat Trip that will help you move all around the island of Sumba.

If you are planning on visiting with kids, they will love the new Madagascar PLAY! area. There’s likewise different events and activities operating through the zoo for each you as well as the children to experience. You are able to take a look at Chester Zoo’s site for a summary of event dates.

Deal with Yourself to Some Yummy Food

And lastly, what an eco-friendly way to relax than with a delicious drink and meal. There is plenty to select from so everyone’s satisfied. You are able to stop for a Sandwich or Coffee in case you are feeling a bit of peckish, or maybe enjoy severala few authentic meal in the Islands at Manado Street Kitchen. We selected traditional Chips and Burger at June’s Food Court!